OCTOBER 20, 2004


CSI:UCO - forensic science program to receive $500,000 federal grant

Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook and University of Central Oklahoma President W. Roger Webb recently announced that UCO would receive a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice for the university’s Forensic Sciences program.
The grant is part of the fiscal year 2004 appropriations and was sponsored by Istook.

“Forensic science is vital to fighting crime,” Istook said. “We hope these funds will build on UCO’s success as a leader in training forensic science professionals.”

Webb said UCO plans to use the money to create a Forensic Science Institute, which will foster education, training and certification of forensic science professionals in all areas of law enforcement throughout Oklahoma and the south central region.

“Growth of UCO’s forensic science program has been phenomenal, and we are so pleased that Representative Istook and the Department of Justice recognize the strength and importance of the contribution our graduates are making to the fight against crime,” Webb said.

“Our goal is to provide the best educated and the best prepared graduates of forensic science possible for the law enforcement agencies in our region and throughout the nation.”

Webb said the grant money will be used to acquire high-tech equipment and supplies necessary to operate modern laboratory courses in forensic science, as well as to renovate an existing laboratory and classrooms to provide specialized support of forensic biology and molecular biology laboratory work and office space for the program.

“The Forensic Science Institute will attract forensic specialists from throughout the country to come to UCO and Edmond for both degree programs and for continuing education and professional development,” Webb said.

A portion of the funds will be used to purchase equipment to provide multimedia support to a small seminar/conference format classroom and presentation room, Webb said.

Contact: Charles Johnson, news bureau director, 1-405-974-2315