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In Other News January 17, 2003 Events
USAO Troutt Hall StepsHistoric Steps Become Novel Gift to USAO

For Christmas this year, Chickasha's Grand Ol' Lady got a gift that weighs more than a half million pounds, was too big to wrap, and didn't cost the taxpayers a red cent.

To hear Cary DeHart tell the remarkable story of his decision to rebuild the grand staircase leading to Troutt Hall -- the 1910 edifice that was the first building on the historic campus of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, it's obvious the project means a great deal to him. Read more on USAO's refurbishing project.

Letters From the Classroom: NSU Changes the Way Future Teachers “Read” Students

For 16 weeks Northeastern State University juniors and seniors corresponded with students from Michelle McGee’s ninth-grade class as part of Dr. Debra Smith’s READ 4043 class. Titled “Content Literacy K-8," READ 4043 introduces NSU education majors to classroom techniques for helping children K-8 use reading and writing to gain knowledge in those subject areas. The pen pal project with the Muskogee High School allows early childhood and elementary education majors an opportunity to gain experience with older students. Read more on NSU's READ 4043.

Sara BalesOSU Researcher Learning Bear Facts

Most people do their best to avoid meeting a bear in the wilderness, but not Sara Bales. In fact, it's a good day for her when she not only sees a bear but is able to get her hands on it. Bales, 25, is working on her master's degree in wildlife ecology at Oklahoma State University. She's spent a year and a half studying black bears in the Ouachita Mountains of southeast Oklahoma as part of the first comprehensive bear study ever done in the state. Read more on the OSU researcher.

OU Pens Collaborative Agreement with NanoBioMagnetics of Oklahoma City

The University of Oklahoma and NanoBioMagnetics Inc. (NBMI) of Oklahoma City have announced the establishment of a Collaborative Research Agreement under which the two organizations will explore the use of magnetically responsive nanoparticles in a range of human health applications. Read more on NanoBioMagnetics

Financial Aid Questions to be Addressed During February Events

This February, students and their parents can have personal, professional assistance in learning about financial aid and planning for college thanks to two upcoming events – “Cash for College” and College Goal SundaySM. “Cash for College” will be televised live at 8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 6, on OETA. Read more on Cash for College and College Goal Sunday.