48th Oklahoma Legislature

First Session - 2001






From:  Bryce Fair & Carolyn McCoy                                                                                                    



Friday, February 2, 2001




Highlights This Week:


Bills Added to the List:  We have added over 100 bills to our tracking list this week.  Following are just a few.  For a complete list of new bills this week, see the section “Bills Added to the Tracking List” further down in the report.

Ø      SB 580 – removing the Legislature’s authority to limit tuition

Ø      SB 586 – creating the Tuition Equalization Grant Program

Ø      SB 596 – a “shell” bill related to professional school tuition

Ø      SB 659 – amending the Endowed Chairs program

Ø      SB 694 – creating an Oklahoma Institute of Technology




House Committee to Hear Faculty Employment Bill:  The House Higher Education Committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday, February 6, at about 3:30 p.m. to hear one bill, HB 1027.  The bill (text: http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1027_int.rtf) calls for institutional governing boards to ensure that faculty are notified, in writing, of the reasons for any change in their employment status. 


Meeting notice: http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/house/meet_he.htm




Senate Budget Leaders Discuss Funding Prospects:  On Wednesday, January 31, Senate budget leaders reviewed revenue and expenditure projections for the coming legislative session.  Sen. Enoch Kelly Haney, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, reported some $226 million in existing funding obligations that must be addressed from the $300 million in available “growth” revenue.

For more information on this issue, including the report prepared by Senate staff go to the Senate homepage at http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/senate/welcome.html, then go through the following menu steps:  Senate News; Senate Press Releases; January; “State Financial Obligations…”


Upcoming Meetings:

·          February 5 – Senate Education Committee, 9:30 a.m., Room 534, State Capitol
Agenda:  Discussions on the State of Education in Oklahoma—Hans Brisch, Chancellor for Higher Education and Sandy Garrett, State Superintendent for Public Instruction

·          February 5 – House Retirement Laws Committee
meeting notice:  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/house/meet_rlc.htm

·          February 5 – House Common Education Committee
meeting notice:  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/house/meet_cesc.htm

·          February 6 – House Higher Education Committee
meeting notice: http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/house/meet_he.htm

·          February 9 – State Regents for Higher Education; Rogers State University, Claremore

·          February 12 – House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Education
meeting notice:  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/house/meet_esc3.htm





Upcoming Legislative Deadlines:

February 5, Monday............................................................................... First Day of Legislative Session

                                                                                                    Governor’s State of the State Address

February 22, Thursday.............................................................. Bills from Committee of House of Origin

March 15, Thursday.......................................................................... Bills from Floor of House of Origin

March 29, Thursday.................................................................. Bills from Committee of Opposite House

April 19, Thursday............................................................................. Bills from Floor of Opposite House

April 26, Thursday................................................. Deadline for Requesting Joint Conference Committee

May 25, Friday.................................................................................................... Sine Die Adjournment




Bills Added to the Tracking List: 

SB 54 - Tax credit for teachers’ materials

SB 57 - Physician Manpower Training Commission membership

SB 356 - Income tax credit for teachers’ materials

SB 363 - Criterion-referenced testing

SB 370 - Income tax exemption for retirement benefits

SB 373 - Teacher certification exemption for superintendents

SB 378 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 380 - Alternative teacher certification

SB 388 - Teacher certification

SB 399 - Open Meeting/Open Records

SB 408 - Campus police at OU and OSU

SB 410 - Open Meeting

SB 416 - Health insurance

SB 417 - Telephone answering

SB 419 - Retirement

SB 423 - Health insurance

SB 425 - Health insurance

SB 427 - Retirement

SB 438 - Health insurance

SB 439 - Campus security

SB 447 - Purchasing/sole source

SB 465 - Consultant/construction contract forms

SB 469 - Approval of bond issues

SB 489 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 496 - Educational Indicators

SB 499 - Teacher residency

SB 502 - Health insurance

SB 503 - OSU-Tulsa

SB 518 - Tax revenues/Teachers’ Retirement System

SB 535 - sales tax exemption/teacher training related to robotics

SB 536 - Contracts for data processing equipment

SB 559 - Administrative hearings

SB 561 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 564 - Educational technology

SB 571 - Travel reimbursement

SB 580 - Tuition/fees

SB 586 – Tuition Equalization Grant program

SB 592 - Electronic transaction fee

SB 596 - Tuition/fees

SB 597 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 599 - Long-range capital plans

SB 611 - Hazardous weather

SB 630 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 631 - Health insurance

SB 633 - Insurance plans

SB 634 - Health insurance

SB 635 - Personnel management/leave

SB 637 - Health insurance

SB 639 - Income tax exemption/college students/college graduates

SB 640 - Teachers’ Retirement System/defined contribution plan

SB 650 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 651 - Open Meeting

SB 659 - Endowed chairs

SB 675 - Support orders/health insurance

SB 680 - Employee advocacy rights

SB 681 - Teachers’ Retirement System

SB 682 - Privatization

SB 684 - Deferred savings

SB 689 - University Hospital services for inmates

SB 694 - Institute of Technology

SB 699 - Teacher Preparation

SB 701 - Social studies curriculum

SB 711 - Health insurance/mammography

SB 712 - Private attorney retention

SB 728 - High-school curriculum

SB 729 - Income tax exemption/research contracts/student loan repayment

SB 730 - Mentor teachers

SB 733 - Health insurance/colon cancer screening

SB 739 - HMOs/prepaid health plan regulations

SB 752 - Smoking in Public Places

SB 770 - Workers’ Compensation

SB 777 - Teachers’ Retirement benefits while employed

SB 782 - College Savings Plan

SB 785 - Employment involvement by state officers

SB 786 - School testing

SB 788 - Tulsa Race Riot Commission

SB 805 - University of Oklahoma College of Medicine - Tulsa/indigent care

SB 809 - Quality Education Initiative/Helping Oklahoma People Excel (HOPE) scholarship/Facilities grant

SB 810 - School testing/English end-of-instruction

SB 813 - Alternative teaching certification

SJR 11 - Board of Regents for Oklahoma Colleges/congressional districts

SJR 13 - Defined contribution retirement plan

SJR 24 - State lottery/educational funds

SJR 26 - Apportioning land to Oklahoma City Community College

HB 1606 - Contracts with private attorneys

HB 1637 - Sales tax exemption for museums

HB 1640 - Approval of bonds

HB 1648 - Adjunct teachers

HB 1653 - Foster parent curriculum

HB 1662 - Statewide Portal System

HB 1670 - Family assistance

HB 1692 - Public safety officers/college degree

HB 1696 - General appropriations

HB 1711 - Teacher certification for superintendents/principals

HB 1736 - Ad valorem tax exemption for charitable institutions

HB 1738 - Firearm authorization

HB 1767 - School Readiness Board/Chancellor

HB 1776 - Bond approval

HB 1792 - Laws without sufficient funding

HB 1804 - Contracts with Indigent Defense System

HB 1898 - Workers’ Compensation

HB 1914 - Career-Technology Professional Certification

HB 1938 - Governmental Tort Claims Act

HB 1953 - Medical Information Privacy

HJR 1029 - Greenwood Area Education and Scholarship


If you are unable to print copies of the bills in this report, please contact Carolyn McCoy at (405) 225-9165 or e-mail her at “cmccoy@osrhe.edu”.





Academic Scholars, SB 149

Administrative Hearings, SB 559, HB 1315

Agricultural Linked Deposit Program, HB 1378

Alternative fuels technology, HB 1360

Alternative teacher certification, HB 1744

American Sign Language, HB 1654


            Agriculture Department for OSU services, HB 1530

            Education first, HJR 1013

Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), SB 210, SB 212, SB 304, HB 1559, HB 1560, HB 1696

            Physician Manpower Training Commission, SB 241, SB 304, HB 1559, HB 1560, HB 1696

            State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board, HB 1132, HB 1842

            State Regents, SB 239, 240, 304, HB 1523, HB 1559, HB 1560, HB 1581, HB 1696

                        Endowed chairs, HB 1847

            Teacher Preparation Commission, SB 250, SB 255, SB 304, HB 1505, HB 1510, HB 1696

            Teachers' Retirement System, HB 1710

            Tourism and Recreations for Jazz Hall of Fame and Greenwood Cultural Center, HB 1537

            University Hospitals, SB 263, SB 268, HB 1518, HB 1523

Asbestos abatement, HB 1532

Attorney, private, SB 712, HB 1606


Bidding, public, HB 1090

Biological evidence, HB 1373

Bonds, approval, SB 469, HB 1640

Budgeting, HB 1501, HB 1589, HB 1810


Campus security, SB 408, SB 439, HB 1373

Cancer research, HB 1072

Capital projects, SB 323, SB 599, SB 809

Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission, SB 90, HB 1019, HB 1020

