MARCH 25, 2009


Rose State College Professor Writes Textbook

Photo of Dr. John Carl, RSC sociology professor and his textbook.
Dr. John Carl, Rose State College professor of sociology, holds his new textbook called Think Sociology.

Dr. John Carl, Rose State College sociology professor, has recently published a textbook on sociology called Think Sociology. Carl worked over four years on the textbook, doing research and writing the text.

“I wrote the textbook because of my own college students who often struggle with the language and layout of traditional textbooks. I have found that these struggles often lead students to not understand what they have read or even worse, to not read the book at all,” said Carl.

The new textbook is not only academically solid, but also very appealing to students. It is in a magazine format, which is very colorful and eye-catching. The layout and the tone of the language are written to maximize students’ interest in the material. The goal is to provide the student with a low cost, high-quality option in a textbook. The student will find features designed to help them learn, such as informational graphics, key terms defined within the chapter and at the end, a review of theory and perforated study cards for every chapter that contain sample test questions. The book also features internet links tied to possible writing assignments. Students may also choose to purchase audio versions of each chapter for download to an I-Pod or Mp3. 

Think Sociology is a “green” textbook, printed on recycled paper. It is one of the lowest cost magazine-style introductory texts on the market and much cheaper than other brief texts. Carl plans to use his new textbook beginning with his summer introductory sociology classes starting in June.