FEBRUARY 21, 2007


UCO continues to be an economic and social engine of change in central Oklahoma

A recent economic impact study shows that the University of Central Oklahoma not only creates opportunity in Oklahoma, but also plays a significant role in the community’s economic growth…to the tune of more than a half a billion dollars a year.

“As the oldest operating university in Oklahoma, UCO provides an economic impact that overwhelmingly benefits our community, making us an economic and social engine of change in central Oklahoma,” said Mike Sanders, UCO’s director for special projects.

Using the nationally renowned Caffrey-Isaacs model developed for the American Council on Education (ACE method), the study was conducted to calculate UCO’s economic impact on the community.

The ACE method is the most widely used approach to determining an institution’s economic impact on its surrounding community.

By combining the estimated totals of UCO student expenditures, faculty and staff expenditures, and the university’s direct expenditures, positive results of this study show that UCO’s economic contribution is approximately $502,876,800 per year.

These calculations do not recognize the value of sporting events, speakers, concerts and other performances that are revenue generators within the community.

In addition, the study shows that the total economic output of UCO supports more than 10,000 jobs in the area.

As the largest employer in the Edmond community, UCO employs about 1,500 full-time, part-time and contract employees.

For more information, contact Sanders at (405) 974-2251.