Carbon Sequestration Enhancement Act, HB 1192

Career-Technology Professional Certification, HB 1914

Cathode ray tube disposal, HB 1155

Child support orders, SB 675

College Savings Plan, SB 782

Commissioners of the Land Office, SB 147, HB 1364

Computer crimes, HB 1266

Consultants, SB 465

Construction, SB 465, HB 1793

Credit cards, SCR 1


            Foster parent, HB 1653

            High school, SB 728, HB 1641, HB 1862

            Social studies, SB 701


Deferred savings, SB 319, SB 684

Dental hygienists, HB 1029

Disabled, HB 1401


Educational funds, SB 147

Educational indicators, SB 496

Electronic commerce, SB 592, HB 1322


            Advocacy, SB 680

            Benefits, SB 110

            Information, HB 1334

            Recognition, HB 1332

Employment involvement, SB 785

Endowed chairs, SB 659

Ethanol development, HB 1217, HB 1225

Ethics, HB 1676, HB 1867


Facilities grant, SB 809

Faculty employment, HB 1027

Family assistance, HB 1670

Firearms, HB 1736

Forgivable loan, HB 1499

Funding, HB 1792


Governmental Tort Claims Act, SB 73, HB 1938

Graduation requirements, HB 1641, HB 1862

Greenwood Area Education and Scholarship Program, HB 1901, HJR 1029


Hazardous weather/office closing, SB 611

Helping Oklahoma People Excel (HOPE) scholarship, SB 809

Higher Education Committee, HB 1440, HB 1441

Hiring disabled veterans, SB 635


Indigent Defense System, HB 1804

Insurance, health

            Benefits, HB 1638

            Board, SB 425, SB 631

            Claims, SB 637

            Colon cancer screening, SB 733

            Coverage, SB 423

            Deductibles, SB 438, HB 1280, HB 1837

            Diabetes treatment, HB 1887

            Family coverage, SB 132, SB 675

            High risk, HB 1348

            Mammography, SB 711

            Out-of state providers, SB 416

            Plans, SB 502, SB 633, SB 739

            Premiums, HB 1132, HB 1638

            Prescription coverage, HB 1069

            Portability, HB 1707

            Retirees' benefits, HB 1707


Leave, family, HB 1768

Leave sharing, SB 635, HB 1119, HB 1768

Licensed professional counselors, HB 1174

Lobbyists, HB 1676

Lottery, SJR 24


Medical information privacy, HB 1953

Meeting notices, HB 1276, HB 1347


Nepotism, HB 1602

Nigh, George, Rehabilitation Institute, HB 1593

Northeastern State University, HB 1503


Office closing/hazardous weather, SB 611

Oklahoma City Community College, SJR 26

Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP), SB 149

Oklahoma State University, HB 1192, HB 1217, HB 1225

            College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery, SB 341

            Cooperative Extension Service, HB 1378

            Okmulgee, HB 1360

            Tulsa, SB 503

Open Meeting, SB 399, SB 410, SB 651, HB 1276, HB 1347, HB 1355

Open Records, SB 399

Oversight of agencies, HB 1316, HB 1317


Physician assistants, SB 33

Portal System, HB 1662

Prison industry marketing, HB 1023

Privatization, SB 682

Public buildings, HB 1145

Public safety officers, HB 1692

Purchasing, SB 447, SB 536, HB 1252, HB 1307


Real estate continuing education, HB 1134

Reduction-in-Force, HB 1768

Regents for Oklahoma Colleges, SJR 11

Religious land use, SB 350

Resident teachers, HB 1305

Retirement, HB 1248

            Beneficiary, HB 1924

            Benefits while employed, SB 777

            Board, SB 419

            Defined contribution, SB 640, SJR 13

            Funding, SB 518

            Organization, SB 427, SB 681

            Portability, HB 1688

            Rejoining the system, HB 1754

            Tax exemption, HB 1325, HB 1446

            Unfunded liability reduction, HB 1719

            Withdrawal of contributions, HB 1754

Robotics, SB 535

Rural Development, Center for, HB 1503


Scholarships, tuition, SB 149, HB 1080

School readiness, HB 1767

Science and Technology, SB 81, HB 1643, HB 1644

Severance benefits, HB 1768

Smoking in public places, SB 752, HB 1159, HB 1352, HB 1636

State Accrediting Agency, SB 90, HB 1016, HB 1019

Storage tank regulation, HB 1405

Strategic planning, SB 321



            Ad valorem tax, HB 1364, HB 1686, HB 1736

            Credit for college tuition, HB 1729, HB 1890

            Credit for teacher’s materials, SB 356, HB 1287

            Deduction for College Savings Plan contributions, HB 1896

            Exemption for college graduates, SB 639, HB 1687

            Exemption for college students, SB 639

            Exemption for museums, HB 1637

            Exemption for retirement benefits, SB 370, HB 1325, HB 1446, HB 1860

            Exemption for payment of student loans, SB 729

            Exemption for research contract, SB 729

            Exemption for teacher training, SB 535

            Exemption for ticket sales, SB 25

            Exemption for tuition for private schools, HB 1031

            Revenues for Teachers’ Retirement System, SB 518


            Adjunct, HB 1648

            Alternative certification, SB 380, SB 813

            Certification, SB 373, SB 380, SB 388, HB 1305, HB 1371, HB 1647, HB 1711, HB 1744

            Competency, SB 56, HB 1647, HB 1744

            Criminal history, HB 1253

            Deaf education, HB 1654

            Forgivable loans, HB 1499

            Mentors, SB 730, HB 1158, HB 1917

            Preparation, SB 699, HB 1158, HB 1600, HB 1604, HB 1678

            Professional development, HB 1158, HB 1462, HB 1600, HB 1678, HB 1917

            Residency, SB 499

            Salaries, HB 1630

Technology, SB 81, SB 564, SB 694, HB 1642, HB 1643, HB 1644

Telecommunications, HB 1642

Telemedicine, HB 1201

Telephone answering, SB 417

Ten Commandments, HB 1145

Testing, school, SB 363, SB 786, HB 1678

Tobacco Settlement, SB 141, SB 325, HB 1003, HB 1590, HB 1591, HB 1595, HJR 1019

Travel, SB 571, HB 1070

Tuition equalization grants, SB 586

Tuition/fees, SB 580, SB 596

Tuition Scholarship, SB 149, SB 351, HB 1080

Tulsa Race Riot Commission, SB 788

Tulsa Race Riot Memorial Scholarship, HB 1645


University Hospitals, SB 689, HB 1065

University of Oklahoma

            Cancer research, HB 1072

            College of Medicine - Tulsa, SB 805


Vehicles, state-owned, HB 1326


Workers' Compensation, SB 349, SB 378, SB 489, SB 561, SB 597, SB 630, SB 650, SB 770, HB 1197, HB 1357, HB 1500, HB 1718, HB 1722, HB 1739, HB 1810, HB 1889, HB 1898

Workforce investment, HB 1279

Workplace safety, HB 1889


Zero-Based Budgeting, HB 1501, HB 1823



Status Reported as of February 1, 2001





SB 25 (Morgan) - EVENT TICKETS/SALES TAX EXEMPTION.  Providing a sales tax exemption for sales of admission tickets to recreational events or activities that are located at and operated by a State System institution; requiring that an amount equivalent to the amount that otherwise would be required to be collected must be separately stated on the admission ticket and used for funding policies, practices, programs and services to promote gender equity.  (68 § 1356)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB25_int.rtf


SB 33 (Robinson) - PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS.  Amending sections pertaining to services that may be provided by a physician assistant; modifying the membership of the Physician Assistant Committee, requiring the inclusion of a director, or designee, representing all physician assistant higher educational programs in the state.  (59 §§ 519.2, 519.3, 519.6, 519.7, 519.10; 63 § 2-312)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB33_int.rtf


SB 54 (Dunlap) - TAX CREDIT FOR TEACHER MATERIALS.  Providing income tax credit for public school teachers purchasing classroom supplies.  (68 § 2357.66)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB54_int.rtf


SB 56 (Capps) - TEACHER COMPETENCY REVIEW PANEL.  Repealing the Teacher Competency Review Panel.  (70 § 6-202)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB56_int.rtf


SB 57 (Capps) - Physician Manpower Training Commission.  Modifying membership requirements of Physician Manpower Training Commission.  (70 § 697.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB57_int.rtf


SB 73 (Helton) - Governmental Tort Claims.  Increasing from $125,000 to $200,000 the total liability for claims brought under the Governmental Tort Claims Act for certain losses arising out of a single act, accident or occurrence.  (51 § 154)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB73_int.rtf


SB 81 (Dunlap) - Science and Technology.  Creating a Science and Technology Council to target marketing opportunities for the state; providing for the chair to be the vice president of technology development of the University of Oklahoma.  (74 §§ 5060.40, 5060.41)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB81_int.rtf


SB 90 (Crutchfield/Easley) - STATE ACCREDITING AGENCY/CAPITOL-MEDICAL CENTER.  Re-creating until 2007 various entities including the State Accrediting Agency and the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission.  (74 § 3908)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB90_int.rtf


SB 110 (Mickle) - EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.  Requiring agencies to provide employee benefit informational meetings.  (74 § 1344)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB110_int.rtf


SB 132 (Monson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Providing that an insurer who provides family health insurance coverage to a parent of a child who is ordered by a court to provide health coverage to provide that such requirements shall not apply where the coverage is through a group plan and the group’s coverage is through the insurer is discontinued or the noncustodial parent ceases to be eligible for participation in the group plan.  (36 § 6058A)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB132_int.rtf


SB 141 (Williams) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT FUND.  Clarifying language relating to the Tobacco Settlement Fund.  (62 § 50)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB141_int.rtf


SB 147 (Herbert) - EDUCATIONAL FUNDS.  Increasing from 45 percent to 60 percent the portion of permanent school funds, other educational funds and public building funds the Commissioners of the Land Office may invest in equity securities.  (64 § 51)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB147_int.rtf


