MARCH 28, 2008


Boren announces student housing rebates for academic achievement

University of Oklahoma President David Boren recently announced that OU will be the first school in the Big 12 to offer a rebate based on grade point averages for those students living on campus. The initiative, the OU Academic Success Rebate Program, will reward academic excellence among upperclass and graduate students living in OU Traditions Square or the residence halls beginning in fall 2008. The rebate is guaranteed to be given to high-performing students at the end of each semester on the basis of the student’s GPA at the start of the semester.

“A great university is a true community where people of many different backgrounds and academic interests get to know each other and form bonds of friendship and mutual respect. Living together in the residence halls helps promote this ideal, and we want to encourage our students to take advantage of the benefits which living on campus offers. Students who live on campus, for example, have substantially higher grade-point averages and a higher graduation rate than those who do not,” said Boren

“We want students living on campus in the residence halls or OU Traditions Square to focus on their academic and personal development,” Director of Housing and Food Services Bill Henwood said. “We have 24-hour monitored, quiet study areas and free tutoring as well as faculty-in-residence families and excellent residence life staff to help guide students and to model good behavior. OU is also one of the few public universities in the nation with faculty families living in the residence halls to help promote lasting intergenerational friendships. Under President Boren’s leadership, the University of Oklahoma is taking yet another step forward as we introduce this new initiative for our residents.”

Rebates will be determined based on the student’s cumulative OU GPA prior to the beginning of the semester, and it will then be given at the end of the semester via a credit to the individual’s bursar account. The rebate will be a supplement to any other discounts offered at the time, such as the Housing and Food Services Loyalty Program, which gives extra discounts and added amenities the longer a student lives on campus.

The value of the rebate will depend on the student’s cumulative OU GPA, and it requires nothing of the student except academic achievement and residing on campus, which is already statistically shown to enhance a student’s scholastic performance, according to OU’s Office of Institutional Research and Reporting. The cumulative OU GPA and rebate scale is as follows:

Scale Rebate per Semester
3.25 - 3.49
3.50 - 3.74
3.75 - 3.99

For additional details about the OU’s Academic Success Rebate Program, please visit or call Housing and Food Services at (405) 325-2511.