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2007 Legislative Update - Senate Bills

NOTE: Links are external PDF files on the Oklahoma Secretary of State Web site.

SB 1 Brogdon. Enacting the Taxpayer Transparency Act.

SB 4 Gumm. Enacts the State Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2007.

SB 10 Leftwich. Freezes tuition until June 2009.

SB 17 Barrington. Creates Celebrate Freedom Week.

SB 24 Anderson. Limits the percentage increase of state appropriations.

SB 50 Anderson, Denney. Relates to professional development for elementary math teachers.

SB 78 Wilcoxson. Provides exemptions from teacher residency program.

SB 80 Corn. Relates to teachers' salaries.

SB 92 Paddack. Relates to concurrent enrollment and fees charged.

SB 110 Nichols. Relates to higher education's authorization for issuance of certain obligations.

SB 135 Garrison. Enacts the Oklahoma Business Development Park Loan Act.

SB 162 Riley. Requires agencies to provide copies of legislation that relates to employees.

SB 177 Crutchfield/Benge. CareerTech appropriations.

SB 178 Crutchfield/Benge. CareerTech appropriations.

SB 179 Crutchfield/Benge. State Department of Education appropriations.

SB 180 Crutchfield/Benge. State Department of Education appropriations.

SB 181 Crutchfield/Benge. OETA appropriations.

SB 182 Crutchfield/Benge. OETA appropriations.

SB 183 Crutchfield/Benge. State Regents appropriations.

SB 184 Crutchfield/Benge. State Regents appropriations.

SB 195 Crutchfield/Benge. OCAST appropriations.

SB 196 Crutchfield/Benge. OCAST appropriations.

SB 197 Crutchfield/Benge. Teacher Prep appropriations.

SB 198 Crutchfield/Benge. Teacher Prep appropriations.

SB 247 Crutchfield/Benge. University Hospital appropriations.

SB 248 Crutchfield/Benge. University Hospital appropriations.

SB 333 Crutchfield/Benge. General appropriations.

SB 334 Crutchfield/Benge. General appropriations.

SB 335 Crutchfield/Benge. General appropriations.

SB 336 Crutchfield/Benge. State Department of Education appropriations.

SB 337 Crutchfield/Benge. CareerTech appropriations.

SB 338 Crutchfield/Benge. State Regents appropriations.

SB 357 Crutchfield/Benge. Rural Economic Action Plan Fund appropriations.

SB 373 Wilson. Requires schools to increase support employees salaries.

SB 374 Wilson. Relates to the Regional University System of Oklahoma .

SB 383 Anderson. Relates to the master lease program for higher education.

SB 384 Wilson. Relates to tuition and fees increases.

SB 385 Wilson. Requires unanimous consent for institutions with in the State System to move administration offices.

SB 388 Anderson. Increases school support personnel salaries.

SB 389 Anderson. Directs schools to be compliant with salary requirements.

SB 406 Barrington. Rural Economic Action Plan appropriations.

SB 408 Gumm. Provides a $2500 salary increase for state employees.

SB 409 Gumm. Excluded higher education in the Arts in Public Places Act.

SB 413 Corn. Enacts the Oklahoma Security and Immigration Compliance Act.

SB 416 Sykes. Establishes English as Oklahoma 's official language.

SB 417 Sykes. Enacts the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act which pertains to illegal immigration.

SB 418 Adelson. Increase minimum wage.

SB 439 Bass. Increases state employees' salaries by $2400.

SB 447 Bingman. Relates to Rural economic Action Plan.

SB 455 Adelson. Creates the Dental Health Service and Dental Student Loan Revolving Act.

SB 468 Eason. Relates to teacher professional development for middle school reading teachers.

SB 480 Wilcoxson. Allows home schooled children to participate in the OHLAP program.

SB 481 Wilcoxson, Kern. Relates to renewal of Teaching certificates.

SB 482 Wilcoxson. Changes the requirements of district professional development.

SB 483 Wilcoxson. Relates to high school graduation requirements.

SB 487 Johnson. Requires females to receive the HPV vaccine by a certain age.