SB 149 (Wilcoxson) - Tuition Scholarship REVOLVING FUND.  Changing the name of the Oklahoma Tuition Scholarship Revolving Fund to the Oklahoma Scholarship Revolving Fund; allowing monies to be used only for payment authorized by the Academic Scholars Act, the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program Act and the Oklahoma Tuition Scholarship Act.  (62 § 41.29e)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB149_int.rtf


SB 210 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/OCAST.  Appropriating to the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST).  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB210_int.rtf


SB 212 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/OCAST.  Providing budgetary limitations for the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST).  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB212_int.rtf


SB 239 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  Appropriating to the State Regents.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB239_int.rtf


SB 240 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  Appropriating to the State Regents.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB240_int.rtf


SB 241 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/Physician Manpower Training Commission.  Providing budgetary limitations for the Physician Manpower Training Commission.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB241_int.rtf


SB 250 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS.  This is a shell bill appropriating to various educational entities, including the Teacher Preparation Commission.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB250_int.rtf


SB 255 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/TEACHER PREPARATION COMMISSION.  Providing budgetary limitations for the Teacher Preparation Commission.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB255_int.rtf


SB 263 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS.  This is a shell bill appropriating to various health service entities, including the University Hospitals Authority.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB263_int.rtf


SB 268 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS/UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS.  Providing budgetary limitations for the University Hospitals Authority.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB268_int.rtf


SB 304 (Haney/Mass) - APPROPRIATIONS.  This is a shell general appropriations bill.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB304_int.rtf


SB 319 (Haney/Mass) - DEFERRED SAVINGS.  Clarifying language relating to the State Employees Deferred Savings Incentive Plan.  (74 § 1707)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB319_int.rtf


SB 321 (Haney/Mass) - STRATEGIC PLANS.  Clarifying language relating to agency strategic plans.  (62 § 45.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB321_int.rtf


SB 323 (Haney/Mass) - CAPITAL PLANS.  Authorizing funds for projects of the State Regents.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB323_int.rtf


SB 325 (Haney/Mass) - Tobacco Settlement Fund.  Clarifying language relating to the Tobacco Settlement Fund.  (62 § 50)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB325_int.rtf


SB 341 (Williams) - OSU COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE.  Changing the name of the Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery to the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine; creating the Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center (70 § 3423)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB341_int.rtf


SB 349 (Robinson) - Workers’ Compensation.  Clarifying language relating to Workers’ Compensation.  (85 § 21)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB349_int.rtf


SB 350 (Pruitt) - RELIGIOUS LAND USE.  Creating the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2001; prohibiting burden upon free exercise of religion; providing exception; prohibiting imposing a land use regulation in a certain manner.  (51 §§ 270/276)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB350_int.rtf


SB 351 (Wilcoxson/Coleman) - TUITION SCHOLARSHIP.  Limiting the Oklahoma Tuition Scholarship Program to freshman and junior years of enrollment; requiring students to achieve at least a 3.25 grade point average in high school; providing that payment of scholarships begins during the 2003-2004 academic year.  (70 §§ 2611, 2612)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB351_int.rtf


SB 356 (Laughlin) - TAX CREDIT/TEACHER’S MATERIALS.  Establishing an income tax credit for public school teachers who purchase school materials, supplies or equipment directly related to education and used in the classroom.  (68 § 2357.66)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB356_int.rtf


SB 363 (Laughlin) - SCHOOL TESTING.  Relating to Oklahoma School Testing Program Act; providing for development of a comprehensive criterion-referenced test as an alternative means of demonstrating required competencies.  (70 § 1210.508)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB363_int.rtf


SB 370 (Snyder) - INCOME TAX/RETIREMENT BENEFITS.  Deleting age and income restrictions to qualify for an income tax exemption for retirement benefits.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB370_int.rtf


SB 373 (Leftwich/Nance) - TEACHER CERTIFICATION/SUPERINTENDENTS.  Authorizing State Board of Education to grant exemption from certification requirements for superintendents in districts with average daily membership over twenty-five.  (70 § 3-126)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB373_int.rtf


SB 378 (Smith) - Workers’ Compensation.  Clarifying language relating to agreements by employees to pay Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums.  (85 § 46)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB378_int.rtf


SB 380 (Wilcoxson) - ALTERNATIVE TEACHER CERTIFICation.  Modifying requirements for alternative teacher certification; creating alternative teacher assistance program; repealing teacher competency review panel.  (70 §§ 6-122, 6-122.4, 6-202)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB380_int.rtf


SB 388 (Williams) - TEACHER CERTIFICation.  Authorizing standard certification to teachers holding National Board Certification.  (70 § 6-190)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB388_int.rtf


SB 399 (Herbert) - OPEN MEETING/OPEN RECORDS.  Expanding the term “public body” for purposes of the Open Meeting Act and the Open Record Act.  (25 § 304, 51 § 24A.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB399_int.rtf


SB 408 (Monson) - OU & OSU campus police.  Allowing election for limited participation in the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System for OU and OSU police officers.  (47 § 2-314)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB408_int.rtf


SB 410 (Williamson) - OPEN MEETING.  Relating to the Open Meeting Act; allowing public comment.  (25 § 311)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB410_int.rtf


SB 416 (Maddox) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Relating to the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board; providing for discounts with out-of-state providers.  (74 §§ 1304, 1307.3) 


SB 417 (Maddox) - TELEPHONES.  Requiring that a person answer the telephones of state agencies and higher education institutions.  (74 § 3306)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB417_int.rtf


SB 419 (Morgan) - RETIREMENT.  Clarifying language relating to the Board of Trustees of the Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma.  (70 § 17-106)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB419_int.rtf


SB 423 (Maddox) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Relating to the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board; providing for retention of coverage.  (74 § 1315)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB423_int.rtf


SB 425 (Morgan) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Clarifying language relating to the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board.  (74 § 1307.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB425_int.rtf


SB 427 (Morgan) - RETIREMENT.  Requiring the Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma, upon a member making application to retire, to provide an application to join retired teachers' organization.  (70 §§ 17-122, 17-122.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB427_int.rtf


SB 438 (Helton) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Deleting certain restrictions on the type of high-deductible plan that can be offered by the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board; deleting provisions relating to medical saving accounts.  (74 § 1371)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB438_int.rtf


SB 439 (Maddox) - CAMPUS SECURITY.  Expanding list of persons who may order another to leave institution; requiring grievance procedure.  (21 § 1376)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB439_int.rtf


SB 447 (Dickerson) - PURCHASING.  For purposes of the Central Purchasing Act, modifying sole source/sole brand procedures, limits, and reports.  (74 § 85.45j)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB447_int.rtf


SB 465 (Stipe) - CONSULTANTS/CONSTRUCTION.  Requiring all state agencies, boards and commissions except the Department of Transportation and the Transportation Authority to use consultant and construction contract forms required by the Director of the Department of Central Services.  (61 §§ 60, 61; 69 §§ 708.1/708.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB465_int.rtf


SB 469 (Stipe) - BOND ISSUES.  Authorizing agencies to apply to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for approval of bond issues.  (20 § 14.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB469_int.rtf


SB 489 (Maddox) - Workers’ Compensation.  Clarifying language relating to computation time for purposes of the Workers’ Compensation Act.  (85 § 3.11)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB489_int.rtf


SB 496 (Williams) - EDUCATIONAL INDICATORS.  Relating to the Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program; changing date by which reports shall be published.  (70 § 1210.531)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB496_int.rtf


SB 499 (Williams) - TEACHER RESIDENCY.  Relating to the residency program; authorizing certain early childhood licensed teachers to participate in residency program.  (70 § 6-195)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB499_int.rtf


SB 502 (Rabon) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Authorizing the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board to determine insurance plans to be offered by the Board.  (74 § 1306)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB502_int.rtf


SB 503 (Williams) - OSU-TULSA.  This is a shell bill relating to Oklahoma State University-Tulsa.  (70 § 4662)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB503_int.rtf


SB 518 (Kerr) - TAX REVENUES/TEACHERS’ RETIREMENT.  Calling for a vote to modify apportionment of sales and use tax revenues; requiring that a certain amount be deposited in the Teachers’ Retirement System Dedicated Revenue Revolving Fund.  (68 §§ 1353)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB518_int.rtf


SB 535 (Hobson) - SALES TAX EXEMPTION/TEACHER TRAINING.  Providing a sales tax exemption on tangible personal property for 501(c)(3) organizations affiliated with a comprehensive university for teacher training and events related to robotics.  (68 § 1356)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB535_int.rtf


SB 536 (Fisher) - PURCHASING.  Mandating use of statewide contracts for data processing equipment servicing.  (74 § 85.9D)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB536_int.rtf


SB 559 (Henry) - ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS.  Creating the Administrative Hearings Act.  (75 §§ 318, 323, 351/369)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB559_int.rtf


SB 561 (Henry) - Workers’ Compensation.  Requiring a Workers’ Compensation claim form to include the physical address and mailing address of the injured employee.  (85 § 26)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB561_int.rtf


SB 564 (Williams) - TECHNOLOGY.  Adding health entities to language relating to technology for educational and governmental purposes.  (70 § 1-107.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB564_int.rtf


SB 571 (Helton) - TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT.  Requiring that state travel reimbursement for meal expenses and the per-diem allowance for overnight lodging be based on federal per-diem rates.  (74 §§ 500.8, 500.9)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB571_int.rtf


