JUNE 18, 2008


Rose State College offers tuition-free education to Mid-Del

Rose State College has launched a new program called Mid-Del to Rose to provide tuition-free education to area graduates.

Graduates of the class of 2008 from Del City High School, Midwest City High School and Carl Albert High School are eligible for the program. Mid-Del to Rose pays 100 percent of tuition and mandatory fees for three full years (62 credit hours) to those who meet the requirements.

Requirements include: be a 2008 Del City, Midwest City or Carl Albert High School graduate; have a 2.5 high school GPA; complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);and enroll in at least six credit hours the fall/spring semesters starting with fall 2008.

“The future workforce must have a minimum of two years of education beyond high school and we are eager to help students acquire that,” said RSC President Dr. Terry Britton. “With increasing gasoline prices and other living expenses, students are seeking new funding sources and RSC wants to reach out to students in the Technical Area Education District and help them eliminate that financial burden.”

Mid-Del to Rose is an expansion of a successful pilot program RSC implemented last school year to provide additional financial benefits to students who qualified for Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP). It will benefit those students who did not qualify or did not sign up for Oklahoma’s Promise.

Mid-Del to Rose is a gap-funding program, meaning funds are applied to tuition and mandatory fees after all federal and state financial aid, scholarships and grants are applied. Mid-Del to Rose will pay the remaining balance, if there is one, through Technical Area Education District funds.

Applications for Mid-Del to Rose will be available June 1. For more information about the Mid-Del to Rose program, call Lori Perry in the RSC Financial Aid/Scholarship Office at (405) 733-7424. Information is also available on the college Web site at www.rose.edu.