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September 15, 2003 :: September is Oklahoma Higher Education Math and Science Month

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September is Oklahoma Higher Education Math and Science Month, and the State Regents have created an online tool that makes it easy for students and parents to find help with math and science concerns or to boost current skill levels.

Students, parents and educators are encouraged to visit the Oklahoma higher education Student Center under “Check It Out” to find a list of helpful math and science Web sites. The sites offer a variety of services, including assistance with homework problems for students and parents or in creating challenging lesson plans for educators. The site also provides links to state and local math and science learning resources.

The Web site is being introduced this month so students, parents and educators can use it throughout the school year.

“The State Regents recognize that math and science skills are important in creating a strong workforce capable of attracting new business and industry to our state,” said Chancellor Paul G. Risser. “During September and throughout the school year, students, parents and educators are encouraged to use the resources available to ensure that our young people have the math and science skills necessary for college-level work and eventually, the workforce.”

In addition to Math and Science Month, the State Regents have multiple initiatives to strengthen math and science learning in Oklahoma’s K-12 classrooms. These initiatives are designed to help reduce the need for math and science remediation at the college level. Students that require remediation when starting college pay tuition and fees but receive no credit for their work. Students are encouraged to get foundation math and science skills in high school to avoid remediation later.

Some of the initiatives of the State Regents include improve teacher preparation, increased standards for college preparation, establishing better feedback and communication with Oklahoma high schools and facilitating cooperation between various state education entities to increase the number of students who go directly to college from high school.

Specifically, the State Regents are providing leadership, coordination and information about the following programs:

Oklahoma higher education officials also recommend that students take additional math and science courses in high school and college to better prepare them to compete in today’s global economy.

If you need additional information about Oklahoma higher education’s math and science programs, e-mail or call 1.800.858.1840 (225.9239 in Oklahoma City).