OCTOBER 15, 2003


By the Government, For the People
NSU Library Celebrates 80 Years as Federal Depository

NSU User Services Director Jeanette McQuitty with one of many titles included in the John Vaughan Library Government Publications collection.

Tucked away on the third floor of Northeastern’s John Vaughan Library and hidden behind the daunting title of Government Publications lies the Federal Depository of the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma. There, in papers, volumes and microfiche covering all aspects of Oklahoma and United States government, readers can find a wealth of historical resources from the hearings on the Pearl Harbor attack to the President’s speeches since 9-11.

Officially named a Federal Depository by the Superintendent of Government Documents in 1923, the John Vaughan Library was the first institution designated as a depository for the 2nd Congressional District. The Government Publications section of the NSU Library serves as the official government publication collection for the entire eastern portion of Oklahoma including Durant, where a second depository resides.

Providing a host of print and electronic publications created by the United States government and its federal agencies, the Federal Depository of the 2nd Congressional District houses materials on a broad range of topics including consumer, regulatory, budgetary and legislation items.

Each year, NSU library personnel review the collection to add new publications. Materials are hand-selected to address the needs of a variety of audiences for the collection’s primary users - Northeastern State University and residents of the 2nd Congressional District. Some interesting finds included in the NSU collection are the Log of Apollo 11, The Investigation of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, The Flight of Captain Charles A. Lindberg, and more.

More than 60 percent of all materials offered by the United States Government are available on the Internet. The John Vaughan Library’s online catalog lists all government publications available in the library collection. And, with the exception of its reference books, the majority of the government sources residing in the collection are available through normal library circulation.

Congressman Brad Carson and legislative representatives were present September 26 at the John Vaughan Library to celebrate its 80th anniversary as a Federal Depository for the 2nd Congressional District of Oklahoma.

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