SB 580 (Dunlap) - TUITION/FEES.  Removing legislative authority to establish limits on tuition and fees; repealing sections relating to resident and nonresident tuition, tuition at technical branches, supplementary fees, special service fees and student activity fees.  (70 §§ 3218.2, 3218.8, 3218.9, 3218.8a, 3218.10/3218.12, 3218.14, 3219.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB580_int.rtf


SB 586 (Henry) - TUITION/FEES.  Creating an Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant Program to provide the maximum possible use of existing educational resources and facilities within the state, both public and private; authorizing the State Regents to award tuition equalization grants to Oklahoma residents enrolled as undergraduate students in any approved private or independent higher education institution in the state.  (70 §§ 2620/2622)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB586_int.rtf


SB 592 (Coffee) - ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS.  Authorizing state agencies to charge a convenience fee with any electronic/on-line transaction.  (62 § 7.14)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB592_int.rtf


SB 596 (Hobson) - TUITION/FEES.  Modifying limits authorized for higher education tuition charges.  (70 § 1218.9)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB596_int.rtf


SB 597 (Henry) - Workers’ Compensation.  Relating to Workers’ Compensation; repealing provision relating to a committee report.  (85 § 201.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB597_int.rtf


SB 599 (Haney) - LONG-RANGE CAPITAL PROJECTS.  Apportioning certain amount of gross production tax on gas and other substances for capital expenditures.  (68 § 1004)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB599_int.rtf


SB 611 (Littlefield) - HAZARDOUS WEATHER CLOSING.  Requiring that when the Governor authorizes an agency to close with no minimum service provided due to hazardous weather conditions, the appointing authority shall place employees on paid administrative leave.  (74 § 840-2.20A)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB611_int.rtf


SB 630 (Smith) - Workers’ Compensation.  Modifying requirements for payment of medical charges relating to Workers’ Compensation.  (85 § 14)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB630_int.rtf


SB 631 (Robinson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Clarifying language relating to the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board.  (74 § 1307.2)


SB 633 (Robinson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Relating to the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board; providing for the continuance of life insurance  (74 § 1306)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB633_int.rtf


SB 634 (Robinson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Relating to health care coverage mandates; requiring the State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board and the Oklahoma State Employees Benefits Council to review and report after three years.  (36 § 6061)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB634_int.rtf


SB 635 (Dickerson) - PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT/LEAVE.  Relating to the Oklahoma Personnel Act; providing for performance-based adjustments; modifying leave sharing.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB635_int.rtf


SB 637 (Robinson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Relating to payment of insurance claims; providing for clean claims reimbursement.  (36 § 1219, 63 § 2514, 74 § 1328)


SB 639 (Wilcoxson) - INCOME TAX EXEMPTION/COLLEGE STUDENTS/GRADUATES.  Enacting Oklahoma Quality Workers Act of 2001; exempting income earned by full-time students from taxation; partially exempting income earned by graduates from taxation.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB639_int.rtf


SB 640 (Pruitt) - RETIREMENT.  Relating to the Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Public Employee's Retirement System; providing benefits for members of the defined contribution retirement plan.  (70 § 17-108.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB640_int.rtf


SB 650 (Leftwich) - Workers’ Compensation.  For the purposes of the Workers’ Compensation Act, providing that payments for medical and treatment charges are due and owing only upon proper invoice.  (85 § 14)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB650_int.rtf


SB 651 (Leftwich) - OPEN MEETING.  Open Meeting Act; allowing public comment and prohibiting official action on non-agenda items.  (25 § 311)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB651_int.rtf


SB 659 (Wilcoxson) - ENDOWED CHAIRS.  Relating to the Oklahoma State Regents' Endowment Trust Fund; modifying requirements for matching funds.  (70 § 3952)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB659_int.rtf


SB 675 (Cain) - Health insurance.  Addressing child support orders; providing for enrollment of child in health care coverage available under an employer’s plan.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB675_int.rtf


SB 680 (Leftwich) - EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY RIGHTS.  Creating the State Employee Advocacy Rights Act; allowing employee organizations to hold meetings on state property.  (74 §§ 842/844)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB680_int.rtf


SB 681 (Leftwich) - RETIREMENT.  Requiring the Teachers' Retirement System to provide retirement members an application to participate in a retired teachers’ organization, along with a form allowing the member to elect to have annual membership dues to be withheld from monthly benefits.  (70 §§ 17-122, 17-122.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB681_int.rtf


SB 682 (Leftwich) - PRIVATIZATION.  Relating to the Oklahoma Privatization of State Functions Act; requiring consideration of full cost of privatization.  (74 § 589)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB682_int.rtf


SB 684 (Leftwich) - DEFERRED SAVINGS.  Relating to the Oklahoma State Employees Deferred Savings Incentive Plan Fund; increasing state matching for certain members.  (74 § 1707)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB684_int.rtf


SB 689 (Dunlap) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS.  Deleting requirement that University Hospitals’ services for inmates of correction institutions be delivered without cost.  (43A § 3-701)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB689_int.rtf


SB 694 (Fisher/Rice) - TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE.  Creating the Oklahoma Institute of Technology; creating the Oklahoma Institute of Technology Trust Fund.  (74 § 5060.41)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB694_int.rtf


SB 699 (Hobson) - Teacher Preparation.  Modifying language relating to the Teacher Preparation Commission.  (70 § 184)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB699_int.rtf


SB 701 (Leftwich) - SOCIAL STUDIES.  Modifying number of units required in social studies core curriculum; creating Oklahoma Social Studies Stimulus Program; authorizing State Board of Education to establish criteria and award grants.  (70 §§ 11-103.6, 1210.705)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB701_int.rtf


SB 711 (Dickerson) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Providing for mandatory mammography screening coverage.  (36 § 6060)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB711_int.rtf


SB 712 (Pruitt) - PRIVATE ATTORNEY.  Creating the Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act.  (74 §§ 85.7d/85.7g)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB712_int.rtf


SB 728 (Wilcoxson) - CURRICULUM REQUIREMENTS.  Modifying number of units required for high school graduation; requiring State Board of Education to develop middle school curricular standards; specifying competencies and skills.  (70 §§ 11-103.6, 103.9)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB728_int.rtf


SB 729 (Dunlap) - INCOME TAX CREDIT/research contract/student loans.  Exempting portion of certain capital gains from income tax; providing income tax credits for certain contracts and student loan repayments.  (68 §§ 2358, 54007, 2357.42)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB729_int.rtf


SB 730 (Coffee) - MENTOR TEACHERS.  Relating to the Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Act; modifying selection procedure for mentor teachers.  (70 §§ 6-182, 6-194)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB730_int.rtf


SB 733 (Cain) - Health insurance.  Requiring insurers to provide colon cancer screening and approved cancer clinical trial coverage.  (36 § 6060.8A)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB733_int.rtf


SB 739 (Henry) - Health insurance.  Clarifying language relating to health maintenance organization or prepaid health plan regulations.  (63 § 2510)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB739_int.rtf


SB 752 (Robinson) - SMOKING.  Changing the name of the Smoking in Public Places Act to the Clean Indoor Air Act; prohibiting smoking in a place of public access or a workplace; allowing indoor smoking lounges under certain conditions.  (63 § 1-1521)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB752_int.rtf


SB 770 (Pruitt) - Workers’ Compensation.  Creating the Workers' Compensation System.  (85 § 1.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB770_int.rtf


SB 777 (Ford) - RETIREMENT.  Allowing members of the Teachers' Retirement System to receive retirement benefits while employed as a math or science teacher.  (70 § 17-105.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB777_int.rtf


SB 782 (Henry) - COLLEGE SAVINGS.  Clarifying language relating to the College Savings Plan Act; modifying definition of account owner.  (70 § 3970.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB782_int.rtf


SB 785 (Reynolds) - EMPLOYMENT SITUATIONS.  Prohibiting state officers from being involved in certain employment situations.  (21 §§ 488, 489)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB785_int.rtf


SB 786 (Robinson) - SCHOOL TESTING.  Relating to the Oklahoma School Testing Program; requiring development of tests and procedures for certain children.  (70 § 1210.508)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB786_int.rtf


SB 788 (Horner) - TULSA RACE RIOT.  Clarifying language relating to the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot Commission.  (74 § 8201)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB788_int.rtf


SB 805 (Williams) - OU-TULSA.  Including indigent patient care in programs designated by the State Regents to be offered in Tulsa by the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine.  (70 § 4674)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB805_int.rtf


SB 809 (Henry) - COLLEGE SAVINGS.  Creating the Oklahoma Quality Education Initiative Act; creating the Helping Oklahoma People Excel (HOPE) Scholarship program; creating the Educational Facilities Grant program.  (70 §§ 2620/2623)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB809_int.rtf


SB 810 (Williams) - SCHOOL TESTING.  Relating to the Oklahoma School Testing Program Act and the Oklahoma Performance Index; modifying assessment requirements; deleting Oklahoma Performance Index.  (70 §§ 1210.508, 1210.541)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB810_int.rtf


SB 813 (Williams) - ALTERNATIVE TEACHING CERTIFICATION.  Relating to alternative teacher certification; modifying requirements; creating alternative teacher assistance program; modifying teacher competency review panel procedures; creating Teacher Institute Grants.  (70 §§ 6-122.3, 6-202, 6-122.4, 6-122.5)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SB813_int.rtf




