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From: Bryce Fair & Carolyn McCoy

Date: Friday, January 24, 1997

Subject: First Bill Tracking Update

The following document consists of three sections. Section I provides a brief narrative of legislative highlights from the week. Section II is an index of the bills we are tracking and Section III provides a short description of each bill and the latest legislative action on the bill.

Attached is a list of introduced bills which we have identified as having some impact, or potential impact, on higher education. The list is made up primarily of House bills since the House bill filing deadline has already passed. Senators, however, have until next week to file bills and only a few Senate bills have been filed to date. Several hundred Senate bills will be introduced next week, so we expect our list to grow substantially before the legislative session starts February 3.


Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Legislative Deadlines:

Meetings Next Week:

Monday, January 29:

Education Subcommittee of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee, 8:30 a.m., Room 432-A, Capitol, (Chair - Jack Begley, Vice Chair - Dale Wells, Scott Adkins, Betty Boyd, Laura Boyd, John Bryant, Larry Ferguson, James Hager, J. T. Stites)

Agenda: FY'98 Budget Requests for

Wednesday, January 29:

Education Subcommittee of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee, 8:30 a.m., Room 432-A, Capitol, (Chair - Jack Begley, Vice Chair - Dale Wells, Scott Adkins, Betty Boyd, Laura Boyd, John Bryant, Larry Ferguson, James Hager, J. T. Stites)

Agenda: FY'98 Budget Requests for

Note: Our weekly legislative updates are available on the internet homepage of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education at: http://www.osrhe.edu. The updates are located under "Legislative Updates" in the Directory of Documents. Each week's update should be posted on the homepage by late Friday afternoon.

If you need copies of any of the bills, please contact Carolyn McCoy at (405) 225-9165 or e-mail her at "cmccoy@osrhe.edu".





Forty-Sixth Legislature - Second Session

January 24, 1997


SB 13

Ad valorem taxes

HB 1072

HB 1337

HB 1338

HB 2075

Administrative procedures

HB 1120

HB 1121

HB 1564

HB 2111

Admission standards

HJR 1003


HB 1009

HB 1012

HB 1019

HB 1915


HB 1119

HB 1610

HB 1854

HB 1872

HB 1880

HB 1887

HB 1894

HJR 1002

HJR 1009


HB 1561

Attorney General opinions

HB 1014


HB 1642


HB 1907

Charter schools

HB 1011

HB 1418

HB 1603

Child support

HB 1294

Computer conversions

HB 1434

Computer donations

HB 1688


HB 1991


HB 1897

HB 1991

Data processing

HB 1818


HB 2155


HB 1817


HJR 1010

Early childhood

HB 1413


HB 1810

Educational Indicators

HB 2125

Electronic signatures

HB 1690

Employee protection

HB 1017

Employment Security

SB 43

English proficiency

HB 1364

Equestrian activities

HB 1083

Fees, student

HB 1042

HB 1365

Fee waivers

HB 1312

Fiscal year

HB 2061

Funding plan

SB 35

Government reform

HB 1981

High challenge schools

HB 1755


HB 1997

Income tax credit

SB 9

HB 1483

HB 1507

HB 1623

HB 1688

HB 2062

Income tax credit (cont'd)

HB 2117

Insurance, health

SB 22

HB 1077

HB 1086

HB 1091

HB 1173

HB 1222

HB 1416

HB 1532

HB 1562

HB 1563

HB 1598

HB 1608

HB 1702

HB 1916

HB 2014

HB 2047

HB 2093

HB 2094

HB 2114


HB 1694

HB 1991


HB 1990

Langston University

HB 1774



HB 1145

HB 2161

Leave, military

HB 1210

Legal representation

HB 1739


HB 1315

Livestock activities

HB 1521

Maternity benefits

HB 1598

Medical savings

HB 1666

Medical school faculty

HB 2012

Northeastern State University

HB 2105

Obscene materials

HB 2151

Oklahoma Education Television Auth.

HB 1024

Oklahoma School of Science/Math

SB 1

Oklahoma State University

HB 1515


HB 1610

Physical therapists

SB 2

HB 1366

Poison control center

HB 1362

Prepaid tuition

HB 1055

HB 1349

Prevailing wage

HB 1773

Professional development

HB 1467


HB 1085

HB 1092

HB 1093

HB 1096

HB 1098

Retirement (cont'd)

HB 1099

HB 1100

HB 1101

HB 1102

HB 1119

HB 1173

HB 1408

HB 1553

HB 1609

HB 1651

HB 1654

HB 1656

HB 1670

HB 1964

HJR 1030

HJR 1034

Right to work


HB 1453

Risk management

HB 1768

School testing

HB 1560

HB 2125

Smoke detectors

HB 1531


SB 60

HB 2146

Sole source

HB 1897

State-owned vehicles

HB 1008

Tax improvement

HJR 1012

Teacher certification

HB 1308

HB 1342

HB 1411

Teacher preparation

HB 1411

HB 1412

HB 1559

HB 1872

HB 1877

HB 1986


HB 1921


HB 1073

HB 1671

HB 1815

Telephone system, automated

HB 2138


HB 1732


HB 1961


HB 1042

HB 1139

HB 1312

HJR 1022

Tuition savings

HB 2060

HB 2102

Tuition trust

HB 1055

HB 1349

University Hospitals

SB 58

HB 1362

HB 1644

HB 1854

HB 1859

HB 1995

HB 2013

HB 2015

University of Oklahoma

SB 43

University of Oklahoma Law Center

HB 1484

Workers' compensation

HB 1065

HB 1067

HB 1068

HB 1296

HB 1382

HB 1439

HB 1673

HB 1963




Forty-Sixth Legislature - First Session - 1997

Reported Status as of 1/23/97


* SB 1 (Fisher) - SCIENCE/MATH CURRICULUM PILOT PROJECT. Requires the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics to solicit proposals and award grants for pilot projects that develop and establish model programs implementing advanced science and math curriculum at local vo-tech or school sites by distance learning; creates an advisory council to establish student participation criteria in such pilot program, determining the curriculum needs and to work in the recruitment and hiring of faculty for the pilot program, all in conjunction with the School of Science and Mathematics. (70 § 1210.404)

* SB 2 (Fisher) - PHYSICAL THERAPISTS/CONTINUING EDUCATION. Modifies membership of the Physical Therapy Committee; provides educational and training requirements for foreign-trained applicants for a license to practice as a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant; requires continuing education for renewal of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licenses; directs the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision to establish requirements for continuing education and to consider certain programs. (59 O.S. § 887.4)

