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2012 Legislative Agenda

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education 2012 Legislative Agenda: Responding in a Time of Change (PDF, 2.1m)

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education 2012 Legislative Agenda: Responding in a Time of Change.

Gov. Mary Fallin and Chancellor Glen D. Johnson.College Completion – #1 Priority
Announced at a press conference in September 2011 by Gov. Mary Fallin and adopted by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education in October, Complete College America is the most ambitious and comprehensive higher education initiative ever undertaken by the state of Oklahoma.


Complete College America. Goal for Oklahoma: Increase Degrees Earned Annually. Bar graph showing a 67 percent increase in degrees earned, from 30,500 in 2011 to 50,900 in 2023.

Income and Employment. Higher Ed Makes a Difference. Bar graph showing that higher education levels result in lower unemployment rates and higher salaries. Master's Degree: 4 percent unemployment rate and annual salary of $87,913. Bachelor's Degree: 5.4 percent unemployment rate and annual salary of $68,812. Associate Degree: 7 percent unemployment rate and annual salary of $49,835. High School Graduate: 10.3 percent unemployment rate and annual salary of $39,937. Source: 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics and 2009 U.S. Census Bureau.

Enrolling and Graduating Record Numbers of Students. Record Fall Enrollment: 16,167 new students. Bar graph showing enrollments from 2008 through 2011. 2008: 177,385. 2009: 187,676. 2010: 193,449. 2011: 193,552. Source: OSRHE, Preliminary Enrollment Reports. Bar graph showing the increase in degrees conferred by Oklahoma public colleges and universities from 2001 through 2010, from 18,998 to 30,500. Source: 2010 Degrees Conferred Report/UDS Database.

Cutting Costs
All Oklahoma institutions of higher education have decreased their need for additional funds for mandatory operating obligations by cost-saving efforts.

A total cost savings of $347.1 million from 2009-2013.

Bar graph showing cost savings in various areas. Travel, Periodicals and Other: $4.2 million. Transfers and Other: $10.4 million. Supplies: $27.7 million. Utilities: $43.6 million. Personnel and Benefits: $57.3 million. Technology: $203.9 million.

Source: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Concealed Weapons
There is no scenario where placing guns on campuses will do anything other than create a more dangerous environment for our students and faculty on campus. In the past four legislative sessions, bills have been introduced that would allow concealed carry on campus. Each attempt has been successfully defeated to date, and it will continue to be a priority of the state system so that similar legislation does not become law.

Endowed Chairs Program
Twenty-two institutions and branch campuses have 749 accounts awaiting funding. Eighty percent of dedicated funds are for disciplines in science, technology, engineering, math and business.

Cameron 15
Carl Albert 2
Langston 1
OSU 235
OSU-Tulsa 7
OSU Vet 7
OU 173
OU-Tulsa 44
Rogers 1
TCC 17


FY 2013 Appropriations Request: 2013 Budget Needs
FY 2012 Appropriation: $945,260,277

FY 2013 Appropriation Request:

Total New FY 2013 State Funds: $34,725,407

Total FY 2013 State Appropriation: $979,985,684
Percent Difference From FY 2012 State Appropriations: 3.7 percent

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Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

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