SEPTEMBER 17, 2007


Oklahoma City Community College professor, students
constructing centennial mosaic

Image of the mural containing Native American women, buffalo and water.
An OCCC professor and students are designing this mural as part of Oklahoma's Centennial celebration.

The final stage in the tedious process of cutting, glazing and firing thousands of hand-made porcelain tiles is underway as the first sections of the Oklahoma Centennial Mosaic Mural are going up in the west end of the Bricktown canal.

The brain child of Mary Ann Moore, professor of art at Oklahoma City Community College, the mural is part of Oklahoma's centennial celebration commissioned by the City of Oklahoma City and sponsored by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission and OCCC.

Students, volunteers and artists spent more a year constructing 1,150 square feet of tiles which are adhered to mesh, then installed, grouted and sealed.

The mural features nine panels depicting official state symbols and items from nature. The “women's wall” is the largest panel made to resemble three American Indian women pouring water from pots that match up with the existing fountain at the end of the canal.

The installation of the mural continues through the end of September. The piece will be officially dedicated Oct. 3.

Contact: Cordell Jordan, OCCC, (405) 682-1611, Ext. 7248