FEBRUARY 17, 2010


OSU-OKC Launches Virtual Tour of Campus

Giving the world a closer look at the OSU-Oklahoma City campus, the university recently launched a virtual tour through New Spin 360, a Norman-based company that specializes in innovative digital tours at hotspots around Oklahoma.

The tour will allow potential and current students along with faculty, staff and the community to explore the OSU-OKC campus from anywhere Internet access is available. The tour is a valuable tool for new and potential students to locate classrooms and see laboratories and facilities, for parents to tour the university, and for business and industry persons to explore conference locations and non-credit training for their employees.

Some of the virtual tours available include state-of-the-art lecture facilities, anatomy labs, veterinary technology labs, the five-hole golf course used for turfgrass management and, inside the Student Center, the Cyber Café, cafeteria, bookstore and Wellness Center.

“We are the first university in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas to provide a comprehensive inside look of our campus,” said Jamie Davis, OSU-OKC assistant marketing manager. “The applications for prospective students, parents and visitors are endless.”

She added that faculty and counselors are using the tour to give prospective students a look into academic programs. “A virtual tour of our facilities allows students to see first-hand the labs and areas in which they will be learning without requiring them, or their parents, to take a day off school or work to visit.”

Open the door to OSU-OKC’s virtual tour at www.InsideOSUOKC.com. For campus information, including how to enroll, call (405) 947-4421 or visit www.osuokc.edu.