* SB 9 (Milacek) - INCOME TAX DEDUCTION/TUITION/FEES. Provides an income tax deduction for certain adoption expenses, certain retirement income, and for tuition and fees at an Oklahoma public or private college or university of not more than $1,200 for each fall or spring semester in which student is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours, and $600 for summer semesters with a minimum enrollment of six hours; disallows deduction for tuition and fees paid by grants, scholarships, stipends, employer reimbursements or payments, or amounts subject to tuition waivers. (68 § 2358)

* SB 13 (Williams) - ACADEMIES. Creates the Academies Act; defines the term academy as a pubic school established by contract with a local board of education to provide learning that will improve student achievement; authorizes a pubic school, public body, public or private college or university, private person or private organization to contract with a sponsor to establish an academy; establishes purpose and specifies other requirements. (70 §§ 3-130/3-134)

* SB 22 (Fisher) - HEALTH CARE. Requires health benefit plans covering eye or vision care to ensure direct access to primary eye care providers, allow an enrollee to designate from a list of eye care providers, not discriminate between or recommend certain individual providers or classes of providers, include an adequate number of providers to ensure reasonable accessibility and make available to covered persons a list of all primary eye care providers who have contracted with the plan, their practice locations and telephone numbers on a regular, timely basis. (36 §§ 6052.1/6052.3)

* SB 35 (Williams) - EDUCATION FUNDING. Directs the State Regents, the State Board of Education, the Board of Vocational and Technical Education, and the Commission for Teacher Preparation to prepare a joint funding plan to provide incentives for innovative education programs subject to the availability of funds; requires that such plan provided for incentives to be awarded for competency-based programs that emphasize effective learning practices. (70 § 818)

* SB 43 (Long) - EMPLOYMENT SECURITY. Modifies the Oklahoma Employment Security Act; modifies confidentiality requirements to permit the release of information required to identify economic trends to the OU Center for Economic Management Research; requires confidentiality; permits OU to release aggregated data, provided such aggregation meets disclosure requirements of the Employment Security Commission. (40 § 1-208)

* SB 58 (Robinson) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Clarifies language relating to operation and licensing of the University Hospitals. (63 § 3205)

* SB 60 (Robinson) - SMOKING. Adds state- and local-government-owned or operated facilities to the list of facilities in which all smoking may be prohibited. (63 § 1-1523)


* SJR 1 (Long) - RIGHT TO WORK/LEAVE. Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting the requirement that a person be a member of a labor organization or pay dues or similar fees to a labor organization in order to be hired or remain employed; provides an option for receiving representation under collective bargaining, upon payment of an assessment equal to no more than 90 percent of the annual "core dues" or a contribution of a like amount to charity; requires employers to provide health insurance, sick leave, and paid vacation to all full- and part-time employees; requires 48 hours' written notice prior to termination an employee. (Art XXIII § 5A)


* HB 1008 (Stanley) - STATE VEHICLES/DAMAGE CLAIMS. Modifies exemptions from liability under the Governmental Tort Claims Act relating to work release programs ordered by a court or the Dept. of Corrections; makes such exemption not apply to property damage claims made by individuals not in custody of the department based on accidents involving motor vehicles owned or operated by the state or any state agency. (51 § 155)

* HB 1009 (Roach/Mickle) - STATE AIRCRAFT. Provides procedures for use of aircraft owned, leased, or operated by the state; requires implementation of provisions by any state entity that owns, leases or operates an aircraft; requires travel logs; provides procedures and requirements for travel logs. (74 § 500.61) (See HBs 1012, 1019)

* HB 1011 (Dank) - CHARTER SCHOOLS. Enacts the Oklahoma Charter Schools Act; allows a public school, public body, public or private college or university, private person or private organization to establish a charter school under contract. (70 §§ 3-130/3-142)

* HB 1012 (Tim Pope) - STATE AIRCRAFT. Prohibits state-owned or -leased aircraft from being used for travel that includes the attending of any type of political fund raiser. (74 § 500.91) (See HBs 1009, 1019)

* HB 1014 (Leist) - ATTORNEY GENERAL OPINIONS. Provides for review of official opinions of the attorney general; authorizes the filing of a petition for judicial review by the person who requested the opinion or any elected state officer authorized to request an opinion; authorizes the reviewing court to stay the enforcement or effect of an opinion; provides that any opinion not issued by the attorney general in office at the time of the request for review must be first reviewable by the sitting attorney general. (74 § 18b-1)

* HB 1017 (Askins) - EMPLOYEE PROTECTION. Creates the "Workplace and Employee Protection Act"; states intent to provide optional remedies against workplace violence to supplement existing remedies and shall not obligate or create a duty on an employer to seek such optional remedies; authorizes an employing entity, on behalf or itself or its employees, agents, contractors or business invitees receiving threats of physical harm, harassment or stalking, to seek relief by filing a petition for a protective order; specifies requirements for filing protective orders. (22 § 70)

* HB 1019 (Hamilton/Rozell) - STATE AIRCRAFT. Provides that state aircraft shall not be used for travel that includes an event sponsored by or promoting a political party or candidate from July 1 through the date of the general election during election years, and from the first day of the filing period through the date of the special election during such times as a special election is necessary to fill a vacant office; prohibits use of such aircraft for family travel or for conducting personal business or for travel that includes a political fundraising event; provides that travel on any state aircraft shall be limited to state officers and employees on official state business, federal and local government officers or employees accompanying them and persons in the care and custody of a state officer or employee; prohibits travel on a state aircraft if the passenger is to be transported to or from a place where the passenger will attend or has attended an event sponsored by a political party or candidate, or will perform or has performed a service for which the passenger is to receive an honorarium, unless the passenger reimburses the state for transportation costs. (74 §§ 500.71/500.73) (See HBs 1009, 1012)

* HB 1024 (Askins/Harrison) - OETA. Changes the termination date of the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority to July 1, 2002. (74 § 3903)

* HB 1042 (Greenwood) - STUDENT FEES. Provides that students with adequate health insurance would not have to pay a student health care fee at public higher education institutions. (70 § 3218.12)

* HB 1055 - (Davis) - TUITION TRUST. This is a shell bill relating to the Oklahoma Tuition Trust Act. (70 § 6002)

* HB 1065 (Ervin) - WORKERS' COMP/SAFETY. Clarifies language relating to workplace safety plans developed pursuant to the Workers' Compensation Act. (85 § 61.2)

* HB 1067 (Toure) - WORKER'S COMP. Clarifies language relating to the penalty for discharging an employee in violation of the Workers' Compensation Act. (85 § 6)

