july 16, 2003


Top Australian diplomat and director of Australian Intelligence Service to teach at OU

Australian Ambassador Allan Robert Taylor, one of Australia's top diplomats and immediate past director of the Australian equivalent of the CIA, will be a visiting professor at the University of Oklahoma this fall to teach in the OU School of International and Area Studies. Taylor also will co-teach a political science course on intelligence with international terrorism expert Dr. Stephen Sloan.

Taylor, who has served in several top diplomatic posts, retired this spring as Director General of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Taylor also had a distinguished academic career and studied history at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from Australia. He and his wife, Carol, will live on campus this fall.

"We are excited to have Ambassador and Mrs. Taylor as active members of the OU family this fall," said OU President David L. Boren. "OU students will have the chance to hear the first-hand experiences of one of Australia's top diplomats and the director of that nation's intelligence service. He is also a past adviser to the prime minister on foreign affairs. He has had a chance to be involved at a high level in the politics and diplomacy of South Asia for over 30 years."

Taylor was appointed ASIS director in March 1998 and served for five years. He is credited with enhancing the stature and professionalism of not only ASIS but the entire Australian intelligence community. He led Australia's intelligence agency during a period which saw the emergence of significant new challenges for the security and intelligence communities worldwide.

Taylor had a distinguished career in Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade prior to his appointment as ASIS director. He served as ambassador to Indonesia from 1993 to 1996 and high commissioner to Papua New Guinea from 1989 to 1993. He also served as international affairs adviser to the prime minister and cabinet before being named director of the ASIS.

For the fall semester, Taylor will teach IAS 5940, Politics and Diplomacy of Southeast Asia. This class will provide a survey of important issues that shape the political and diplomatic environment in Southeast Asia. Specific topics will include the 1997 Financial Crisis, the efforts to bring peace to East Timor and the role of Australia in the region. The course also is listed as IAS 3970. Taylor will join Sloan to team teach PSC 5693, Intelligence: Process, Policy and Management.

For more information on Taylor's courses, contact the OU School of International and Area Studies at (405) 325-1584. To enroll, visit enroll.ou.edu or call OU Registration and Enrollment at (405) 325-1083.