FEBRUARY 20, 2008


New Internet program helps students, parents estimate
cost of attending OSU-Okmulgee

Photo of a female office worker at her desk, looking at her computer screen.
Kinya Peverley, director of admissions and records for OSU-Okmulgee, calls up “Ask ROI” on her computer.

In about 60 seconds, parents and prospective students can get a good idea of what it would cost to attend Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee, the State’s Institute of Technology. The new online service also computes a return-on-investment, or “ROI,” for the cost of college. The online program, designed by OSU-Okmulgee's Web team, takes information supplied by the user to estimate available financial opportunities. These could include scholarships, fee waivers, Pell grants or loans.

“People make a lot of decisions now by going online,” said Kinya Peverley, director of admissions and records, “'Ask ROI' is a great way for our students and anyone who's interested to get an immediate estimate of what the costs may be, the possibility of scholarships, and how that compares with the costs at other schools.”

“Ask ROI” is the name of the Web site, which is at www.osu-okmulgee.edu/roi. The site features a character, “ROI,” who is styled as the “brother” of Pistol Pete.

Peverley said when student loans are part of the financial picture, there's always concern about paying off the loan.

“With this application, they're able to see the return on their investment,” she said. “That gives them a good idea of what they'll be earning and they can figure how soon they can retire that debt.”

The “Ask ROI” application takes salary information from the Oklahoma Department of Labor and applies it to careers associated with OSU-Okmulgee programs that include air conditioning, automotive, construction, culinary arts, diesel and heavy equipment, engineering technologies, nursing, orthotics, prosthetics, information technologies, visual communications and watchmaking.

“I always tell students that their education is an investment,” Peverley said. “This gives them the opportunity to actually see their return on investment. That is exactly what college is: an investment in their future.”

Contact: Sharon Smith, OSU-Okmulgee, (918) 293-5140