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March 3, 2006 :: Application for State Scholarship Program Now Available Online

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Signing up for a popular state scholarship program that promises free college tuition for students who meet certain academic and conduct requirements just got easier.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently unveiled an online application for Oklahoma’s Promise, also known as the Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program or OHLAP. Through the site, Oklahoma middle and high school students can sign up to earn free tuition to any Oklahoma public college or university.

“Since its inception, Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP has made a significant, positive impact on thousands of Oklahoma high school and college students,” Chancellor Paul G. Risser said. “Making the scholarship application available online now provides students and their parents a more convenient and efficient way of applying for this extremely worthwhile program. Because of this new option, it is our hope that even more students will sign up for Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP, complete the program and subsequently experience a successful and rewarding time in college.”

To qualify for Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP, a student must sign up either in the eighth, ninth or 10th grade and come from a family whose household income is $50,000 or less. The student must also take the 17 required core courses in high school, make at least a 2.5 grade point average in both core courses and overall, and stay out of trouble, including refraining from delinquent acts and abusing drugs and alcohol.

In order to apply for the scholarship online, users must be at least 13 years of age. The student will also need an active e-mail address. Once an online account is created, the application can then be completed. The student and his or her parents or legal guardians must also sign the signature page to verify that they understand the requirements and that the family income is accurate.

The online application can be accessed by visiting the Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP Web site at A link will also be available on the soon-to-be-launched student information portal, a comprehensive online resource to assist students and their parents, guidance counselors, and colleges and universities in the college-planning process. The student information portal is expected to be fully launched in fall 2006.

Officials with the State Regents, who manage the Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP scholarship program, say that approximately 12,000 college students are currently receiving the scholarships this year. Another 28,000 high school students are enrolled in the program.

An Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP scholarship is good until the student receives a bachelor’s degree or up to five years, whichever comes first. The award will also cover a portion of the tuition at an accredited private institution or for select courses at public technology centers.

Students enrolled in Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP tend to have above-average high school grade point averages, ACT scores and college-going rates. In addition, Oklahoma’s Promise-OHLAP students have above-average college persistence and degree completion rates.