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2009 Legislative Changes

New Second Income Limit Further Delayed Until 2012-13

The 2009 Oklahoma Legislature approved a law change to delay implementation of the new second income limit until 2012-13. For students receiving the award in college for the first time in 2012-13, the income of a student’s parents may not exceed $100,000 at the time the student goes to college. This provision will impact primarily high school graduates of 2012 and thereafter. The further delay prevents the new second income limit from applying to students for whom it was not a requirement at the time the student enrolled in the program in the eighth, ninth or 10th grade. To enroll in Oklahoma’s Promise in the eighth, ninth or 10th grade, a student’s family income still must be under $50,000 at the time of application.

College Award Amount Limited to Nonguaranteed Tuition Rate at Public Universities

The Legislature also clarified that the amount of the Oklahoma’s Promise award that a student will receive at a four-year state college or university will be based on the “nonguaranteed” tuition rate. In fall 2008, four-year state colleges and universities began offering “guaranteed” tuition rates that remain unchanged for four years if the student meets certain conditions. However, the price of the “guaranteed” tuition rate for a freshman is up to 15 percent higher than the “nonguaranteed” tuition rate. Oklahoma’s Promise students may choose to participate in the “guaranteed” tuition rate but will be responsible for paying the difference in cost out of their own pocket.

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