SEPTEMBER 18, 2009


OSU-OKC Alum Launches Innovative Mobile Fitness Technology

Jeff Johnson is applying his OSU-Oklahoma City business management associate degree and his Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup competition experience to introduce an innovative fitness program accessible on mobile phones, PCs or any Web-enabled device. MobileTrainer has been in the works since 2006 and the beta test site is ready for release Sept. 1.

Johnson came up with the concept after combining his experiences as a personal trainer and a 2006 Governor’s Cup competitor. It was during the Governor’s Cup that he began developing the initial program idea. He hadn’t considered
entering the competition until his OSU-OKC business professor Joe Wilkie approached him with the idea.

“[Wilkie] told me I would be a good candidate for the Governor’s Cup,” Johnson said. “At first I was hesitant but the more
I thought about it, I was impressed he asked me. I ended up going with my personal motto: never pass up an opportunity.”

MobileTrainer is a fitness training service that delivers workouts catered to the user’s needs and evolves as the user
progresses. Whether users have access to a full gym or are sitting at a desk and seldom engage in physical activity, there
is a customized workout available for them. The program’s database consists of more than 1,100 exercise options, which can be used in over 40,000 workout scenarios. Cardio workouts along with personalized meal options and food journals will be included in a future release.

“Currently, MobileTrainer only offers resistance training but the system will eventually offer complete fitness programs,”
Johnson said. “I discussed the feasibility of MobileTrainer with members in the gym to gauge their interest; most of them
want a trainer, which is why I plan to add an application to the product to keep the user motivated and accountable the way
a trainer does.”

“If it wasn’t for Joe Wilkie or the Governor’s Cup, I wouldn’t have come up with this concept and gone down this path,”
Johnson said. “Every class I took at OSU-OKC, I was able to apply the skills learned to real life and am making my dreams become reality.”

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