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Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City

OSU-OKC Precision Driving Training
Precision Driving Training offers exclusive, hands-on training for not only students, but also people in the community, including emergency operators of ambulances, fire trucks, motorcycles and police vehicles.

The training includes actual simulations where trainees learn different road safety lessons, including accident avoidance, lane change, threshold braking, residential backing and maneuvering a vehicle under adverse road conditions.
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City extends the training opportunity to current officers who are interested in becoming better and safer drivers while on duty. With this training, instructors of the courses believe they can combat the leading cause of death and injury in the United States – vehicular crashes. 

Instructors from Precision Driving Traning pose next to a fire truck.

OSU-OKC nursing student working on an infant CPR manikin.INTEGRIS Partnership Adds Nursing Slots at OSU-OKC
OSU-Oklahoma City is increasing its available slots into the nursing program thanks to a continuing partnership with INTEGRIS Health.

INTEGRIS Health committed to provide nursing adjunct instructors and clinical sites, which will allow OSU-OKC to increase openings in the nursing program from 56 to 64 students through the spring of 2007.

OSU-OKC has seen a continual increase in the number of applicants for its nursing program. In the spring of 2000, the program had 63 applicants competing for 56 positions. During the spring of 2005, the number of applicants increased to 306 competing for the same 56 positions.

“INTEGRIS Health has allowed our nursing program to grow and better meet the needs of this state,” said OSU-OKC Health Services Division Head Linda Barren. “Without this partnership, OSU-OKC would not be able to provide as many nurses to the workforce.”

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