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FY2008 Budget Request

FY08 New Funds Request = $171 million
Total FY2007 Funding Request = $1.19 billion

Details of New Funds Request

Student-Based Priorities - $80 million
Improvements necessary for colleges and universities to increase quality of education for students and the higher education system, such as additional full-time faculty, additional researchers, adjunct faculty, professional staff in academic support/student services, library services, graduate assistants and student employees. This includes funding for increases in instructional materials and instructional technology and funding to attract and retain outstanding faculty.

College and University Mandatory Costs - $42.9 million
Such as utilities, employee health insurance, risk management premiums and annualization of partial-year salaries.

Targeted Needs - $25.8 million
1. Brain Gain Performance Funding
2. Base adjustments for institutions with unfunded enrollment growth
3. Workforce and college prep initiatives
4. Operating costs for new campus facilities

Student Financial Aid - $22.2 million
• Oklahoma’s Promise – Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP) -
  $11.0 million
• Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) & Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant
  (OTEG) - $10.3 million
• Academic Scholars - $0.7 million
• Math & Science Teacher Scholarships - $0.2 million