SJR 11 (Morgan) - BOARD OF REGENTS OF OKLAHOMA COLLEGES.  Proposed constitutional amendment modifying membership of the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges to reflect congressional districts at the time of appointment.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SJR11_int.rtf


SJR 13 (Pruitt) - RETIREMENT.  Creating the State and Education Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Task Force to make recommendations concerning a working defined contribution retirement plan for the Teachers’ Retirement System and the Public Employees Retirement System.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SJR13_int.rtf


SJR 24 (Henry) - LOTTERY.  Enacting the Oklahoma Lottery Act; earmarking revenues for Quality Education Initiative; creating Oklahoma Lottery Commission and Oklahoma Lottery; providing for vote of the people.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SJR24_int.rtf


SJR 26 (Herbert) - OKLAHOMA CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE LAND.  Approving exchange of lands held by Commissioners of the Land Office; apportioning land to Oklahoma City Community College.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SJR26_int.rtf




SCR 1 (Milacek) - CREDIT CARDS/HIGHER EDUCATION.  Requesting that the State Regents terminate any contracts with credit card issuers, cease entering into contracts in the future and to cease allowing credit card issuers to use space in a state-supported higher education institution for taking applications for credit cards, issuing credit cards or offering inducements to apply for credit cards. http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02SB/SCR1_int.rtf





HB 1003 (Askins) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT ENDOWMENT TRUST FUND.  Shell bill creating the “Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund Act”.  (62 § 2301)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1003_int.rtf


HB 1016 (Easley/Crutchfield) - STATE ACCREDITING AGENCY.  Re-creating until 2007 the State Accrediting Agency, the composition of which includes the Chancellor or designee.  (72 § 241)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1016_int.rtf


HB 1019 (Easley/Crutchfield) - STATE ACCREDITING AGENCY/CAPITOL-MEDICAL CENTER.  Re-creating until 2007 various entities including the State Accrediting Agency and the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission.  (74 § 3908)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1019_int.rtf


HB 1020 (Easley/Crutchfield) - CAPITOL-MEDICAL CENTER.  Re-creating until 2007 the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission, the membership of which includes the president of the University of Oklahoma or designee.  (73 § 83.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1020_int.rtf


HB 1023 (Easley/Crutchfield) - PRISON INDUSTRY MARKETING.  Re-creating the Prison Industry Marketing Development Advisory Task Force, the membership of which includes representatives from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma.  (57 § 549.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1023_int.rtf


HB 1027 (Roberts/Cain) - FACULTY EMPLOYMENT.  Requiring written notification of reasons for adverse faculty employment actions; requiring an appeal process.  (70 § 3205.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1027_int.rtf


HB 1029 (Stanley) - DENTAL HYGIENISTS.  Modifying definitions; modifying procedures and requirements for employment of dental hygienists; providing that a dental hygienist may practice dental hygiene in a treatment facility which includes an accredited dental college.  (59 §§ 328.3, 328.34)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1029_int.rtf


HB 1031 (John Sullivan) - TAX EXEMPTION FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION.  Providing sales tax exemptions for sales of tangible personal property or services to and tuition paid to private, nonprofit institutions with a minimum of 50 students, registered by the state Board of Education to participate in federal programs or accredited by the State Regents.  (68 § 1356)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1031_int.rtf


HB 1065 (Mitchell) - UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS AUTHORITY.  Clarifying language relating to the University Hospitals Authority.  (63 § 3201)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1065_int.rtf


HB 1069 (Mitchell) - HEALTH INSURANCE/PRESCRIPTIONS.  Requiring certain health benefit plans to issue certain cards or other technology containing uniform prescription drug information.  (36 § 3634.4)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1069_int.rtf


HB 1070 (Mitchell) - TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT.  Authorizing state travel reimbursement to be the same as the amount authorized by IRS for deductibility of expenses for travel without additional documentation; removing language relating to designated high-rate geographical areas.  (74 §§ 500.8, 500.9)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1070_int.rtf


HB 1072 (Mitchell) - UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA CANCER RESEARCH.  Requesting the OU Board of Regents to establish a cancer treatment and research program; authorizing the Board of Regents to create a not-for-profit corporation to raise funds and name a board of directors.  (70 § 3317)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1072_int.rtf


HB 1080 (Coleman/Wilcoxson) - TUITION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.  Removing the requirement for participation in the Oklahoma Tuition Scholarship Program that students must have a standard high school diploma; requiring that the two-year scholarship be paid the during the first and third years of enrollment at a higher education institution or the first two years of enrollment in a two-year vocational-technical program; increasing state residency requirement from two years to four years prior to completion of a high school curriculum; removing the requirement that a participant must have a graduate ranking in the top 15 percent of the student’s high school class; requiring that the participant have earned at least a 3.25 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale in the core curriculum.  (70 §§ 2611, 2612)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1080_int.rtf


HB 1090 (Benge) - BIDDING.  Requiring state agencies to reciprocate bidding preferences given by other states or nations; requiring the annual preparation and distribution to state purchasing agents a schedule providing which states give bidders in their states a preference and the extent of the preference.  (74 § 85.17A)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1090_int.rtf


HB 1105 (Webb) - UNEMPLOYMENT.  Limiting the penalty for employers failing or refusing to timely file contribution and wage reports to a maximum $100.  (40 § 3-301)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1105_int.rtf


HB 1119 (Adair/Taylor) - LEAVE SHARING.  Relating to the state leave-sharing program; modifying limit on use of donated leave under certain circumstances.  (74 § 840-2.23)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1119_int.rtf


HB 1132 (O’Neal) - APPROPRIATIONS/INSURANCE.  Appropriating $20 million to the Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board to offset premium increases adopted by the board to go into effect for FY2002.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1132_int.rtf


HB 1134 (Phillips) - REAL ESTATE CONTINUING EDUCATION.  Modifying powers and duties of the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission; modifying continuing education requirements; requiring such continuing education hours to be set by the Commission.  (59 § 858-307.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1134_int.rtf


HB 1145 (Graves) - TEN COMMANDMENTS.  Authorizing the posting of the Ten Commandments in any public buildings of the state and political subdivision of the state.  (61 § 20)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1145_int.rtf


HB 1155 (McCarter) - CATHODE RAY TUBE DISPOSAL.  Prohibiting disposal or transfer in certain solid waste disposal facilities or landfills or transfer facilities of cathode ray tubes.  (27A § 2-10-308.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1155_int.rtf


HB 1158 (McCarter) - MENTOR TEACHERS/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Modifying selection process for mentor teachers and professional development committees.  (70 §§ 6-182, 6-194)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1158_int.rtf


HB 1159 (McCarter) - SMOKING.  Modifying the Smoking in Public Places Act’s prohibition against smoking in an educational facility that offers a program in which children in grades K-12 are educated to provide an exception for company employees receiving vocational-technical training at an educational facility.  (63 § 1-1523)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1159_int.rtf


HB 1174 (Dunegan) - LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELORS.  Relating to the Licensed Professional Counselors Act; extending certain grandfather clause relating to new revised educational requirements.  (59 § 1915.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1174_int.rtf


HB 1192 (Clay Pope) - CARBON SEQUESTRATION ENHANCEMENT.  Creating Oklahoma Carbon Sequestration Enhancement Act; creating Carbon Sequestration Advisory Committee whose membership includes one member representing Oklahoma State University; requiring Oklahoma Conservation Commission to assess agricultural lands in Oklahoma for past and future carbon sequestration.  (27A §§ 3-4-101/3-4-104)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1192_int.rtf


HB 1197 (Ervin) - Workers’ Compensation.  Relating to consideration of collateral sources of an injured employee for Workers’ Compensation purposes.  (85 § 45)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1197_int.rtf


HB 1201 (Ervin) - TELEMEDICINE COUNCIL.  Modifying membership and duties of the Telemedicine Advisory Council, which includes the Chancellor as a member; directing the establishment of the Center for Telemedicine within the State Department of Health; directing the establishment of a telehealth website.  (63 §§ 1-2701/1-2702.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1201_int.rtf


HB 1217 (Turner) - ETHANOL DEVELOPMENT.  Creating the Oklahoma Ethanol Development Study Act; creating the Oklahoma Ethanol Development Advisory Committee which includes a member appointed by and representing Oklahoma State University.  (2 § 1950.1, 1950.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1217_int.rtf


HB 1225 (Leist) - ETHANOL DEVELOPMENT.  Creating the Oklahoma Ethanol Development and Marketing Act; creating the Oklahoma Ethanol Board; empowering the Board to appoint an advisory committee of four persons, one of whom represents Oklahoma State University.  (2 §§ 1950.1/1950.10)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1225_int.rtf


HB 1248 (Stites) - TEACHERS’ RETIREMENT.  Enacting the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System Amendments Act of 2001.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1248_int.rtf


HB 1252 (Wilson) - PURCHASING.  Requiring all purchases made by the state and political subdivisions of the state to be made from vendors that hold an Oklahoma sales or use tax permit.  (19 § 1501)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1252_int.rtf


HB 1253 (Adair) - CRIMINAL HISTORY OF TEACHER.  Requiring certain notification of criminal history information about school employees; requiring filing of criminal history record for teacher licensure.  (70 §§ 5-114, 6-190, 74 § 150.35)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1253_int.rtf


