MAY 20, 2009


More Than 150 State High Schools Join Oklahoma Transcript Exchange System

Applying to college just got a little easier now that more than 150 high schools in the state are part of the Transcript Exchange System.

The Transcript Exchange System, an important feature of, is sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and provided free of charge to all Oklahoma high schools, counselors, students and colleges.
The system allows students to apply quickly and easily to more colleges. The private, secure system automatically sends student transcripts with online applications. Students are also able to track when their transcripts are downloaded by the colleges they apply to.

The use of electronic transcripts ensures higher education is accessible to everyone by simplifying the process of
applying to college,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “This service will save our institutions, on average, thousands of dollars each year and improve the admissions process.”

The Transcript Exchange System requires no additional equipment for the school or student. It actually saves money by reducing demands on faculty and staff and eliminating the need for costly printing and mailing of transcripts.

The Transcript Exchange System also benefits Oklahoma high schools by providing a more secure and accurate means of sending transcripts. With the click of a mouse, counselors can upload selected students or an entire class of transcripts to the exchange.

Currently, 18 higher education institutions are participating in the Transcript Exchange System. Eight additional institutions are in training and will be a part of the system soon. is a “one-stop” destination for students and parents who want to get ready for college. The site lets students create a customized profile, learn about paying for college, prepare for the ACT, explore careers and find a college that is right for them.

For more information about the Transcript Exchange System, visit or call 405.225.9190.