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2006 Legislative Update - House Bills

NOTE: Links are external PDF files on the Oklahoma Secretary of State Web site.

HB 2068 Martin/Ford. Clarifies election policy for technology center school district.

HB 2083 Liebmann/Jolley. Establishes the Computer Spyware Protection Act; making certain actions with computer software unlawful.

HB 2097 Dank/Wilcoxson. Provides for training on recognition and reporting of child abuse through school district professional development programs.

HB 2139 DePue/Garrison. Expands powers and duties of the State Board of Career and Technology Education.

HB 2185 Benge/Crutchfield. Appropriation to the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology.

HB 2356 Liotta/Capps. Enacts the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Sharing Incentive Act of 2006.

HB 2357 DePue/Nichols. Requires agencies to notify persons of a breach of computer systems which results in unauthorized release of personal information.

HB 2363 Banz/Riley. Modifies extramural athletic competition eligibility requirements; allows the transfer of students whose parents or legal guardians are teachers.

HB 2367 Kern/Branan. Allows absent students who are participating in an academic excellence program to be counted as in attendance.

HB 2396 Cooksey/Jolley. Modifies certain exception to the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

HB 2424 Glenn/Garrison. Adds penalty for violation of the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974.

HB 2516 Young/Leftwich. Authorizes the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority to acquire certain property; authorizes the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority to borrow monies; states legislative intent for OSBI appropriations.

HB 2628 Pruett/Rabon. Relates to the Small Employer Quality Jobs Act by modifying wage payment requirements.

HB 2690 Walker/Capps. Relates to certain local authorities by authorizing joint regional economic development authorities; authorizes the authorities to request election for purposes of imposing tax levy.

HB 2699 Johnson/Coffee. Relates to contracts for customized computer software by modifying certain contract requirements.

HB 2712 Kern/Wilcoxson. Clarifies the amount of time focused on reading and mathematics; adds certain certified teachers who are allowed to teach summer academy programs in the Reading Sufficiency Act.

HB 2755 Blackwell/Laughlin. Directs the transfer of monies in the Public Building Fund; modifies distribution of the State Land Reimbursement Fund.

HB 2756 Blackwell/Laughlin. Adds cause for dismissal of career teacher and establishes abandonment of duty as cause of termination to the Teacher Due Process Act of 1990.

HB 2762 Perry/Pruitt. Relates to possession and use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances by persons under twenty-one years of age; prohibits certain acts and provides exception; requires principals to notify parents of school searches.

HB 2793 Miller/Bass. Relates to a credit for investment in a film or music project; modifies definition; adds definition.

HB 2903 Adkins/Bass. Enacts the Oklahoma Telephone Regulation Act of 2006.

HB 2906 Peterson/Easley. Relates to the Rural Economic Action Plan; modifies provisions related to total number accounts; provides for separate accounts.

HB 2983 Ingmire/Garrison. Expands the powers and duties of the State Board of Career and Technology Education.