AUGUST 2, 2007


TCC and Langston University team up to offer dual admission program

Photo of TCC president shaking hands with the LU president as they stand before a memorandum of understanding.
TCC President Tom McKeon shakes on an agreement with LU President JoAnn haysbert to provide students dual admission to both campuses at the same time.

In 1990, Tulsa Community College and Langston University entered their first articulation agreement together. Now, 17 years later, they’re teaming up again. On June 14, TCC President Tom McKeon and Langston President JoAnn Haysbert signed an agreement to offer dual admission enrollment.

The goal of the agreement is to promote undergraduate educational experiences for students who wish to attend both institutions. The partnership will result in better service to students and will increase the potential for more ambitious collaboration in the future.

Tracie Samuel, a current Langston student and former TCC student said the on-going relationship between the two schools is priceless.

“TCC and Langston helped me build wonderful relationships with my teachers and fellow students. It’s those bonds that give students a sense of ‘Hey, I can do this’,” Samuel said.

The goals of the partnership are to:
• Make it possible for students to be jointly admitted to and eligible to enroll concurrently in both institutions
• Eliminate barriers for students in attaining their educational goals
• Improve academic articulation
• Improve student success and retention
• Use resources at both institutions more efficiently and effectively
• Expand student options for college services and curriculum.

TCC and LU share a commitment to higher education for citizens of all socio-economic levels of society. The historical partnership between the two higher education institutions continues to be beneficial to the citizens of northeastern Oklahoma and therefore the entire state in a variety of academic pursuits.

Contact: Cindy Lewis, TCC, (918) 595-7955 or Ashley Gibson, LU, (405) 466-3484