May 14, 2003


OSU-Tulsa receives intern program funding

OSU-Tulsa Interns
Misha Golden, seated, is an advertising intern working for U.S. Beef, Arby’s parent corporation under OSU-TIPP. Here, U.S. Beef Marketing Director Kara Snedegar goes over a new marketing project with Misha.

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa has been awarded $100,000 for an internship program to assist students who are pursuing higher education gain work experience while helping to establish and strengthen university partnerships with Tulsa-area companies.

The OSU-Tulsa Intern Partner Program (OSU-TIPP) was established to assist students obtain internships that will provide real world experience while offsetting the cost for the hiring companies. Many companies who are restricting expenditures wherever possible due to the economy are still able to sponsor internships because OSU-Tulsa offsets half of the hourly pay rate. An estimated 25 internships will be made possible through the program, with funding made possible through the Indian Nations Council on Government (INCOG).

Special arrangements are being made for non-profit organizations. Since the financial situation of these companies is usually even less discretionary than that of most companies, the OSU-TIPP allows them to hire interns, and both the organization and the student gain unique benefits from the arrangement.

OSU-Tulsa President Gary Trennepohl said the program benefits area businesses, students and the university.

“This is a valuable program that establishes and strengthens our partnerships with local industry, and our students gain valuable experience in their chosen fields,” Trennepohl said. “The companies have the opportunity to become familiar with the interns and their abilities and preview potential candidates for employment. Interns are frequently offered positions at these companies after graduation.”

OSU students who are taking at least one class on the OSU-Tulsa campus are eligible for the program. Interns will work at least 20 hours per week while earning course credit.

Dr. Amjad Ayoubi, OSU-Tulsa chief student affairs officer, credits cooperation between public and private entities for making this program possible.

“The OSU-TIPP illustrates what can be achieved when government, higher education and private industry work together,” Ayoubi said. “The program will maximize the return for students and for Tulsa by facilitating valuable partnershps.”
Students who wish to participate should register with OSU-Tulsa’s CowboyTRAK system, a career and job placement tool available to OSU students. Currently, opportunities for area companies are still available.

Interested students and organizations should contact OSU-Tulsa Career Services at 918-594-8404.