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November 2014

Smartphone App Enhances Campus Safety Services at OSU-Tulsa

Students, faculty and staff at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa can turn their smartphones into personal safety devices with the new Cowboy Guardian program.

“The safety of our students, faculty and staff is something we take very seriously at OSU-Tulsa,” said President Howard Barnett. “While OSU-Tulsa already has a track record of being one of the city’s safest campuses, this new service, the Cowboy Guardian, provides an additional enhancement to further ensure the safety of everyone on campus.”

Cowboy Guardian utilizes the free Rave Guardian Campus Safety App to connect users with the OSU-Tulsa Police Department. Users can download the app to their smartphone from the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

“Cowboy Guardian ensures that students, faculty and staff are never alone while traveling on campus,” said OSU-Tulsa Police Chief Melvin Murdock. “This service provides direct contact with dispatchers in our office to help everyone feel safe while they are at OSU-Tulsa.”

Students, faculty and staff use their okstate.edu email account to activate the Cowboy Guardian service.

There are four elements to the Cowboy Guardian service:
• Uses can activate a safety timer while traveling to their car or on campus. If the timer goes off without being deactivated, an OSU-Tulsa police dispatcher will contact the user to verify his or her safety. If the user deactivates the timer before it expires, OSU-Tulsa Police will not need to take action.
• Users’ GPS location is available to OSU-Tulsa Police when the safety timer expires and enables officers to locate users.
• A one-touch emergency call button puts users directly in touch with an OSU-Tulsa emergency dispatcher.
• The send-a-tip feature provides another method for users to report potential suspicious activity to OSU-Tulsa Police. Users can also upload a photo to go with the tip.

Cowboy Guardian users can create a profile using the system to alert OSU-Tulsa Police to any essential information needed to identify or provide treatment in the event of an emergency. Users may also designate family and friends as their own personal guardians and can communicate with them using the app.

Contact OSU-Tulsa Police at 918-594-8123 or visit them in person at Main Hall 1400. Visit www.osu-tulsa.okstate.edu/universitypolice for more information on Cowboy Guardian and other campus safety services offered by OSU-Tulsa Police.

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