HB 1266 (Perry) - COMPUTER CRIMES.  Authorizing peace officers to seize any computer equipment used to violate the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.  (21 § 1959)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1266_int.rtf


HB 1276 (Friskup) - MEETING NOTICES ON INTERNET.  Modifying the Open Meeting Act to require a public body that has a web site on the Internet to post a copy of all meeting notices on its web site.  (25 § 311)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1276_int.rtf


HB 1279 (Bonny) - WORKFORCE INVESTMENT.  Enacting the Workforce Investment Act; requiring Governor to designate local workforce investment areas; prescribing requirements related thereto; requiring establishment and certification of local workforce investment boards.  (74 § 9101 et seq.)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1279_int.rtf


HB 1280 (Stanley) - Health insurance.  Modifying deductible for certain providers and policies.  (36 § 6055)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1280_int.rtf


HB 1287 (Piatt) - TAX CREDIT/TEACHER’S MATERIALS.  Establishing an income tax credit for public school teachers who purchase school materials, supplies or equipment directly related to education and used in the classroom.  (68 § 2357.101)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1287_int.rtf


HB 1305 (Wells) - TEACHER CERTIFICATION.  Requiring that candidates for teacher certification pass the subject area curriculum examinations in the area of specialization for which certification is sought; requiring the resident committee for a resident teacher enrolled in an alternative placement program to place emphasis on working with the resident teacher in matters concerning classroom management and professional education skills; repealing section relating to the Teacher Competency Review Panel.  (70 §§ 6-122.3, 6-202)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1305_int.rtf


HB 1307 (Bonny) - PURCHASING.  Expressing legislative intent that state agencies comply with the Central Purchasing Act for all acquisitions; authorizing state agencies to acquire items and services through acquisitions with other state agencies or political subdivisions under the Interlocal Cooperation Act.  (74 §§ 85.2, 85.3A)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1307_int.rtf


HB 1315 (Covey) - ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS.  Enacting the Office of Administrative Hearings Act; creating the State Office of Administrative Hearings.  (75 §§ 318, 323, 351/369)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1315_int.rtf


HB 1322 (Perry) - Electronic signatures.  Authorizing state agencies to adopt rules relating to the use of digital signatures by the agency; extends until 2004 the Electronic Commerce Task Force, the membership of which includes the Chancellor.  (12A § 15-118)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1322_int.rtf


HB 1325 (Dank) - INCOME TAX/RETIREMENT BENEFITS.  Eliminating income threshold for Oklahomans to qualify for an income tax exemption for retirement benefits; setting exemption at $5,500 in benefits.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1325_int.rtf


HB 1326 (Covey) - STATE AGENCY OWNED VEHICLES.  Modifying provisions regarding state-owned vehicles.  (47 § 151)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1326_int.rtf


HB 1332 (Calvey) - EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY.  Authorizing state agencies to establish employee productivity programs; limiting value of recognition awards to no more than $100 per employee per award.  (74 § 4121)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1332_int.rtf


HB 1334 (Calvey) - EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE INFORMATION.  Providing employers with civil immunity for providing accurate information about a current or former employee’s job performance or reasons for separation to a prospective employer or current or former employee; providing for a rebuttable presumption of good faith; providing protection from certain civil liability for reasonable reliance on disclosed information.  (40 § 61, 70 § 5-125.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1334_int.rtf


HB 1347 (Wilson) - MEETING NOTICES ON INTERNET.  Requiring state agencies, including State System institutions, to make available on their Internet web site a schedule of and information about their regularly scheduled meetings and, when possible, special or emergency meetings and names of members of the agency’s governing body.  (74 § 3106.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1347_int.rtf


HB 1348 (Easley) - HEALTH INSURANCE.  Requiring a limited benefit or catastrophic loss policy to be offered under the Health Insurance High Risk Pool.  (36 §§ 6532, 6534, 6542)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1348_int.rtf


HB 1352 (Vaughn) - SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES.  Authorizing local control concerning smoking and tobacco products.  (63 § 1-1527)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1352_int.rtf


HB 1355 (Vaughn) - OPEN MEETING.  Providing that nothing in the Open Meeting Act shall prohibit the hearing of comments from the public during an open meeting, nor shall it be construed as establishing a right of a member of the public to be permitted time to speak before a public body; providing that public comments shall be permitted on any subject under the jurisdiction of the body and shall not be limited to meeting agenda items; prohibiting members undertaking any action or discussion on an item not appearing on a posted agenda, except making brief comments in response to statements made or questions posed by members of the public.  (25 § 311)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1355_int.rtf


HB 1357 (Newport) - WORKERS’ COMPENSATION.  Exempting employers from liability or injuries to workers which occur when an employee is using or abusing alcohol, illegal drugs or chemicals or abusing prescription drugs; providing that this shall apply only when the employee is unable to prove by a preponderance of evidence that the use or abuse of drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs was not a cause of the injury.  (85 § 11)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1357_int.rtf


HB 1360 (Case) - ALTERNATIVE FUELS TECHNOLOGY.  Modifying the Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Act.  (74 § 130.12)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1360_int.rtf


HB 1364 (Begley) - AD VALOREM.  Directing the Commissioners of the Land Office to make certain payments in lieu of ad valorem taxes on certain school land.  (64 § 16)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1364_int.rtf


HB 1371 (Greenwood) - SCHOOL DISTRICT INCENTIVES.  Providing for financial rewards to school districts for teachers who are certified in the subject areas they teach.  (70 § 5-146)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1371_int.rtf


HB 1373 (Askins) - BIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE.  Requiring preservation of certain biological evidence; amending section relating to campus police disposing of unclaimed property and exhibits.  (22 §§ 1325, 1372)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1373_int.rtf


HB 1378 (Covey) - AGRICULTURE CODE.  Amending various sections relating to the Agricultural Code; Section 132 modifies definitions in the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program, which includes a reference to the Cooperative Extension Service of Oklahoma State University.  (2 § 1762)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1378_int.rtf


HB 1401 (Lindley) - DISABILITIES.  Extending until 2002 the Task Force to Review the Complaint System for Persons with Disabilities, the membership of which includes the Chancellor or a designee.  (74 §§ 169.2, 169.2a)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1401_int.rtf


HB 1405 (Wells) - STORAGE TANK REGULATION.  Modifying the Oklahoma Storage Tank Regulation Program; expanding the Oklahoma Petroleum Storage Tank Release Indemnity Fund Program.  (17 § 352)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1405_int.rtf


HB 1440 (Nations) - HIGHER EDUCATION.  This is a shell bill enacting the Higher Education Committee Act.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1440_int.rtf


HB 1441 (Nations) - HIGHER EDUCATION.  This is a shell bill enacting the Higher Education Committee Act.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1441_int.rtf


HB 1446 (Doug Miller) - INCOME TAX/RETIREMENT BENEFITS.  Eliminating income threshold for Oklahomans to qualify for an income tax exemption for retirement benefits; setting exemption at $5,500 in benefits.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1446_int.rtf


HB 1462 (Greenwood) - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Mandating that local professional development programs require that every five years teachers and administrators of the district complete at least five credit hours of courses provided by a higher education institution.  (70 § 6-194)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1462_int.rtf


HB 1499 (Benson) - EDUCATION REFORM/FORGIVABLE LOAN.  Relating to the Academic Performance Award Programs; amending section relating to continuing education for mathematics teachers; amending section relating to the Education Leadership Oklahoma program; providing for payment of certain bonus upon implementation of language; amending section relating to kindergarten; amending section relating to the forgivable loan program for higher education; requiring the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to modify the forgivable loan program upon implementation of language; amending section relating to requirements for remediation in mathematics; amending section relating to grade promotion and required summer academy programs; amending section relating to pilot projects for structured programs during before-school, after-school and summer periods; deleting certain criteria for grant awards; requiring the State Board of Education to modify the awards process to consider certain criteria upon implementation of the language; amending section relating to the statewide alternative education program system; making requirement to expand alternative education programs to certain grade level contingent upon implementation of language; requiring expansion of annual student needs assessment and alternative education plan by certain school districts upon implementation; amending section relating to funding for counselors at urban elementary schools; repealing section relating to the Education Leadership Oklahoma program; repealing section relating to the forgivable loan program for higher education; repealing section relating to the annual student needs assessment and alternative education plan.  (70 §§ 3-152, 6-195.1, 6-204.2, 18-108, 698.2, 1210.5E, 1210.508E, 1210.553, 1210.568, 1210.569, 1210.710)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1499_int.rtf


HB 1500 (Hiett) - WORKERS’ COMPENSATION.  Relating to workers’ compensation; amending section that relates to the schedule of compensation; modifying death benefit requirements; modifying maximum income benefits for death under certain circumstances; eliminating immediate lump-sum payments of death benefits under certain circumstances.  (85 § 22)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1500_int.rtf


HB 1501 (Hiett) - ZERO-BASED BUDGETING.  This is a shell bill enacting the Oklahoma Zero Based Budgeting Act of 2001.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1501_int.rtf


HB 1503 (Adair) - RURAL DEVELOPMENT.  Creating an Oklahoma Center for Rural Development at Northeastern State University.  (70 §§ 4801/4810)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1503_int.rtf


