MAY 12, 2004


REYAP honors Holloway at conference

Representative Dale Wells, left, ONG Vice President Sam Combs and A & M Board of Regents Chairman Claude Evans congratulate Langston University President Dr. Ernest L. Holloway (holding plaque) with the REYAP award.

Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Programs (REYAP) crowded the Oklahoma Capitol rotunda recently with more than two hundred high school students, teachers, parents and dignitaries for their second annual Minority Youth in Agricultural conference, focusing on its theme - “Let’s Get Involved.”

Langston University’s president, Dr. Ernest L. Holloway, was the keynote speaker for the occasion, where students across the state were awarded scholarships for his or her outstanding contributions made toward the study and academic advancement in agriculture.

“Fifty years after the landmark case of Brown vs. The Board of Education, outlawing separate but equal schools, let’s look where we are students. Let’s take a look at ourselves. Let’s look at where we children are, and where we have been as a people,” said Holloway.

Holloway stressed that today’s youth should stay focused on their goals more so now than any other generation of the past, because this generation is facing difficult times. He stated that Langston University was the choice university to obtain their desired dreams.

“Let’s look at ourselves. Incarcerated young black men outnumber those who populate college campuses. Today, there are more black unwed pregnant teens than any other race. We as black people are more likely to be a victim of a violent crime. Don’t be a statistic young people,” Holloway said.

REYAP awarded Langston University and Dr. Holloway with the 10th annual agricultural heritage award for Langston’s outstanding support and unending commitment to the education of Oklahoma’s youth and agriculture.

“Involve yourselves in building a future through hard work! Build yourself upon the foundation that Langston University established 106 years ago,” Holloway said.

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