* HB 1068 (Sadler) - WORKER'S COMP. Provides that, for workers' compensation purposes, contractors shall be liable only for compensation due to their direct employees. (85 § 3)

* HB 1072 (Ramsey) - AD VALOREM TAX. Provides for submitting ad valorem tax complaints and the distribution of protested funds. (68 § 3106.1)

* HB 1073 (O'Neal) - TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Modifies telecommunications service and rental charges subject to sales tax to delete installation and construction charges. (68 § 1354)

* HB 1077 (Seikel) - HEALTH INSURANCE. Requires that health insurance and health benefit plans include coverage for severe mental illness equal to coverage for other physical diseases and disorders; provides an exception for policies that provide coverage for a specified disease or other limited-benefit coverage or groups with 25 or fewer employees. (36 § 6060.4)

* HB 1083 (Beutler) - EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES. Requires any person participating in equestrian activities to assume the risk and legal responsibility for any injury to his person or property caused by hazards inherent in equestrian sports, unless the injury was proximately caused by the negligence of the person providing the horse to the participant or the failure to guard or warn against a dangerous condition, use, structure, or activity by the person providing the horse or the person's agents or employees. (76 § 50.1)

* HB 1085 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT/LIFE INSURANCE. Increases from three-fourths to the full basic life insurance coverage the amount certain members of state retirement systems may elect to continue after severance from state employment. (74 § 1316.1)

* HB 1086 (Roberts) - INSURANCE BOARD. Increases membership of the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board from eight members to nine by adding the executive director, or a designee, of an employee organization representing the largest number of state employees. (74 § 1304)

* HB 1091 (Roberts) - HEALTH INSURANCE. Requires that the benefit price of a health maintenance organization made available to participants by the State Employees Benefits Council be determined on a competitive bid basis; requires that the benefit price for the next fiscal year be finally determined by 1 p.m. on the second Wednesday in January of the previous fiscal year; requires that all plans offered by health maintenance organizations not be subject to the provisions of the Central Purchasing Act; requires the Council to promulgate rules establishing appropriate competitive bidding criteria and procedures for such contracts. (74 § 1371)

* HB 1092 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Teachers' Retirement System Fiscal Health Task Force Recommendations Act.

* HB 1093 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Teachers' Retirement System Fiscal Health Task Force Recommendations Act.

* HB 1096 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Clarifies language relating to establishment of the Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS). (70 O.S. § 17-102)

* HB 1098 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Requires that a minimum of 10 percent of the total monies of the various state retirement systems, including the OTRS, be invested by an entity the principal business offices of which are located within the state if the entity otherwise qualifies to manage monies of the systems as prescribed by law. (70 § 17-106.1)

* HB 1099 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Teachers' Retirement System Fiscal Health Task Force Recommendations Act.

* HB 1100 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Teachers' Retirement System Fiscal Health Task Force Recommendations Act.

* HB 1101 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Teachers' Retirement System Fiscal Health Task Force Recommendations Act.

* HB 1102 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT. Increases, over a period of five years, the proportion of the gross production tax which goes to the OTRS, which also reduces the amount of the tax now going to the General Revenue Fund (from which most appropriations are made). (68 § 1004a)

* HB 1119 (Roberts) - APPROPRIATIONS/RETIREMENT. Appropriates $56,664,006 from the Constitutional Reserve Fund (Rainy Day Fund) to the OTRS to reduce the pension fund's unfunded accrued liabilities.

* HB 1120 (Webb) - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES. Deletes obsolete language relating to the Oklahoma Administrative Code. (75 § 250.9)

* HB 1121 (Webb) - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES. Correcting reference to the Oklahoma Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations. (75 § 308)

* HB 1139 - (Hager) - TUITION/STATE EMPLOYEES. Provides for reimbursement for state employees' tuition, required books and materials for a course taken at a state college or university or at a vo-tech school, if the employee receives the equivalent of a letter grade of "C" or better; requires the employing agency to determine whether the course furthers a legitimate purpose of the agency by improving the employee's skills or abilities. (74 § 840-2.28)

* HB 1145 - (Dunegan) - LEAVE. Provides that employees may take leave without pay for authorized absences under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993; authorizes employees to donate sick leave for such purpose. (74 § 840-2.22)

* HB 1173 (Roberts) - HEALTH INSURANCE/RETIREES. Clarifies language relating to health care coverage for retired members of the OTRS. (74 § 1316.3)

* HB 1210 (Wells) - MILITARY SERVICE. Introduces the "Military Service Relief Act"; provides for reemployment rights and other benefits for persons called to military service in the reserve forces; authorizes an employer to pay compensation to an employee who leaves employment to perform military service, during the employee's military service; requires that, if an employer elects to pay such compensation, it be paid on a uniform basis to all such employees called to military service; provides for a stay of a court action or adjudicatory or licensing proceeding during the term of military service, with exceptions; provides for continuation of insurance and retirement benefits; requires reinstatement to employment under certain circumstances; prohibits the unnecessary disruption of higher education of a student member of a reserve unit. (72 §§ 501/535)

* HB 1222 (Steidley) - HEALTH INSURANCE. Provides that a temporary or seasonal employee who works full-time shall be considered an employee for purposes of the State and Education Employee's Group Insurance Act. (74 § 1303)

* HB 1294 (Pettigrew) - CHILD SUPPORT/PAYROLL. Changes the "Oklahoma Welfare Self Sufficiency Initiative" to "Oklahoma Welfare Reform of 1997". Section 43 requires employers to report to the Department of Human Services (DHS), Child Support Enforcement Division, the hiring or employment of any person who resides or works in this state to whom the employer anticipates paying earnings. (40 § 2-802)

* HB 1296 (Reese) - WORKERS' COMP. Provides that, if an individual lacks sufficient base period wages because of a job-related injury for which the individual received total temporary disability payments awarded by the Workers' Compensation Court, upon written application by the claimant, an extended base period will be substituted for the current base period on a quarter-by-quarter basis as needed to establish a valid claim for benefits pursuant to the Employment Security Act. (40 § 1-202A)

* HB 1308 (Greenwood) - TEACHER CERTIFICATION. Requires the State Board of Education to grant a special license to teach mathematics, science, or foreign language to a person who applies to the board and has at least a baccalaureate degree from an institution whose accreditation is recognized by the State Regents, has completed a major in the specified areas of specialization, and can document at least 20 years of work experience which is related to the subject area of specialization; requires that such persons participate in and complete at least one school year of teaching services as a resident teacher in a residency program; requires the board to issue a teaching certificate to any person who holds a special teaching license and who has served a minimum of one school year as a resident teacher, been recommended for certification by the residency committee and made the necessary application and paid the certification fee. (70 O.S. § 6-122.4)

