OCTOBER 15, 2003


OSU-Tulsa professor addresses conference in Taiwan

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa Professor Patrick B. Forsyth returned to Tulsa recently from presenting a keynote address on preparing educational leaders to the International Conference on School Leader Preparation in Taipei, Taiwan.

Forsyth, OSU Professor of Education, discussed the importance of social trust development as a critical element in school leadership and its consequent relevance to the preparation of school principals to the assembly of 300 educators.

In his paper, Forsyth cited the Urban Principal Initiative between Tulsa Public Schools and OSU that is preparing 12 principal candidates for leadership roles in area schools. The graduate students, selected cooperatively by TPS and OSU, are interning in some of Tulsa’s most challenging schools.

“These internships, along with the inclusion of program content closely related to the work of school leaders, enhance the likelihood of principal success,” Forsyth said.

As in the TPS-OSU joint venture, Forsyth said collaborative efforts between universities and school districts are the best way to prepare school leaders.

Forsyth and two other international scholars met with professors from throughout Taiwan to address the education challenges that will face The Republic of China during the next decade. The challenges include the economic downturn, the increasing need for English instruction beginning in the lower grades and the interests of indigenous Taiwanese in preserving their own language and culture through public school instruction.

While in Taipei, Forsyth also met with principals at Jin Hua Junior High School, the National Taipei Teachers College Laboratory School and Sung San High School to explore math instruction and curriculum interests.

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