AUGUST 2, 2007


TU, TCC unveil program to provide residential campus experience
for ‘Tulsa Achieves’ scholars

Starting this fall, the University of Tulsa and Tulsa Community College will introduce a collaborative program allowing Tulsa Achieves scholars from TCC to participate in a traditional, on-campus residential experience at TU when they begin their freshman year at TCC.

The Partners in Progress (P2 or P-squared) Program will establish the means for qualified Tulsa Achieves scholarship recipients to have a residential campus experience by living in a TU residence hall beginning this fall and also seamlessly continue their studies for a baccalaureate degree from TU, which has been recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 universities.

The Tulsa Achieves scholarship, announced earlier this spring, pays tuition and mandatory fees at TCC ( up to 60 college credit hours) for any student living in Tulsa County and graduating from a public, private, or home high school with a 2.0 grade point average starting with the class of 2007. Following the March announcement of the Tulsa Achieves scholarship program, more than 1,600 Tulsa County students applied for the program.

To be considered for the P2 Program, incoming Tulsa Achieves scholarship students must complete a TU application after being admitted to TCC and enrolling in their TCC courses. To be eligible for the P2 Program, students must have an ACT composite score of 19 or higher, or have scored at a level to be eligible to take college level coursework on the CPT and be enrolled at TCC only in transferable courses that award credit. If accepted into the P2 Program, students will enroll in courses at TCC and three hours of course work at TU. The anticipated scholarship value is between $10,000 and $14,000 at current tuition rates depending on the number of TU courses taken while enrolled in the P2 Program.

The P2 Program partnership enhances the Tulsa Achieves scholarship by:
• Providing students with a residential campus experience on the TU campus where they can live among their fellow students and have full access to campus facilities such as the library and fitness center and all activities except participation as student athletes in intercollegiate athletics;
• Extending to program participants the full benefits enjoyed by TU students, including free and/or discounted admission to TU cultural and sporting events;
• Covering 100 percent of the cost for a three-hour TU course each semester at no cost to the student; and
• Awarding up to $10,000 in grants and/or scholarships annually for students who successfully complete the P2 Program and decide to complete their baccalaureate degree at TU.

“We are thrilled that TU has recognized the importance of providing access to college for Tulsa County residents and has chosen to enhance the TCC Tulsa Achieves scholarship with such a significant residential life and academic offer,” said TCC President and CEO Tom McKeon. “The opportunity to live on the TU campus while attending TCC will be an incredible value for our Tulsa Achieves students.”

TU officials said the P2 Program is a natural extension of the long-standing partnership between the two schools.

“The Tulsa Achieves scholarship program is an innovative and forward-thinking approach to making higher education accessible to Tulsa County students, and TU is thrilled to partner with TCC to offer these students the vibrant residential campus experience enjoyed by our students,” said TU President Steadman Upham.

The P2 Program is expected to enhance both the social and academic components for the students’ college experience.

“Studies have consistently shown that a residential campus experience enhances a student’s classroom experience by allowing students to interact with a community of fellow scholars who share their interests,” Upham said.

Students must meet certain guidelines to remain a Tulsa Achieves scholar while at TCC. They must maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher), enroll continuously each fall and spring semester (summer optional), complete a financial aid application (FAFSA) each year and must provide 40 hours of community service per academic year. The community service requirement may be met through TCC’s Service Learning programs or other volunteer programs.

Tuition and fees for the TCC courses will be paid for through the Tulsa Achieves scholarship, while the costs of the TU courses will be covered by the university. A student’s only associated costs for participating in the P2 Program are room and board for a double-occupancy room in a TU residence hall, which is approximately $7,500 for the full 2007 – 2008 academic year (fall and spring semesters) including a 19-meal per week TU meal plan. The number of students accepted into the program will be based on the availability of on campus housing. If a student wishes to park a vehicle on the TU campus, a parking permit will need to be purchased from TU.

The P2 Program students will be able to access all student services and programs on both campuses excluding participating as a student athlete in TU’s intercollegiate athletics programs. If they are eligible for financial aid, they will be able to receive financial aid through TCC based upon their combined hours.

P2 Program students who complete 48-60 hours of course work at TCC with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 within the three year time frame for the Tulsa Achieves scholarship and 12-18 hours of course work at TU also with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 will automatically become eligible to enroll as a full-time student at TU and will not have to apply as transfer students.

Students who continue their enrollment at TU will be eligible for TU’s P2 Program graduates’ grants and scholarships. The amount of each grant or scholarship is based on the student’s academic performance (the cumulative grade point averages for TU and TCC course work taken during the program.) The amounts of the aid awarded range from a minimum of $3,000 to a maximum of $10,000 per year. To be eligible for this aid, students must enroll in TU in the semester immediately following the completion of their 48-60 hours of course work at TCC and 12-18 hours at TU.

An interest session for students and their parents has been scheduled in the Business Administration Hall located at 2900 E. 5th Street on the TU campus at 7 p.m. on July 10, where TU and TCC representatives will be available to provide additional information about the program.

For more information about the P2 Program, please contact the TU Office of Admission at (918) 631-2307 or via email at or the TCC Tulsa Achieves program director at (918) 595-8971 or Cindy Lewis, TCC media relations specialist at 595-7955.