* HB 1312 (Lindley) - FEE WAIVER. Requires a waiver of general enrollment fees and nonresident tuition in the State System institutions and a tuition waiver at vo-tech schools for state employees; limits such waivers to five years and makes the waivers a service benefit. (70 §§ 3218.7a, 14-105.1)

* HB 1315 (Deutschendorf) - LEGISLATION ON INTERNET. Requires the Legislative Service Bureau, by Jan. 1, 1998, to make available on-line through the Internet all proposed legislation, including all versions of a measure and the status history of each measure; requires the bureau to work with other agencies and entities to make the service available. (74 § 450.1)

* HB 1337 (Begley) - AD VALOREM TAX. Clarifies language relating to the Ad Valorem Tax Code. (68 § 2808)

* HB 1338 (Begley) - AD VALOREM TAX. Modifies the process for submitting and handling ad valorem tax complaints; requires the State Board of Equalization to notify the Attorney General and all affected school districts and other interested parties of the complaint in writing and by certified mail within 10 days of the filing of the complaint; requires the Tax Commission to deposit taxes paid under protest by railroads, air carriers and public service corporations to a protested ad valorem tax escrow fund; requires that any portion of such taxes not paid under protest be apportioned as provided by law; requires that the Commission, as soon as practicable after determination of the total amount of ad valorem taxes of railroads, air carriers or public service corporations paid under protest, to determine the amount of such taxes that would have been apportioned to each school district and vo-tech school district if the protest had not been made and to reimburse such amount to each district from monies in an education cash flow fund; provides for proportional distribution of such monies if such fund does not contain sufficient revenues; prohibits the commission from reimbursing such amount if the ad valorem taxes being protested, which are directly attributable to an affected district, do not exceed $2,000; creates a protested ad valorem tax escrow fund and an education cash flow fund for the Commission; requires that the first $135,000 accruing to the education cash flow fund, unless otherwise appropriated by the Legislature, be used for administering and hearing complaints and appeals. (68 § 2881)

* HB 1342 (Begley) - ALTERNATIVE PLACEMENT TEACHER CERTIFICATION. This is a shell bill relating to alternative placement teaching certification. (70 § 6-122.3)

* HB 1349 (Matlock) - PREPAID TUITION. Enacts the "Oklahoma Tuition Prepayment Program Act"; requires the State Regents by Sept. 1, 1998, and for each year thereafter, to determine the weighted average tuition of bachelor-degree-granting institutions within the State System for the academic year that begins on or after Aug. 1 of the current year; provides for calculation; authorizes the Regents, beginning Jan. 1, 1998, to begin entering into contracts on behalf of an Oklahoma Tuition Prepayment Trust with purchasers for the sale of tuition units; provides requirements for such contracts; specifies requirements for applying tuition units accumulated under a contract towards payment of tuition at a higher education institution; limits the total number of tuition units purchased on behalf of a single beneficiary from exceeding the number necessary to pay for four years of full-time attendance as a resident undergraduate at the institution within the State System that has the highest resident undergraduate tuition, as determined by the Regents, in the anticipated academic years that the tuition units will be used; provides for termination of prepaid tuition contracts; provides for a refund of unused tuition units; requires the Regents to contract with an actuary or actuarial firm to annually evaluate whether the assets of the prepaid tuition trust fund are sufficient to meet the obligations of the Regents and to advise the Regents on setting the price of a tuition unit; creates the Oklahoma Tuition Prepayment Trust and specifies powers and duties; provides annual reporting requirements; authorizes the Regents, if it is determined that the program is financially infeasible, to discontinue entering into contracts and selling tuition units; creates the Prepaid Tuition Trust Fund. (70 §§ 6020/6034)

* HB 1362 (Laura Boyd) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS/POISON CONTROL. Directs the University Hospitals Authority to ensure that funding for the Poison Control Center be no less than $690,000 for fiscal year 1998.

* HB 1364 (Laura Boyd) - ENGLISH PROFICIENCY. Clarifies language relating to the requirement that higher education instructors speak English proficiently. (70 § 3224)

* HB 1365 (Laura Boyd) - STUDENT FEES. This is a shell bill relating to higher education fees. (70 § 3218.12)

* HB 1366 (Laura Boyd) - PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. This is a shell bill relating to licensure for physical therapists. (59 § 887.6)

* HB 1382 (Mitchell) - WORKERS' COMP. This is a shell bill relating to the Workers' Compensation Act. (85 § 3.4)

* HB 1408 (Pettigrew) - RETIREMENT. Creates the "Teachers' Retirement System Act of 1997".

* HB 1411 (Coleman) - TEACHER PREPARATION/CERTIFICATION. Clarifies language relating to teacher preparation and certification. (70 § 6-190)

* HB 1412 (Coleman) - TEACHER EDUCATION. This is a shell bill relating to teacher education. (70 § 6-182)

* HB 1413 (Coleman) - EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION. This is a shell bill relating to early childhood education. (70 § 11-103.7)

* HB 1416 (Betty Boyd) - HEALTH CARE. Creates the "Fairness in Managed Care Act"; provides for the certification process and requirements for managed care plans. (63 § 2525.2)

* HB 1418 (Bryant) - CHARTER SCHOOLS. Creates the "Oklahoma Charter Schools Act"; allows a public school, public body, public or private college or university, private person or private organizations to establish a charter school under contract; specifies requirements and terms for such schools. (70 §§ 3-130/3-142)

* HB 1434 (Deutschendorf) - COMPUTER SYSTEMS. Requires all state agencies of the executive branch that use date-dependent computer systems, such as legacy systems, programs, databases and security systems, to have completed work on converting the systems for the year 2000 by Jan. 1, 1999; requires agencies to report by July 1, 1999, on operations of the system after the conversion and outlining any system problems the agency may still be experiencing and plans the agency has to address any continuing problems; prohibits agencies from purchasing additional hardware or software or add additional personnel to convert and prepare the computer systems for the millennium unless the purchase has been included in the long-range plan of the agency submitted to the Information Services Division of the Office State Finance. (62 § 41.5o)

* HB 1439 (Newport) - WORKERS' COMP. This is a shell bill relating to the Workers' Compensation Act. (85 § 6.1)

* HB 1453 (Phillips) - RIGHT TO WORK. Creates the "Oklahoma Right to Work Law"; provides that no person shall be required, as a condition of employment or continued employment, to resign or refrain from voluntary membership in or financial support of a labor organization, become or remain a member of an organization, pay dues or other charges to an organization, pay to a third party an equivalent amount in lieu of such payments or be recommended, approved, referred or cleared by or through a labor organization, except where preempted by federal law. (40 § 470)

