May 14, 2003


NSU John Vaughan Library offers access to over 23,000 academic e-books

The NSU John Vaughan Library is introducing to students and faculty a new way of accessing information by offering access to a collection of over 23,000 e-books from netLibrary. E-books are full-text electronic versions of published books that library patrons can use over the Internet. E-book titles are available to all NSU Library users at workstations in the library and from their personal computers via the Internet.

The primary focus of the collection is research. Every word of every book is indexed. Therefore users can search across all the e-books in the collection for authors, titles, or keywords, and they can search within e-books for keywords and phrases. For example, an individual could search for every occurrence of 'Carl Jung' in the text of all 23,000 e-books. Although some will read the e-books from 'cover to cover', usage studies suggest that the majority will read chapters and sections that are relevant to topics that they are researching.

The collection serves the students and faculty at all three NSU campuses and our distance students since they are accessible anytime of the day or night via the Internet

The current collection of e-book titles range in scope from core academic areas of science, social sciences, and the humanities to collections of specialized study in areas such as , education, library science, medicine, religion and philosophy, computer science, and engineering. As an added feature, the Houghton Mifflin 4th Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language is embedded into netLibrary e-books. E-book users can obtain dictionary definitions by clicking on a word in the e-book, or by entering a word in the dictionary search window.

netLibrary (, a division of OCLC Online Computer Center, Inc., is a leading provider of e-books and Internet-based content management services for the library market. netLibrary develops, archives, hosts, and maintains e-book collections for thousands of academic, corporate, public, and school libraries throughout the world.

Story contact: Jennifer Zehnder, Media Relations Coordinator