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2006 Legislative Update - Senate Bills

NOTE: Links are external PDF files on the Oklahoma Secretary of State Web site.

SB 1040 Riley/Peters. Creates one-stop career/employment centers.

SB 1056 Hobson/Balkman. Adjusts approval procedures for issuance of certain obligations by higher ed and exempts certain obligations from legislative approval requirement.

SB 1086 Gumm/Carey. Modifies time period for deductions of contributions made related to the Oklahoma College Savings Plan Act.

SB 1088 Bass/Coody. Provides for payment of salary by state agencies for state employees called to active military duty.

SB 1097 Adelson/Lamons. Extends the Joint Legislative Commission to study and evaluate the operations of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and the Indigent Health Care System in the Tulsa Metopolitan Service Area.

SB 1291 Aldridge/Banz. Relates to school employee residency by authorizing district school boards to establish certain policy for superintendent residency.

SB 1361 Leftwich/Terrill. Relates to leave of absence of public officers and employees.

SB 1394 Paddack/Cox. Creates the Health Care Workforce Resources Act and the Health Care Workforce Resources Center.

SB 1459 Cain/Winchester. Requires school districts to establish school wellness and fitness policy; states minimum requirements.

SB 1467 Paddack/Peters. Requires school districts to provide certain information about meningococcal meningitis to parents and guardians of certain students.

SB 1485 Wilcoxson. Relates to a Comprehensive Local Education Plan requirement for schools.

SB 1493 Paddack/Dank. Adds special education to professional developement program requirements.

SB 1577 Fisher/Young. Relates to the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act and Oklahoma Small Employer Quality Jobs program Act.

SB 1581 Leftwich/Terrill. Provides compensation for state employees for unused leave under certain circumstances.

SB 1587 Paddack. Relates to the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act; waives certain requirements for establishments locating in certain counties.

SB 1597 Laster/Harrison. Requires schools to ensure certain services are not provided in general vicinity of certain students.

SB 1675 Bass/Armes. Enacts Oklahoma Military Base Protection Grant Program; making appropriation to Department of Commerce.

SB 1686 Lerblance/Liotta. Relates to overtime and compensatory time and providing overtime for certain employees for certain hours worked.

SB 1734 Morgan/Wilt. Recognizes the Governor's Council for Workforce and Economic Development.

SB 1771 Morgan. Creates the Oklahoma State University Graduate Medical Education Public Trust Act.

SB 1792 Paddack/Dank. Creates Achieving Classroom Excellence Steering Committee.

SB 1795 Paddack/Miller. Requires vision screening for certain students within certain time frame.

SB 1831 Johnson/Peters. Provides raises for state employees.

SB 1956 Crutchfield/Ingmire. Modifies name of Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges.

SB 1957 Fisher. Creates the Oklahoma EDGE Research Initiative Fund.