* HB 1467 (Staggs) - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Adds school counselors to local professional development committees; provides that each adopted professional development program shall allow school counselors to receive at least one-third of the hours or credit required each year through programs or courses specifically designed for school counselors. (A local professional development committee shall consult with a higher education faculty and programs adopted by the committee may include higher education courses.) (70 § 6-194)

* HB 1483 (Leonard Sullivan) - INCOME TAX CREDIT/TUITION. Provides for an income tax credit for tuition paid to an accredited Oklahoma four-year public college or university by a teacher for courses satisfactorily completed in pursuit of an advanced degree. (68 § 2357)

* HB 1484 (Leonard Sullivan) - OU LAW CENTER. Abolishes the OU Law Center; removes from the membership of the Domestic Relations Recodification Committee the member who is an OU law professor; modifies the distribution of the Oklahoma Statutes and Session Laws to OU from 55 copies to five copies, to be placed in the law center library. (70 § 3103.1, 43 § 700.2)

* HB 1507 (Adkins) - INCOME TAX CREDIT/GRADUATES. Provides for a state income tax credit for employers hiring full-time employees who have graduated or received a degree from a four-year public Oklahoma college or university within one year prior to employment and have worked at least one full year for the eligible employer. (68 § 2357.26)

* HB 1515 (Leist) - OSU/AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS RESEARCH. Requests that Oklahoma Food and Agricultural Products Research and Technology Center at OSU study and research alternative fiber production in the state. (2 § 3101)

* HB 1521 (Rice) - LIVESTOCK ACTIVITIES/LIABILITY. States legislative intent to encourage livestock activities by limiting the civil liability of livestock activities sponsors. (76 §§ 50.1/50.4)

* HB 1531 (Blackburn) - SMOKE DETECTORS. Requires all new construction or remodeling of residential dwellings which require a building permit to include installation of smoke detectors or the electrical wiring necessary for installation of electrical smoke detectors. (74 § 324.11a)

* HB 1532 (Blackburn) - HEALTH INSURANCE/BREAST CANCER. Requires health insurance plans that provide medical and surgical benefits with respect to the treatment of breast cancer and other breast conditions to ensure that coverage is provided for not fewer than 48 hours of inpatient care following a mastectomy and not fewer than 24 hours of inpatient care following a lymph node dissection for the treatment of breast cancer, with certain exceptions. (36 § 6060.4)

* HB 1553 (Pettigrew) - RETIREMENT. Provides that no cost-of-living adjustments shall be provided to retirees of the OTRS unless pursuant to an appropriation from the general revenue fund; provides that no supplemental appropriation for such adjustment shall be made to the system unless requirements governing employer contributions can be satisfied through the total amount of monies available to participating employers; provides that the money which may be used by participating employers may be provided through general or special appropriations or through other sources. (62 § 1002)

* HB 1559 (Hager) - TEACHER PREPARATION. Modifies teacher preparation competencies for administrators to include skills necessary to be an effective leader of a school or school district; requires that competency examinations include subject areas for licensure or certification as an administrator; provides that professional development institutes automatically qualify for professional development purposes and be defined as continuing education experiences which consist of a minimum of 30 clock hours; designates the Commission for Teacher Preparation as the lead agency responsible for coordinating the preparation of a joint funding plan for the teacher education, assessment, licensure and certification, residency and professional development system. (70 § 6-182)

* HB 1560 (Hager) - NORM-REFERENCED TESTS. Requires that a norm-referenced test be administered to every student enrolled in grade 10 in the public schools; deletes obsolete language referring to additional criteria that could have been included as part of the standard by which a school is determined to be low performing and high challenge. (70 §§ 1210.508, 1210.541)

* HB 1561 (Wells) - ARTICULATION. Deletes obsolete language requiring the State Regents to submit to the Legislature a report on the progress made toward transferal of credits within the State System institutions. (70 § 3107.1)

* HB 1562 (Deutschendorf) - HEALTH CARE. Creates the "Preferred Provider Organizations Act"; states purpose to encourage health care cost containment while preserving quality of care by allowing health care insurers to create preferred provider organizations and by establishing minimum standards for preferred provider organizations and their insurance policies; outlines requirements for the organizations. (36 § 6057.1)

* HB 1563 (Gray) - HEALTH BENEFITS. Requires health benefit plan contracts to provide coverage for reconstructive surgery for the insured after removal of artificial breast implants when medically necessary and when recommended by a physician or other licensed health care provider; requires supplemental payment for capitated or global rate plans; prohibits plans from reducing or canceling coverage due to the requirements of this section. (36 § 6060.4)

* HB 1564 (Gray) - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES. Modifies references in the Administrative Procedures Act. (75 § 308)

* HB 1598 (Roach) - MATERNITY BENEFITS. This is a shell bill relating to maternity benefits. (36 § 6060.3)

* HB 1603 (Bryant) - CHARTER SCHOOLS. Creates the "Oklahoma Charter Schools Act". (70 § 3-130)

* HB 1608 (Fields) - HEALTH CARE. Authorizes health insurers to enter into agreements with health care providers relating to terms and conditions of reimbursement for health care services that may be rendered to an insured, including agreements relating to the amounts to be charged an insured for services rendered, quality standards and the terms and conditions for activities intended to reduce unnecessary or inappropriate care; authorizes health insurers to issue and administer policies and subscriber agreements that include incentives or disincentives for insureds to use the services of a health care provider who has entered into a reimbursement agreement with the health insurer; provides requirements for terms and conditions to be established by the insurer. (36 § 6057.1)

* HB 1609 (Voskuhl) - DISABILITY/RETIREMENT. Provides that during the period a state employee receives temporary total disability benefits due to a work-related injury or illness, the employer must make the contribution to the state retirement system based on the salary of the employee; requires that such employees receive credit for participating service during the period of absence subject to certain requirements. (85 § 2e)

* HB 1610 (Reese) - APPROPRIATIONS/ONENET. Appropriates $2.64 million to the State Regents for funding the membership fee for public school districts to connect to the OneNet telecommunications system.

