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The listserv is open to all health and safety professionals, but the primary audience works in higher education. Approximately three to five messages a day are sent to list members about current issues and topics. The listserv has members as far away as Illinois, West Virginia and Florida. For convenience, the name of the listserv will not change.

Members are sent reminders once a month about their mailing list memberships. It includes subscription information and how to change it and also how to use or unsubscribe from the list. It also has a link to get to the appropriate subscription changes page. If members have questions, they should contact the coordinator.

Members can visit the URLs to change membership status or configuration, including unsubscribing, setting digest-style delivery or disabling delivery altogether (e.g., for a vacation) and so on. In addition to the URL interfaces, members can also use email to make such changes. Members also have access to archived messages.

If you wish to join the list, contact the coordinator, who is also the listmaster. Please note that all posts are reviewed by the listmaster prior to distribution, not to censor, but to eliminate "spam," which unfortunately arrives in the listserv mailbox occasionally. Your message will experience only a very short delay because of this, and your patience is greatly appreciated.

List users must abide by the OneNet Acceptable Use Policy, which states that OneNet resources must not be used for illegal purposes and must be consistent with all applicable federal, state and local laws. Users or lists not abiding by this will be subject to immediate removal.

By providing an established network for emergency preparedness practitioners on Oklahoma campuses, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have recognized that, while each campus has individual needs, emergency planning and preparedness issues are common throughout the state.

The Higher Education Preparedness list was created in December 2008 in recognition of the enormous need for distribution of current and useful information about emergency planning and preparedness for all higher education and postsecondary campuses in our state. It was also created to provide a venue in which campus emergency planners can interact, share ideas and discuss issues.

Employees of any public or private higher education or postsecondary institution in Oklahoma, or other closely aligned emergency professional, may be a member. The list moderator will regularly distribute news and training information to members. In addition, members may post questions or ideas to this moderated list.

Requests for membership and messages will be approved by the moderator. All members will have access to the archives through their membership password.

This list was created to supplement the current information sharing networks on Oklahoma campuses such as the RTC list, the Oklahoma Campus Law Enforcement Association or the DRU list. Invitations will be sent out to a variety of individuals who have participated in the RTC list as well as other campus emergency planning practitioners. Any approved member may also invite other emergency preparedness practitioners from their campus to participate.

Information on the Campus Wellness Listserv can be found at the corresponding link in the right hand column.

The moderator of these three lists, Pamela Boatright, may be reached at 405.225.9458 or