SEPTEMBER 17, 2007


OSU-Tulsa student featured on “Good Morning America”

Photo of two television cameramen filming a woman reading on a parkbench.
News crews film OSU-Tulsa student Cindy Downes for their feature about her on "Good Morning America."

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa student Cindy Downes recently received her moment in the national spotlight.

Downes was chosen by ABC’s “Good Morning America” to be featured in a story about the increasing number of Baby Boomers who are returning to college to earn their degree. She is currently working on a degree in journalism and broadcasting at Tulsa Community College and OSU-Tulsa.

An ABC producer and film crew visited OSU-Tulsa and TCC to film the segment which aired the morning of Sept. 7. They also filmed Downes in her home as she prepared for the school day, in her classroom, studying in OSU-Tulsa’s courtyard and having lunch with her daughter who also attends TCC.

Contact: Mary Bea Drummond, OSU-Tulsa, (918) 594-8223