* HB 1623 (Vaughn) - INCOME TAX CREDIT/TUITION. Provides for an income tax credit for tuition paid to an accredited Oklahoma four-year public college or university by a certified teacher for courses satisfactorily completed in pursuit of an advanced degree; prohibits such credit for tuition paid by or through a grant, scholarship or stipend or subject to a tuition waiver; prohibits such credit until the tax year following the year in which the course or courses for which the tuition was paid are satisfactorily completed. (68 § 2357)

* HB 1642 (Settle) - CONTERFEITING/BRIBERY. Provides that forgery occurs when a person makes a false writing which has apparent legal significance and which is made with the intent to defraud; provides punishment for forgery; prohibits bribery of sports officials or participants; prohibits bribery of pubic servants and prohibits public servants from accepting bribes. (21 § 101)

* HB 1644 (Ervin) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Clarifies language relating to transfer of jurisdiction of the University Hospitals. (63 § 3204)

* HB 1651 (Eddins) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT/GROSS PRODUCTION TAX. Apportions part of the funds from gross production tax now going to the General Revenue Fund to the OTRS. (68 § 1004a)

* HB 1654 (Settle) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT. Requires that a classified member of the OTRS who retired prior to July 1, 1996, have retirement allowance calculated on the member's current minimum average salary plus $1,000; repeals section relating to limitations on retirement benefit increases . (70 § 116.2)

* HB 1656 (Settle) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT. Increases the amount of the death benefit for members of the OTRS from $4,000 to $5,000; repeals section relating to limitations on retirement benefit increases . (70 § 17-105)

* HB 1666 (Cox) - MEDICAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT. This is a shell bill relating to the Medical Savings Account Act. (63 § 2622)

* HB 1670 (Pettigrew) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT. Prohibits cost-of-living adjustments to retirees of state pension systems unless pursuant to a special appropriation; provides that no supplemental appropriation shall be made for such purpose unless the system from which the adjustment is to be paid is funded with sufficient revenue from employer and employee contributions and other sources of revenue to provide for payment of pension benefit obligations for active members at normal cost. (62 § 1003)

* HB 1671 (Deutschendorf) - TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Clarifies language relating to the Oklahoma Governmental Telecommunications Network (OGTN). (62 § 41.5m)

* HB 1673 (Deutschendorf) - WORKERS' COMPENSATION. Requires workers' compensation insurance carriers, the State Insurance Fund and group self-insured plans to notify an insured employer of the possibility of, and/or terms of, any settlement of a workers' compensation case; permits employers to participate in any claim for compensation or benefits commenced by a claimant, wherein the employer is named as a party or joined as a party; outlines employer's rights; provides that failure of a self-insured employer or group self-insurance association to implement the requirement for development of a workplace safety plan shall constitute grounds for revocation by the administrator of the Workers' Compensation Court of the employer's self-insurance permit or approval of the association's self-insurance application. (85 § 26)

* HB 1688 (Perry) - TAX CREDIT/COMPUTER DONATIONS. Establishes a one-time income tax credit for donations of computer hardware and software to schools or higher education institutions; sets credit at 50 percent of the estimated value of the items. (68 § 2357.26)

* HB 1690 (Perry) - ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES. Creates the "Electronic Signature Act;" provides that an electronic signature may be used to sign a writing and shall have the same force and effect as a written signature; authorizes the Secretary of State to issue certificates for the purpose of verifying digital signatures; provides for imposition of a reasonable fee; requires agency heads to implement control procedures to ensure adequate integrity, security, confidentiality and auditability of business transactions conducted by the agency using electronic commerce. (74 § 8201/8207)

* HB 1694 (Wells) - INVENTORY. Increases to $500 the value of equipment which must be inventoried by the Department of Central Services. (74 § 110.1)

* HB 1702 (Stanley) - HEALTH CARE. Provides that a health maintenance organization (HMO) or prepaid health plan shall be deemed in noncompliance and shall not be relicensed by the Health Department if its application for license renewal, evidence of coverage, standards and procedures for the selection of providers or any other document filed with the Department contain definitions of words or terms that are contrary to or inconsistent with statutory definitions; deems such organizations and plans in noncompliance for certain actions, omissions or submissions; requires HMOs and prepaid health plans to provide comprehensive health services in a manner that is reasonably geographically convenient to residents of the service area for which it seeks a license. (63 § 2504)

* HB 1732 (Beutler) - COUNTY GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL TRAINING. This is a shell bill pertaining to the Commission on County Government Personnel Education and Training. (19 § 130.1)

* HB 1739 (Mitchell) - LEGAL REPRESENTATION. Clarifies language relating to legal representation of state agencies and officials. (74 § 20i)

* HB 1755 (Ross) - HIGH CHALLENGE SCHOOLS. This is a shell bill relating to high challenge schools. (70 § 1210.541)

* HB 1768 (Toure) - RISK MANAGEMENT. Requires the risk management administrator to provide for the reimbursement of personal property casualty losses sustained by state employees if the loss to personal property was a result of the performance of an authorized duty or responsibility of the employee sustained while the employees was in the course of employment; limits reimbursement to $500; prescribes condition on reimbursement based upon coverage of losses by insurance policies or losses not covered by insurance. (74 § 85.23l)

* HB 1773 (Toure) - PREVAILING WAGE. Creates the "Oklahoma Prevailing Wage Act"'; declares public policy that a wage of no less than the prevailing hourly rate of wages for work of a similar character in the locality in which the work is performed shall be paid to all workers employed by or on behalf of any public body engaged in public works exclusive of maintenance work; provides that the act shall apply only where the total cost of a project to be performed by contractors in connection with construction of a public work is $600,000 or more; prohibits splitting into partial contracts; provides that not less than the prevailing hourly rate of wages for work of a similar character in the locality in which work is performed, and not less than the prevailing hourly rate of wages for legal holiday and overtime work, shall be paid to all workers employed by or on behalf of a public body engaged in the construction of public works, exclusive of maintenance work; provides that only such workers as are directly employed by contractors or subcontractors in actual construction work on the site of a building or construction job shall be deemed to be employed upon public works; provides that, when the hauling of materials or equipment includes some phase of construction other than the mere transportation to the site of the construction, workers engaged in this dual capacity shall be deemed employed directly on public works; specifies requirements for determining the prevailing wage. (40 § 196.20)

* HB 1774 (Toure) - LANGSTON UNIVERSITY/BONDS. Modifies bonds authorized for purchase, redemption or defeasance to include Langston University Building Bonds Series I (1963) and Series II (1967). (62 § 57.200)

* HB 1810 (Cox) - EBONICS. Provides that Ebonics shall not be recognized as a language art and shall not be taught as a course or class in the pubic schools for which a student receives credit or which is counted towards fulfilling graduation requirements; defines Ebonics as an Africanized form of English reflecting Black Americans' linguistic-cultural ties to their African heritage. (70 § 11-1103.8)

* HB 1815 (Adair) - TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Creates the "Telephone Competition, Rural Service and Consumer Protection Act of 1997"; specifies requirements that apply to all local exchange telecommunications service providers. (17 § 139.101)

* HB 1817 (Askins/Hobson) - PUBLIC DEPOSITS. Authorizes designees of certain administrative authorities to countersign vouchers; authorizes the state treasurer, for purposes of securing public deposits, to accept certain securities and other instruments as collateral; authorizes the treasurer to establish standards which restrict, or limit further, any of the types of classes of securities or instruments which may be accepted; permits the treasurer to select surety bonds issued by an insurance company licensed in the state whose claims-paying ability is rated in the highest category by at least one nationally recognized statistical rating agency. (62 § 41.21)

* HB 1818 (Perry) - DATA PROCESSING. Clarifies language relating to state agencies' electronic data processing plans. (62 § 41.5e)

* HB 1854 (Hamilton/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Appropriates to various health agencies, including the University Hospitals Authority.

