JUNE 28, 2006


UCO leads by example as state's only entity to join Green Power Partnership

The University of Central Oklahoma has set the standard for environment friendly excellence by becoming the fourth largest university in the nation to use green power energy on its campus.

As of May 6, UCO also became the first and only Green Power representative in the state of Oklahoma.

“By becoming a Green Power Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency, UCO will soon be one of the top green power users in the world of higher education,” said UCO Executive Vice President Steve Kreidler.

This will put UCO fourth in the nation’s top 10 universities by July, beating out the University of Utah and outranking Duke and Harvard.

UCO also will be the only university in the Lone Star Conference to participate in EPA’s 2006 College and University Green Power Challenge.

EPA’s Green Power is an environmentally friendly electricity product generated from renewable energy sources.

On April 1, UCO became the first major university in Oklahoma to have 100 percent of its electricity supplied by wind power, an energy source that is both environmentally safe and also saves Oklahoma taxpayers money.

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