JANUARY 20, 2010


National Magazine Says Northwestern Offers Nation's Most Affordable
Campus Living

A national magazine that ranks colleges in numerous categories says Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers the nation’s most affordable room and board for students living on campus.

In a story on its Web site, U.S. News & World Report says Northwestern’s cost of $3,700 for room and board is the lowest in the country and encourages students who are looking to cut college costs to consider choosing colleges with low room and board costs.The figure of $3,700 is based on a semi-private room with 19 meals per week.

“We are beginning to gain national notoriety for affordability in a time when families are looking for ways to reduce college costs,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president. “Our low costs, combined with our extensive scholarship and financial assistance programs, should place Northwestern on the top of the list for students and families looking for affordability.”

Northwestern operates four air conditioned resident halls with amenities such as free high-speed Internet service and cable television. Students can dine in the newly-remodeled Coronado Cafeteria or in the Student Center Food Court. Affordable room and board help make Northwestern a great college value. One year of resident tuition (30 credit hours), fees, room and board total $7,670 per year.

The magazine has told Northwestern administrators it is also considering adding Northwestern to its list of the nation’s best bargain schools and has requested photographs of the university.