SB 496 Reynolds. Prohibits institutions of certain agreements with marketing consumer credit agencies.

SB 497 Reynolds. Prohibits tuition and fee increases for four years to incoming freshman.

SB 500 Myers. Modifies the Oklahoma Educational Interpreter for the Deaf Act.

SB 513 Wilcoxson. Requires certain information to be disclosed to the Lottery Commission before prizes can be claimed.

SB 524 Paddack. Relates to the API calculations.

SB 530 Burrage. Changes the OHLAP income limit to $75000.

SB 532 Anderson. Exempts certain districts from the Reading Sufficiency Act.

SB 534 Barrington. CareerTech appropriations.

SB 559 Johnson. Relates to the Education Lottery Act.

SB 564 Ballenger. Relates to the Education Lottery Act.

SB 581 Justice. Modifies the School Consolidation Assistance Fund.

SB 586 Eason, Mcintyre. Directs Teacher Prep to emphasize certain recruiting effort as related in the Education Oklahoma Leadership Program.

SB 598 Ivester. Relates to Oklahoma Employees Benefits Act.

SB 608 Sweeden. State Department of Education appropriations.

SB 649 Jolley. Enacts the Oklahoma College Degree Encouragement Act.

SB 656 Wilcoxson/Jones. Creates the Oklahoma School Improvement Program.

SB 657 Leftwich. Relates to state employees.

SB 660 Corn/Nations. Directing Teacher Prep to development and offer professional development institutes for teacher induction and mentor training.

SB 673 Corn. Relates to holiday and comp time for state employees.

SB 689 Eason/McIntyre. Increases the flexible benefit allowance.

SB 694 Leftwich. Enacts the Existing Worker Training Fund.

SB 708 Nichols. State Regents appropriations.

SB 770 Rabon. Increases hourly school employees' salaries by $1 per hour.

SB 775 Sykes. Relates to Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant Act by adding eligible institutions.

SB 777 Leftwich. Modifies residency requirements for the Board of Regents for Oklahoma City Community College .

SB 780 Wilson. Modifies the Economic Development Generating Excellence Fund.

SB 796 Jolley. Repeals the agreement for development and construction of IT and telecommunications facilities.

SB 813 Williamson. Enacts the Great School Tax Credit Program Act.

SB 820 Morgan. Directing a portion of taxes to OHLAP.

SB 828 Jolley. Adds half unit of personal finance to high school graduation requirements.

SB 831 Laster. Modifies transaction limits on purchase cards.

SB 854 Wilson. Limits ability to take deductions under the College Savings Plan Act.

SB 871 Gumm. Modifies the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act and Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act.

SB 901 Crain. Provides a tax credit to a portion of salaries paid to qualified interns.

SB 903 Crain. Creates the Twenty First Century Health Education and Research for Oklahoma Task Force.

SB 921 Jolley. Creates the Achieving Classroom Excellence II Task Force.

SB 923 Paddack. Establishes the School Nurse Pilot Program.

SB 924 Wilcoxson. Requires SDE to provide data about performance of first year teachers by a certain deadline.

SB 925 Jolley. Creates the School Funding Formula Task Force.

SB 927 Anderson. Establishes training program for emergency technicians and Emergency Medical Technician Scholarship.

SB 978 Johnson. Requires four units of physical education to high school graduation requirements.

SB 985 Wilcoxson. Establishes a high school graduation rate goal for public schools.

SB 992 Jolley. Requires certain information to be disclosed before individuals can claim prizes.

SB 997 Laster. Requires the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to establish certain regional centers.

SB 1015 Crain. Abolishes the OESC and splits the duties between the Department of Commerce and Labor.

SB 1030 Leftwich. Relates to minimum wage.

SB 1073 Sparks. Relates to Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma .

SB 1075 Sparks. Relates to the master lease program.

SJR 1 Constitutional amendment requiring majority vote of affected school district prior to annexation or consolidation.

SJR 4 Wilcoxson. Constitutional amendment requiring the Governor to appointment the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

SJR 5 Corn. Constitutional amendment limiting the amount of funds spent for recurring expenses.

SJR 13 Ivester. Creates the Taxpayer Accountability Bill.