AUGUST 2, 2006


OSU-OKC launches new technical Spanish degree

Over the last decade, the demand for English-to-Spanish translation and Spanish-to-English translation has increased four-fold. The growing Hispanic population in Oklahoma, and throughout the nation, creates an increasing communication challenge for medicine, law enforcement and business. It also creates a new career opportunity for students enrolling in OSU-OKC's new Technical Spanish: Translation and Interpretation associate degree program.

The degree prepares graduates to translate and interpret, with training in written and oral skills. Studies include theory, ethics, professional and contextual aspects of interpreting and translating at the professional level.

“We are the only school in Oklahoma offering this much needed degree program,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, division head for Arts & Sciences. “The number of people doing this type of work without certification is astonishing. I truly feel that this degree is another way that OSU-OKC is giving back to the community.”

The degree also offers specialized courses for interpreting in law enforcement, legal and health care settings.

Program graduates will be prepared to earn certifications in translation and interpretation skills, an increasing requirement of employers.

Graduates find employment as contactors to interpreting and translating service providers, or in public and private sector organizations such as hospitals, courts, businesses, government departments. They will also be prepared to enter the workforce as freelance interpreters.

For more information, contact Dr. Faltyn at 945-3256, or visit