SEPTEMBER 17, 2003


MASTEP benefits middle school math & science teachers

Thanks to a $797,727 grant from the National Science Foundation, Northeastern State University is helping to raise the bar for middle school mathematics and science teachers in rural Oklahoma.

The program, Mathematics and Science Teacher Enhancement Project (MASTEP) enables teachers to master the subject matter competencies they need to teach math or science at the middle school level; increases their ability to teach math and science using reform-based methods; and is helping to form a community of math and science educators in Northeastern Oklahoma that are promoting and sustaining reform-based math and science education on a long term basis.

According to Dr. April Adams, MASTEP Project Director and NSU assistant professor of Science Education, the project is a collaborative effort that includes NSU mathematics, science and education faculty, master middle-school teachers (one math teacher and one science teacher), area middle-school math and science teachers, school administrators and community leaders. Through this collaboration and in addition to the formation of the Northeastern Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Teacher Association (NOMSTA), Adams and program coordinators hope to nurture and sustain mathematics and science education reform.

Each summer, MASTEP participants take two graduate level mathematics courses or two graduate level science courses during an intensive four week program and develop an instructional plan that they will implement during the following school year. MASTEP personnel are essential keys to support the implementation of the plan.

MASTEP participants receive a stipend, free tuition, and fees and opportunities to apply for MASTEP Supply Grants to purchase supplies for their classrooms and MASTEP Travel Stipends to attend state, regional, and national mathematics and science education professional meetings.

The project will serve approximately 150 teachers over a three year period. For a complete list of MASTEP criteria, classes, or for more information, contact Dr. April Adams, Project Director at 918.456.5511 ext. 3819 or visit the project website at

NOMSTA. Initiated and facilitated by MASTEP personnel in the summer of 2002, the Northeastern Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Teacher Association provides continuing support for participants as well as opportunities for participants to impact other teachers in the area. The mission of the Oklahoma Mathematics and Science Teacher Association is to provide the vision, cooperation and leadership necessary to promote the highest quality of mathematics education and science education for all students. The leaders of NOMSTA represent elementary, middle school, high school and university mathematics and science teachers.

Contact: Jennifer Zehnder, 1-918-458-2088