FEBRUARY 17, 2010


Northeastern's Extreme Housing Makeover Unveiled

The benefits of winning the Northeastern State University Extreme Housing Makeover competition were evident when improvements to Ross Hall were revealed Jan. 20.

The improvements allow the residence hall’s lounge to serve as a small, informal class­room incorporating teaching and learning technology.

Dana Boren-Boer, university marketing coordinator, said the remodeling result was worth waiting for the unveiling.“The renovations to Ross Hall are truly amazing,” she said. “It really takes the commons area from a place you might hang out to a place you will definitely hang out in and be proud to do so.”

Boren-Boer said Extreme Housing Makeover received outstanding support from different corners of campus.

“The NET, Physical Plant, Auxiliary, University Relations, Housing and Marketing and Communications are all involved to make this the best space it can be — not to mention the thousands of dollars in product and services we get from our sponsors,” she said.

Sponsors who helped make Extreme Housing Makeover possible include Spaces Design & Architecture, KI Furnishings, Shaw Contract Group, Nabholz Construction, Sodexo, Sherwin-Williams, Cherokee Building Materials, Copy Zone, KB Signs and Northeastern Glass.

Spaces Design and Architecture and KB Signs are business ventures of NSU alumni, and Boren-Boer said alumni are indispensable in the competition’s success.

During the fall 2009 semester, residence halls hosted programs and students attended campus events to accumulate points for Extreme Housing Makeover. It was the competition’s second year. Wyly Hall won the 2008 contest.

The contest also allows students to make an enduring physical improvement to the campus, which Boren-Boer said can create bonds that endure after they leave NSU.

“This project really helps us in two ways by getting students involved via the competition portion of this makeover,” she said. “This ultimately ties them back to the university in a strong way. Secondly, it improves the residence halls and creates a better campus experience for our students.”