february 12, 2003


Oklahoma Campuses to Kick Off “A Week of Action” February 16

This month, Oklahoma college students will join more than 100,000 college students from across the country to launch the Raise Your Voice campaign, a national effort to increase student involvement in public life. In Oklahoma, the campaign is known as Vocal Oklahomans in Civic Engagement (VOICE).

During Raise Your Voice: A Week of Action, February 16-22, students, faculty, and community partners from across the country are working together to plan activities focusing on increasing student voice and participation in all realms of civic life, from voting to volunteering in the community.

In Oklahoma, six institutions were awarded $500 each to help fund activities during the week. Schools that weren’t funded in the first round have the opportunity to apply for smaller awards.

To kick off A Week of Action, Oklahoma Campus Compact and the University of Oklahoma will host the first VOICE luncheon at the capitol. Students serving on the Collegiate VOICE Committee will present state legislators with a public issue statement addressing their commitment to civic engagement.

While not all of the activities being planned are finalized, the following schools are planning voter registration drives, campus dialogues, community fundraisers, multicultural awareness days and much more:

Oklahoma City Community College
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University
OSU/Oklahoma City
Cameron University
University of Central Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
East Central University

To find out what your school is planning go to www.actionforchange.org/week or contact Jennifer Geren at 405.225.9128 or jgeren@osrhe.edu.

The Raise Your Voice campaign is sponsored by Campus Compact, a national coalition of more than 850 college and university presidents.