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May 2013

OSU-OKC Student Finds Real-World Experience Beneficial for Future

OSU-OKC student Caleb Manning.

OSU-OKC student and Lippert Bros. Inc. employee, Caleb Manning, is working on the university’s new parking garage on campus. The parking garage is set to open in August.

OSU-Oklahoma City student Caleb Manning is leaving his mark on the university’s future in a lasting way. The renewable and sustainable energy senior is one of the many Lippert Bros. Inc. employees helping to construct OSU-OKC’s newest building – a 314-space parking garage.

Manning is thankful for the hands-on work experience he is able to do outside of the classroom and looks forward to an exciting career.

“As a student, typically we only get to see the things we learn about in textbooks and slideshows,” Manning says. “Being able to actually see and perform the practices and procedures we learn about in class is so much more exciting than sitting in a lecture or pounding 100 definitions into your head.”

Manning began his academic career in construction management, but soon realized his passion was in green/sustainable construction. His overall career goal is to make an impact in the Oklahoma construction industry that will motivate owners, architects and contractors to build with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

“I like the idea that we can build in an energy-efficient manner, which will not only improve the efficiency of the building, but also improve the time of construction and the lifecycle costs of a building,” says Manning.

Although he is unsure of where his future will take him, he is certain that his experience with the parking garage will have better prepared him.

Manning’s advice to fellow students is to go to class and finish what is started. “If your degree program can get you an internship, take it,” says Manning. “Take the time to talk to your department head or your instructors about getting the exposure you need outside of the classroom. Do not be afraid of asking questions…it’s what they are here for.”

As for attitude, Manning says the best thing is to stay positive and to not let negativity affect the end result. “It can be discouraging to balance school and life,” he says. “But do what you need to and everything will work out.”

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