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May 2012

OSU in Tulsa Hits $2 Million in Savings From Energy Conservation

OSU in Tulsa students, faculty and staff taking an active role in green initiatives hit a milestone at the end of April. The energy conservation efforts of Oklahoma State University-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences have resulted in more than $2 million in energy savings since 2007.

“With energy costs climbing higher every year, the efforts of our energy conservation program team have educated faculty, staff and students on ways to reduce electricity consumption and recycle our valuable natural resources,” said OSU-Tulsa and OSU Center for Health Sciences President Howard Barnett. ‘The program is just one more way that OSU is creating a brighter future for Oklahoma.”

Since OSU in Tulsa began the program, energy consumption has been reduced by 26 percent or more than 130,000 Million Metric British Thermal Units (MMBTU). That is the equivalent of 19,469 tons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, 3,494 passenger cars removed from the road or 497,987 trees planted.

“OSU in Tulsa faculty, staff and students play an important role in energy conservation efforts,” said Angelyn Holmes, energy education manager. “There is a lot of talk about becoming green, and OSU is actually doing that in a big way.”

Some of the energy saving initiatives include turning off lights in empty rooms, shutting down computers, monitors, speakers and printers at the end of the day and turning off appliances like coffee makers, fans and radios when they are not in use. The university has also implemented a paper recycling program and teamed with PepsiCo to place Dream Machines for recycling cans and plastic bottles on both campuses.

The two-year old paper recycling program at the Tulsa campuses has diverted more than 60 tons of paper from local landfills and reduced waster pick up charges by $4,000 per year. The Pepsi Dream Machine program has recycled 670 pounds of aluminum and 950 pounds of plastic in past year.

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