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Recent Agendas

Below are SAB agendas for meetings held in the last year. Business at previous meetings not shown below and activities for previous years are described in past minutes and annual reports.

Meeting Schedule (PDF, 11k)
December 2017 (PDF, 58k)
October 2017 (PDF, 53k)
September 2017 (PDF, 54k)
August 2017 (PDF, 55k)

May 2017 (PDF, 83k)
April 2017 (PDF, 65k)
March 2017 (PDF, 57k)
February 2017 (PDF, 56k)
January 2017 (PDF, 54k)
October 2016 (PDF, 56k)
September 2016 (PDF, 55k)
August 2016 (PDF, 70k)

May 2016 (PDF, 83k)
April 17, 2016 (PDF, 54k)
April 3, 2016 (PDF, 55k)
February 2016 (PDF, 57k)
January 2016 (PDF, 56k)
December 2015 (PDF, 65k)
October 2015 (PDF, 64k)
September 2015 (PDF, 65k)
August 2015 (PDF, 79k)

May 2015 (PDF, 83k)
April 2015 (PDF, 53k)
March 2015 (PDF, 68k)
February 2015 (PDF, 55k)
January 2015 (PDF, 55k)
December 2014 (PDF, 55k)
October 2014 (PDF, 54k)
September 2014 (PDF, 54k)
August 2014 (PDF, 56k)

May 2014 (PDF, 83k)
April 2014 (PDF, 53k)
March 2014 (PDF, 54k)
February 2014 (PDF, 56k)
January 2014 (PDF, 56k)
December 2013 (PDF, 65k)
October 2013 (PDF, 64k)
September 2013 (PDF, 65k)
August 2013 (PDF, 66k)

May 2013 (PDF, 102k)
April 2013 (PDF, 51k)
March 2013 (PDF, 50k)
February 2013 (PDF, 50k)
January 2013 (PDF, 50k)
December 2012 (PDF, 49k)
November 2012 (PDF, 47k)
October 2012 (PDF, 49k)
September 2012 (PDF, 51k)
August 2012 (PDF, 56k)

May 2012 (PDF, 73k)
April 22, 2012 (PDF, 55k)
April 1, 2012 (PDF, 55k)
February 2012 (PDF, 56k)
January 2012 (PDF, 56k)
December 2011 (PDF, 57k)
October 2011 (PDF, 58k)
September 2011 (PDF, 59k)
August 2011 (PDF, 12k)

May 2011 (PDF, 88k)
April 2011 (PDF, 55k)
March 2011 (PDF, 28k)
February 2011 (PDF, 28k)
January 2011 (PDF, 29k)
October 2010 (PDF, 28k)
September 2010 (PDF, 11k)
August 2010 (PDF, 17k)
July 2010 (PDF, 17k)
May 2010 (PDF, 13k)
April 2010 (PDF, 12k)
March 2010 (PDF, 12k)

Campus Visits Planned or Completed by the Current SAB (coming soon)