* HB 1859 (Hamilton/Haney) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Provides budgetary limitations for the University Hospitals Authority.

* HB 1872 (Hamilton/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/TEACHER PREPARATION. Appropriates to various education entities, including the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation.

* HB 1877 (Hamilton/Haney) - TEACHER PREPARATION. Sets budgetary limitations for the Teacher Preparation Commission.

* HB 1880 (Hamilton/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS. Appropriates to the State Regents for Higher Education.

* HB 1887 (Hamilton/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS. Appropriates to the special cash fund from the cash-flow reserve fund.

* HB 1894 (Hamilton/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS. Makes reappropriations to the State Regents for each of the State System institutions and to various other agencies.

* HB 1897 (Hamilton/Haney) - SOLE SOURCE. This is a shell bill relating to sole source and professional service contracts.

* HB 1907 (Hamilton) - PROGRAM BUDGETING. Clarifies language relating to the program budgeting initiative. (62 § 41.44)

* HB 1915 (Erwin) - STATE AIRCRAFT. Requires the Aeronautics Commission to promulgate rules specifying guidelines for use of state airplanes. (3 § 85.1)

* HB 1916 (Erwin) - HEALTH CARE. This is a shell bill relating to Oklahoma Health Care Authority duties regarding health care access information. (63 § 5013)

* HB 1921 (Stites) - TECHNOLOGY. Creates the "Training for New Technology Act." (70 § 1210.581)

* HB 1961 (Ferguson) - TRAVEL. Creates the "State Travel Reimbursement Reform Act."

* HB 1963 (Hastings) - WORKERS' COMPENSATION. Provides that a workers' compensation claimant must in good faith request a hearing and final determination within two years of filing a claims or within two years from the date of last payment of compensation or wages in lieu thereof, or the same shall be barred and shall be dismissed by the Workers' Compensation Court; provides for voluntary dismissal of claim. (85 § 43)

* HB 1964 (Fields) - RETIREMENT. Increases the amount of the death benefit for members of the OTRS from $4,000 to $5,000; provides that beginning July 1, 1997, a classified member who retired prior to July 1, 1996, shall have the member's retirement allowance calculated on the member's current minimum average salary plus $1,000; repeals section relating to limitations on retirement benefit increases . (70 § 17-105)

* HB 1981 (Hamilton/Rozell) - STATE AGENCY REFORM. Creates the "State Agency Reform and Improvement Act."

* HB 1986 (Coleman) - TEACHER PREPARATION/READING. Authorizes the Teacher Preparation Commission to develop professional development institutes which train teachers to instruct students in balanced and comprehensive reading programs. (70 § 6-200)

* HB 1990 (Hamilton/Rozell) - PUBLIC FUNDS INVESTMENT. Creates the "Oklahoma Public Funds Investment Practices Reform Act."

* HB 1991 (Hamilton/Rozell) - PUBLIC CONSTRUCTION/INVENTORY. Increases dollar amount in definition of "public construction contract" to $12,500; requires that bids on public construction contracts exceeding $15,000 must be accompanied by certain documents and bonds; prohibits contracts involving sums in excess of $12,500 from being split into partial contracts to avoid certain requirements; requires certain notarized statements on invoices submitted to any school district or area vo-tech school district for payment to an architect, contractor, engineer or supplier of materials of $2,000 or more; increases to $500 the value of equipment which must be inventoried by Central Services. (62 § 102)

* HB 1995 (Hamilton/Robinson) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Clarifies language relating to the University Hospitals Authority. (63 § 3207)

* HB 1997 (Bastin) - MURRAH BUILDING MEMORIAL. Designates April 19 as Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Memorial Day. (25 § 82.1)

* HB 2012 (Askins) - MEDICAL SCHOOL FACULTY. Provides that when an adult person, because of a medical condition, is treated by a licensed doctor holding a faculty appointment at an accredited medical school, and such person is incapable of giving informed consent for a local-institutional-review-board-approved experiment treatment, test or drug, then such treatment, test or drug may proceed upon obtaining informed consent of a legal guardian, attorney in fact or a family member. (63 § 3102A)

* HB 2013 (Askins) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. This is a shell bill relating to the University Hospitals Trust. (63 § 3224)

* HB 2014 (Askins) - HEALTH CARE. Requires health benefit plans that provide benefits for a family member of the insured to provided coverage for each newly born child of the insured, from birth through the date the child is 18 years of age, for certain immunizations. (36 § 6060.4)

* HB 2015 (Askins) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS. Clarifies language relating to the certificate of need for the University Hospitals. (63 § 3205)

* HB 2047 (Greenwood) - HEALTH INSURANCE. Clarifies language relating to insurance coverage for bone density screening. (36 § 6060.1)

* HB 2060 (Greenwood) - SCHOOL SAVINGS. Creates the "School Savings Act;" provides a tax-free savings account for education expenses at all levels, at both public and private schools. (70 § 24-160)

* HB 2061 (Hamilton) - FISCAL YEAR. Changes the state fiscal year to run from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30; requires the Office of State Finance to analyze the needs of state entities to which appropriations have been made for fiscal year 1998 and make recommendations regarding a method for either an extended fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 1998, or a transitional fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998 and ending Sept. 30, 1998. (62 § 1.1, 1.2)

* HB 2062 (Greenwood) - INCOME TAX DEDUCTION/TUITION/FEES. Provides an income tax deduction for tuition paid to an Oklahoma public or university of not more than $1,000. (68 § 2358)

* HB 2075 (Steidley) - AD VALOREM. Clarifies language relating to ad valorem taxation. (68 § 2819)