HB 1505 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/EDUCATION ENTITIES.  Appropriating to various education agencies, including the State Department of Education for scholarships for the Great Expectations Summer Institutes for Teachers, for implementing a telecommunications curriculum, for a contract for a community education consortium, for monitoring programs for teacher applicants, for contracting with the Alliance for Geographic Education; and the Teacher Preparation Commission.   (70 § 18-103.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1505_int.rtf


HB 1510 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/TEACHER PREPARATION.  Setting budgetary limits for the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1510_int.rtf


HB 1518 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS.  Appropriating to various health services agencies, including the University Hospitals.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1518_int.rtf


HB 1523 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS.  Setting budgetary limits for University Hospitals.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1523_int.rtf


HB 1530 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/AGRICULTURE/OSU PROGRAMS.  Appropriating to the Department of Agriculture, including funds for OSU’s Statewide Intensive Financial Management Assistance Program and diagnostic laboratories.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1530_int.rtf


HB 1532 (Mass/Haney) - ASBESTOS ABATEMENT.  Requiring the Labor Department to submit annual asbestos abatement reports; requiring the State Regents and other agencies involved in asbestos abatement to provide required information.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1532_int.rtf


HB 1537 (Mass/Haney) - JAZZ HALL OF FAME/GREENWOOD CENTER.  Setting budgetary limitations for the Tourism and Recreation Department, which includes funds for the Jazz Hall of Fame and the Greenwood Cultural Center.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1537_int.rtf


HB 1559 (Mass/Haney) - GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  This is a general appropriations bill; Sections 14-16 appropriate to the State Regents; Sections 20-21 appropriate to the Physician Manpower Training Commission; Section 24 appropriates to Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST); Section 25 appropriates to the Teacher Preparation Commission; Section 74 appropriates to the University Hospitals Authority.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1559_int.rtf


HB 1560 (Mass/Haney) - GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  This is a general appropriations bill; Sections 14-16 appropriate to the State Regents; Sections 20-21 appropriate to the Physician Manpower Training Commission; Section 24 appropriates to Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST); Section 25 appropriates to the Teacher Preparation Commission; Section 74 appropriates to the University Hospitals Authority.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1560_int.rtf


HB 1581 (Mass/Haney) - APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  Appropriating an unspecified amount of bond proceeds to the State Regents.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1581_int.rtf


HB 1589 (Mass/Haney) - PROGRAM PERFORMANCE BUDGETING.  This is a shell bill relating to the Program Performance and Budgeting and Accountability Act.  (62 § 45.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1589_int.rtf


HB 1590 (Mass/Haney) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT FUND.  Deleting obsolete language pertaining to the Tobacco Settlement Fund.  (62 § 50)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1590_int.rtf


HB 1591 (Mass/Haney) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT FUND.  Deleting obsolete language pertaining to the Tobacco Settlement Fund.  (62 § 50)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1591_int.rtf


HB 1593 (Mass/Haney) - George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute/SALARIES.  Providing for pay increase for certain state employees, including the employees of the George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1593_int.rtf


HB 1595 (Mass/Haney) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT ENDOWMENT FUND.  Enacting the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund Act.  (62 § 2301)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1595_int.rtf


HB 1600 (Morgan) - Teacher Preparation.  Providing for middle grades professional development institutes for teachers; requiring middle grades certification.  (70 §§ 6-200, 6-189, 6-189.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1600_int.rtf


HB 1602 (Morgan) - nepotism.  Prohibiting state officers from participating in the employment, supervision or termination of a family member with a government entity.  (21 § 488)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1602_int.rtf


HB 1604 (Dank) - Teacher Preparation.  Requiring certain training and professional development in phonics reading instruction methods; creating the Task Force on Special Education Funding.  (70 §§ 6-185, 6-193)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1604_int.rtf


HB 1606 (Calvey) - PRIVATE ATTORNEY.  Creating the Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act; specifying components of certain contracts; requiring that certain contracts be competitively bid; providing for legislative oversight and power to change contract; providing procedure if Legislature is not in session; requiring outside counsel retained on contingent fee basis to provide statement; limiting maximum hourly rate for legal services; modifying contracting procedures for retention of services of private attorneys for contracts exceeding a certain amount.  (74 §§ 18b, 20i/20o)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1606_int.rtf


HB 1630 (Staggs) - TEACHER SALARIES.  Relates to teacher salary increases; providing for a $1,000 bonus for entry-year teachers in the top 10 percent of teacher education graduates who commit to teaching for 3 years.  (70 § 6-205)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1630_int.rtf


HB 1636 (Matlock) - SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES.  Relates to prohibition for smoking in certain places; modifying exemption allowing adults to smoke in an educational facility under certain circumstances.  (63 § 1-1523)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1636_int.rtf


HB 1637 (Matlock) - sales tax exemption.  For the purpose of sales tax exemptions, defining museum to mean an entity accredited by the American Association of Museums or a public or private tax-exempt institution organized on a permanent basis for essentially educational purposes.  (68 § 1356)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1637_int.rtf


HB 1638 (Matlock) - Health insurance.  Creating the State Health Insurance Plan Task Force.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1638_int.rtf


HB 1640 (Dunegan) - BONDS.  Adding bond approval jurisdiction for the Supreme Court.  (20 § 14.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1640_int.rtf


HB 1641 (Deutschendorf) - GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS.  Relates to curriculum standards and high school graduation requirements; establishing graduation requirements for students identified as mathematics challenged; directing the State Board of Education to establish mathematics challenged identification criteria; providing certain criteria.  (70 § 11-103.6)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1641_int.rtf


HB 1642 (Deutschendorf) - TECHNOLOGY OFFICE.  Creating the Office of Technology; creating the Governmental Technology Policy Board; establishing advisory councils which include various members of higher education; transferring duties, powers, and responsibilities of the Information Services Division of the Office of State Finance to the Office of Technology.  (74 §§ 8401/8409)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1642_int.rtf


HB 1643 (Deutschendorf) - TECHNOLOGY.  Enacting the Science and Technology Committee Act.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1643_int.rtf


HB 1644 (Deutschendorf) - TECHNOLOGY.  Enacting the Science and Technology Committee Act.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1644_int.rtf


HB 1645 (Deutschendorf) - TULSA RACE RIOT.  Creating the Tulsa Race Riot Minority Scholarship Trust Fund; requiring certain percent of the Trust Fund be provided to minorities in certain priority; authorizing certain percent of the Trust Fund be provided to other persons; providing for a credit against certain tax.  (68 § 2357.85, 70 § 3953.4)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1645_int.rtf


HB 1647 (Deutschendorf) - TEACHER COMPETENCY.  Modifying responsibilities and certain certification requirements for persons assessed by the Teacher Competency Review Panel.  (70 § 6-202)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1647_int.rtf


HB 1648 (Deutschendorf) - TEACHER CERTIFICATION.  Modifying teaching time limitation for adjunct teachers.  (70 § 6-122.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1648_int.rtf


HB 1653 (Gilbert) - FOSTER PARENT curriculum.  Deleting language relating to establishing a professional foster parent curriculum; requiring state agencies and employees to provide information necessary to assist the child Welfare System Review Committee.  (10 §§ 7007-1.4, 7007-1.5)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1653_int.rtf


HB 1654 (Greenwood) - EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY FOR DEAF.  Relating to teaching American Sign Language in public school; deleting certain teacher requirement; creating the Oklahoma Education Opportunity for the Deaf Act.  (70 §§ 11-103.1, 13-141/3-146)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1654_int.rtf


HB 1662 (Perry) - TECHNOLOGY.  Creating the Oklahoma Statewide Portal System.  (62 § 41.5p)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1662_int.rtf


HB 1670 (Roach) - FAMILY ASSISTANCE.  Creating the Investing in Stronger Oklahoma Families Act; encouraging the establishment of family resource assistance that creates collaborative partnerships between governmental agencies and private and nonprofit entities; includes the State Regents in the list of agencies involved.  (10 § 22.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1670_int.rtf


HB 1676 (Corn) - ETHICS.  Prohibiting lobbying by former state officials.  (74 § 4259)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1676_int.rtf


HB 1678 (Corn) - SCHOOL TESTING.  Modifying the Oklahoma School Testing Program.  (70 §§ 3-104.4, 6-200, 1210.508, 1210.541)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1678_int.rtf


HB 1686 (Fields) - Ad valorem TAXATION.  This is a shell bill relating to property exempt from ad valorem taxation.  (68 § 2887)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1686_int.rtf


HB 1687 (Jones) - INCOME TAX/COLLEGE GRADUATES.  Reducing the top income tax bracket for individuals for a period of two years following their graduation from a college or university.  (68 § 2355)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1687_int.rtf


HB 1688 (O’Neal) - RETIREMENT.  Authorizing purchase of prior service in the Teachers’ Retirement System (OTRS) for teaching in private schools.  (70 § 17-104)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1688_int.rtf


HB 1692 (Dunegan) - PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICERS.  Establishes an incentive pay plan for commissioned Public Safety officers who attain a college degree.  (47 § 2-103.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1692_int.rtf


HB 1696 (Roach) - GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  This is a general appropriations bill appropriating to the State Regents, Physician Manpower Training Commission, Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), and the Teacher Preparation Commission.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1696_int.rtf


HB 1707 (Roberts) - RETIREMENT.  Allowing certain retired or vested state employees to reinstate health insurance coverage under certain circumstances.  (74 §§ 1316.2, 1316.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1707_int.rtf


