MAY 12, 2004


NSU Bachelor of Technology degree 'perfect fit' for fire & emergency services majors

Individuals in Eastern Oklahoma and the Tulsa Metropolitan Area wishing to pursue studies in fire service will benefit from a recent collaboration between Tulsa Community College, Northeastern State University and Oklahoma State University. The Memorandum of Understanding between the higher learning institutions provides a seamless transition for students pursuing higher degree opportunities, from associates through masters, in fire service as well as an avenue for area departments looking to upgrade their personnel.

According to the agreement Northeastern’s Broken Arrow campus will serve as the keystone institution for those pursuing graduate studies in fire service. Students can begin their career in fire service at TCC by enrolling in the Associate of Applied Science in Fire and Emergency Services. Upon completion of the degree program students will have met all general education and lower level course prerequisites for admission into the Bachelor of Technology degree at NSUBA which now offers fire and emergency service-specific courses. Graduates with an NSU Bachelor of Technology degree will also satisfy the fire service related Bachelor’s degree for admission into the Master of Science in Fire and Emergency Management Administration offered b y OSU. All other NSUBA and OSU degree admission requirements are still applicable.

The collaboration will provide a long-term and stable framework for the education of fire service professionals in Eastern Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Contact: Neal Weaver, 1-918-458-2000