february 12, 2003


OU Starts $2 Million Campaign to Provide Additional Scholarships for Students

To provide additional scholarship opportunities for University of Oklahoma students, OU President David Boren has announced a $2 million Sooner Heritage Scholarships Campaign.

Boren said, "We all realize that even as we seek to stay among the least expensive universities in the nation, some upward adjustment in tuition and fees will be necessary. Without some increase, OU cannot maintain its high standard of excellence and its ability to compete with peer public institutions. It is important that we continue to increase scholarships and financial aid to those OU students who need extra help in absorbing increased costs.

"In addition to increasing need-based tuition waivers to offset any tuition increases, this campaign will allow OU to increase scholarships even more both now and in the future to help students from low and middle income families," he added.

The fund is expected to receive support from the OU Foundation, the President's Associates, the President's Partners and past individual donors to OU academic and athletic programs. Funds from the sale of property received from the Roxie Scott estate also will be designated for the campaign. In the next three months, $600,000 is expected to be committed to the campaign, which was opened with a $10,000 gift from Boren and OU First Lady Molly Shi Boren.

Currently, two out of every three OU students receive some type of financial aid. The Sooner Heritage Scholarship program will allow up to 25 percent of its endowment fund to be expended in any one year when President Boren finds that there is an unusually high financial need.

OU's Financial Aid Scholarship Selection Committee will distribute the funds. Members of the committee are the director of Financial Aid Services and Financial Aid specialists. The associate vice president for Admissions, Records and Financial Aid, Matt Hamilton, will chair the committee. Selection will be based on a combination of financial need, academic performance and community leadership and service.

Story Contact: OU Public Affairs