HB 1710 (Roberts) - Appropriations/RETIREMENT.  Appropriating $25 million to the Teachers’ Retirement System from the constitutional reserve fund.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1710_int.rtf


HB 1711 (Roberts) - TEACHER CERTIFICATION/SUPERINTENDENTS.  Modifying certification requirements for superintendents and principals.  (70 § 6-189)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1711_int.rtf


HB 1718 (Askins) - Workers’ Compensation.  Relating to contempt powers, prehearing and settlement conferences, mediation and case management; allowing judges of the Workers’ Compensation Court to order mediation and providing procedures therefor; providing penalty for failure to comply with a Court order to mediation  (85 §§ 1.2, 3.4, 3.10, 14, 80)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1718_int.rtf


HB 1719 (Staggs) - RETIREMENT.  This is a shell bill enacting the Teachers’ Retirement System Unfunded Liability Reduction Act of 2001.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1719_int.rtf


HB 1722 (Rice) - Workers’ Compensation.  Relating to medical treatment; allowing an employee to be accompanied by certain persons to certain medical procedures.  (85 § 14)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1722_int.rtf


HB 1729 (Corn) - INCOME TAX CREDIT/TUITION.  Providing a maximum $500 income tax credit for state college or university tuition.  (68 § 2357.101)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1729_int.rtf


HB 1736 (Roach) - Ad valorem TAXATION.  Modifying exemption from ad valorem taxation for charitable institutions.  (68 § 2887)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1736_int.rtf


HB 1738 (Tim Pope) - FIREARMS.  Allowing private investigators with firearms authorization when acting in the scope and course of employment to carry firearms in certain places.  (21 §§ 1272.1, 1277)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1738_int.rtf


HB 1739 (Tim Pope) - Workers’ Compensation.  Requiring public agencies to create risk evaluation programs; expanding exceptions to employer liability for Workers’ Compensation to include drug and alcohol use by an injured employee.  (40 § 403, 85 § 11)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1739_int.rtf


HB 1744 (Calvey) - TEACHER COMPETENCY.  Deleting certain criteria and requirements for alternative placement teaching certification; repealing the Teacher Competency Review Panel.  (70 §§ 6-122.3, 6-202)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1744_int.rtf


HB 1754 (Wells) - RETIREMENT.  Relating to membership requirements; providing for nonclassified optional support personnel to withdraw from Teachers’ Retirement System; prescribing conditions for rejoining System; providing for treatment of service.  (70 § 17-103)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1754_int.rtf


HB 1767 (Winchester) - SCHOOL READINESS.  Creating the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Act; creating the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Board, whose membership includes the Chancellor or designee.  (10 §§ 640/640.4)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1767_int.rtf


HB 1768 (Dunegan) - LEAVE.  Relating to the Oklahoma Personnel Act; giving state immunity with regard to application to state employees of certain federal legislation; providing for a family leave program for state employees under certain circumstances; modifying requirements for state leave-sharing program; modifying certain requirements in a reduction-in-force plan; modifying eligibility requirements for severance benefits and voluntary-out benefits; adding requirement that certain information be kept confidential; amending section relating to state employment of special disabled veterans; expanding probationary period.  (74 §§ 840-1.3, 840-1.6A, 840-2.17, 840-2.22, 840-2.23, 840-2.27C, 840-2.27D, 840-2.28, 840-3.1, 840-4.12, 840-4.17, 4117; 72 § 403)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1768_int.rtf


HB 1776 (Tyler) - BONDS.  Adding bond approval jurisdiction for the Supreme Court.  (20 § 14.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1776_int.rtf


HB 1792 (Friskup) - FUNDING FOR NEW LAWS.  Prohibiting the Legislature from enacting laws without sufficient funding.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1792_int.rtf


HB 1793 (Blackburn) - CONSTRUCTION.  Requiring all new constructions at least 50,000 square feet in size and accessible from public corridors to contain at least one unisex toilet facility constructed in accordance with regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act; states purpose as to allow disabled persons to have assistance of either gender in the facility.  (63 § 1-1016C)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1793_int.rtf


HB 1804 (Glover) - INDIGENT DEFENSE.  Amending sections relating to the Indigent Defense System; providing that the Executive Director may enter into contracts with individuals, educational institutions, or state or federal agencies for other purposes.  (22 § 1355.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1804_int.rtf


HB 1810 (Calvey) - Workers’ Compensation.  This is a shell bill relating to occupational diseases for purpose of the Workers’ Compensation.  (85 § 1.1)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1810_int.rtf


HB 1823 (Benson) - ZERO-BASED BUDGETING.  Enacting the Oklahoma Zero Based Budgeting Act of 2001; requiring state agencies, boards and commissions to submit a zero-based budget to legislative appropriations committees each year.  (62 §§ 46.1/46.3)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1823_int.rtf


HB 1837 (Stanley) - Health insurance.  Health Care Freedom of Choice Act; modifying deductible and copayments for certain providers, practitioners and other entities.  (36 § 6055)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1837_int.rtf


HB 1842 (Corn) - APPROPRIATIONS/Health insurance.  Appropriating $19,272,623 to the Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board for offsetting health insurance premium increases.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1842_int.rtf


HB 1847 (Nations) - APPROPRIATIONS/STATE REGENTS.  Appropriating $10 million to the State and Regents for support of the endowed chairs program.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1847_int.rtf


HB 1860 (Leonard Sullivan) - INCOME TAX/RETIREMENT BENEFITS.  Deleting age and income restrictions on exemption of retirement benefits from taxation as income.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1860_int.rtf


HB 1862 (John Sullivan) - 4 X 4 CURRICULUM.  Requiring that students complete four units each of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science to graduate from high school.  (70 § 11-103.6)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1862_int.rtf


HB 1867 (Blackburn) - ETHICS.  Relating to ethics; prohibiting any state officer from recommending persons for employment under certain circumstances; prohibiting state officers from soliciting or accepting contributions or anything of value from certain persons at certain times; providing penalties for violations.  (74 §§ 4259/4262)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1867_int.rtf


HB 1887 (Sweeden) - HEALTH INSURANCE. Clarifying language relating to insurance coverage for diabetes treatment.  (74 § 1307.2)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1887_int.rtf


HB 1889 (Tim Pope) - Workers’ Compensation.  Relating to penalties for failure to secure workers’ compensation insurance; modifying deposit of penalties; eliminating certain revolving fund; amending section relating to premium assessments; modifying certain payments of assessments to certain agencies; making an appropriation to the Department of Labor; creating an incentive program; providing guidelines, standards and funding for an incentive program; directing promulgation of rules; providing penalties.  (85 §§ 63.1, 173)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1889_int.rtf


HB 1890 (Cargill) - INCOME TAX/college debt.  Establishing an income tax credit not to exceed $2,500 per year for payment of costs of attending a college or university offering an undergraduate or graduate degree.  (68 § 2357.101)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1890_int.rtf


HB 1896 (Blackburn) - INCOME TAX/college SAVINGS.  Establishing an income tax deduction for contributions to Oklahoma College Savings Plan accounts, not to exceed $2,500 per year per account.  (68 § 2358)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1896_int.rtf


HB 1898 (Hastings) - Workers’ Compensation. Relating to Workers’ Compensation; contempt powers; medical case management; prehearing and settlement conferences; cumulative trauma.  (85 §§ 1.2, 3.4, 14, 24.2, 43, 172)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1898_int.rtf


HB 1901 (Ross) - GREENWOOD AREA SCHOLARSHIP.  Creating the Greenwood Area Education and Scholarship Program to provide an award to descendants of the victims and survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot D0isaster who meet certain criteria.  (70 § 2620)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1901_int.rtf


HB 1914 (Ray Miller) - CAREER-TECHNOLOGY.  Creating the Task Force on Career-Technology Professional Certification; includes in membership one member from a higher education institution and the Chancellor or designee.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1914_int.rtf


HB 1917 (Reese) - mentor teachers.  Modifying method of selecting mentor teachers and professional development committee members.  (70 §§ 6-182, 6-194)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1917_int.rtf


HB 1924 (Rice) - RETIREMENT.  This is a shell bill enacting the Teachers’ Retirement System Beneficiary Identification Act.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1924_int.rtf


HB 1938 (Toure) - GOVERNMENTAL TORT CLAIMS.  Relating to the Governmental Tort Claims Act; modifying definition and time for presentment of certain claims.  (51 §§ 152, 156)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1938_int.rtf


HB 1953 (Wilson) - MEDICAL INFORMATION PRIVACY.  Creating Oklahoma Medical Information Privacy Act; terms; individual's rights; restrictions on use and disclosure; exceptions; penalties; creating Commission of Information Practices.  (67 §§ 901/955)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HB1953_int.rtf




HJR 1013 (O’Neal) - APPROPRIATIONS/EDUCATION FIRST.  Proposed constitutional amendment requiring final legislative approval of appropriations for education prior to approval of other appropriation measures.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HJR1013_int.rtf


HJR 1019 (Staggs) - TOBACCO SETTLEMENT ENDOWMENT TRUST FUND.  Proposed constitutional amendment modifying references to the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund.  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HJR1019_int.rtf


HJR 1029 (Ross) - GREENWOOD AREA SCHOLARSHIP.  Requiring the Tulsa Race Riot Commission to monitor the implementation of the Greenwood Area Education and Scholarship Program.  (74 § 8201)  http://www.lsb.state.ok.us/2001-02HB/HJR1029_int.rtf