MARCH 10, 2004


OSU-Okmulgee meets industry needs with new technology degrees

OSU-Okmulgee students receive hands-on instruction in the use of surveying equipment. The school will soon launch a new bachelor's degree program in civil engineering.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently approved three technical, discipline-specific bachelor of technology degree programs at OSU-Okmulgee. Bachelor degree programs are new to the campus, traditionally known for its technology-intensive associate in applied science programs and high graduate job placement.

The programs were designed in response to requests from industry, and concentrate on developing technically sophisticated problem solving skills in security enhancement, precision manufacturing efficiency and civil engineering.

Two of the programs, Information Assurance and Forensics and Instrumentation Engineering Technology, are scheduled to begin in September 2004. A third program in Civil Engineering Technology is planned to launch in September 2005.

Regents’ Chairman Marlin “Ike” Glass Jr. said OSU-Okmulgee’s new bachelor level technical degree programs align with Oklahoma’s Economic Development Generating Excellence (EDGE) initiative and address key action items to improve the state’s economy.

“Oklahoma needs more workers with technical skills that provide a competitive edge for industry and stable careers for employees. To stay competitive, businesses need employees who can forge solutions and create technical innovations.”

Last fall, industry partners recommended the new bachelor degree programs of study for the Okmulgee campus. The business leaders affirmed a critical shortage of highly skilled employees in these three technical disciplines and predicted program graduates would immediately fill industry needs.

Dr. Bob Klabenes, president of OSU-Okmulgee, says the college is uniquely positioned to offer these programs on an accelerated schedule.

“Our campus produces graduates with superior proficiency in a shorter time frame,” says Klabenes. “We operate on a year-round trimester calendar and students may earn a bachelor of technology degree in three years of full time study.”

The Information Assurance and Forensics program will prepare security professionals to fill jobs ranging from technician to engineer level positions. These employees will assure the integrity and security of corporate and institutional networks, shield sensitive data, safeguard information technology assets and provide protection from hacker threats, viruses and worms. The forensics side of the program teaches the skills required to investigate illicit or harmful cyber activity.

Instrumentation Engineering Technology program graduates will maintain and improve instrumentation and controls in oil and gas refineries, food and chemical processing plants and power generation facilities. They will be able to provide high-tech solutions to increase the consistency, quality and quantity of production and automation processes.

The Civil Engineering Technology program will prepare employees to design efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions for complex engineering problems by applying skills in project management, global positioning systems, satellite imaging, aerial survey techniques and geographic information systems.

Enrollment currently is open for the two bachelor of technology degree programs that start in September 2004.

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