* HB 2093 (Weese) - GROUP INSURANCE BOARD. Increases the membership of the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board from eight to 10 members, to include one education employee and one state employee, both to be appointed by the Governor. (74 § 1304)

* HB 2094 (Glover) - HEALTH BENEFITS BOARD. Abolishes the Oklahoma Basic Health Benefits Board and transfers its duties and responsibilities to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board. (63 § 5005)

* HB 2102 (Laura Boyd/Henry) - TUITION SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Enacts the "Oklahoma Tuition Savings Account Act"; allows state residents to deposit up to $5,000 during each taxable year into one or more tuition savings accounts; exempts such contributions from taxation as adjusted gross income; provides for account custodians; authorizes disbursement of funds no more than three times in a calendar year, by check to the beneficiary's higher education institution or vo-tech school; provides for unqualified disbursements with a 10-percent penalty to be paid to the Tax Commission; provides that interest earned on an account during the year in which a withdrawal occurs shall be considered income for tax purposes; provides for qualified expense disbursements of no more than 20 percent of the interest earned from the account during the year; provides that any remaining balance shall be distributed to the beneficiary no later than 30 days after the 30th birthday of the beneficiary or graduation of the beneficiary, whichever occurs first; provides for transfer, upon request by the beneficiary, of balance to one or more accounts established for another beneficiary; outlines procedure for distribution if beneficiary does not attend a higher education institution or vo-tech school; repeals sections relating to the Oklahoma Tuition Trust Act. (70 § 6020)

* HB 2105 (Gray) - NSU COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY. Requires approval of the rules of the Board of Examiners in Optometry by the president of the Northeastern State University College of Optometry. (59 § 604)

* HB 2111 (Gray) - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES. Requires that the State Regents rules be filed with the Secretary of State; requires any agency exempt from certain sections of the Administrative Procedures Act to submit any previously adopted agency rules to the Secretary of State by July 1, 1998; requires submission of agency rules after July 1, 1998. (74 § 324.13)

* HB 2114 (Roberts) - HEALTH INSURANCE. This is a shell bill relating to requirements for the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board. (74 § 1307.2)

* HB 2117 (Clay Pope) - INCOME TAX CREDIT. Provides for an income tax credit for agricultural producers producing agricultural commodities and using new or modified agricultural production or marketing methods demonstrated by or acquired from an accredited agricultural college or university, adult agricultural education program provided by a secondary school or agricultural producing or farming association located in the state; sets the amount of the credit at $500. (68 § 2357)

* HB 2125 (Coleman) - SCHOOL TESTING/EDUCATIONAL INDICATORS. Requires norm-referenced testing, beginning with the 1997-98 school year, in grades five, nine, and 11 of the public schools; requires that the results be included in the summary report of the Oklahoma educational indicators program. (70 § 1210.508)

* HB 2138 (Paulk/Herbert) - AUTOMATED TELEPHONE SYSTEM. Prohibits a state agency from using an automated telephone system for answering phone calls during regular hours of operation. (62 § 41.5h)

* HB 2146 (Blackburn) - SMOKING. Clarifies language relating to the Smoking in Public Places Act. (63 § 1-1523)

* HB 2151 (Perry) - OBSCENE MATERIALS. Requires public libraries and other entities to remove or block materials in computers or computer systems that are harmful to minors. (21 § 1040.76)

* HB 2155 (Gray) - DENTAL EDUCATION. Requires that continuing education requirements under the State Dental Act be established pursuant to recommendations presented by the Oklahoma Dental Association and the dean of the OU School of Dentistry; requires that continuing education be provided in clinical settings. (59 § 328.15)

* HB 2161 (Laura Boyd) - LEAVE. Enacts the "Sick Leave Modification Act."


* HJR 1002 (John Sullivan) - APPROPRIATIONS. Proposes a constitutional amendment to require legislative approval of appropriations for expenses directly related to the education of students in the common schools prior to final passage of any other appropriation measure; requires final approval of the common education appropriation at least 30 calendar days prior to sine die adjournment of the session during which the measure is being considered; requires that such measure also be passed at least 20 days prior to the date as of which any other measure containing an appropriation receives final approval by either house. (Art. V, § 55)

* HJR 1003 (Bonny) - ADMISSION STANDARDS. Proposes a constitutional amendment requiring that the legislature rather than the State Regents prescribe admission standards for institutions within the State System of Higher Education (Art. XIII-A, § 2).

* HJR 1009 (John Sullivan) - APPROPRIATIONS. Proposes a constitutional amendment to provide that appropriations for expenses directly related to the education of students in the common schools shall be passed prior to final passage of any other appropriation measure; requires approval of such appropriations and transmission of them to the Governor at least 30 calendar days prior to sine die adjournment of the Legislative session; requires final passage of such measures at least 20 days prior to the date as of which any other appropriation measure receives final approval by either house.

(Art. V, § 55).

* HJR 1010 (Graves) - DISCRIMINATION. Proposes a constitutional amendment to prohibit the state from discriminating against or granting preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, education or contracting, with certain exceptions. (Art. XXIII, § 12).

* HJR 1012 (Webb) - TAX REVIEW. Creates the Tax Review and Improvement Task Force; provides that the Task Force shall review the constitutional provisions, laws, rules, and procedures relating to the Oklahoma tax system and evaluate the system's ability to provide appropriate and timely revenue, distribute tax burdens fairly, and to promote economic and administrative efficiency; requires a report and recommendations by June 1, 1998.

* HJR 1022 (Phillips) - FEES. Proposes a Constitutional amendment prohibiting a state agency, board, commission, or authority from imposing new or increasing existing fees or charges; requires a vote of the people unless the increase is approved by three-fourths of the House and Senate and approved by the Governor. (Art. V, § 33)

* HJR 1030 (Webb) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT. Proposes a Constitutional amendment requiring that monies not otherwise appropriated, not deposited to the credit of the Constitutional Reserve Fund and not required for payment of outstanding and unpaid bonded indebtedness be appropriated by the Legislature either for retiring the unfunded accrued actuarial liability of the OTRS or for providing cost-of-living adjustments to retirees of the public retirement systems; requires a simple majority of the House and Senate to pass such measures. (Art. X, § 23b)

* HJR 1034 (Roberts) - TEACHERS' RETIREMENT. Proposes a Constitutional amendment requiring that 35 percent of growth revenue, if any, in income tax, sales tax and motor vehicle registration fees be apportioned to the OTRS to be distributed as determined by the board of trustees, subject to the requirement that the revenue apportioned to the System be used in a manner to decrease the unfunded accrued actuarial liability of the OTRS; limits such diversion to five years. (Art. V, § 62A)