OCTOBER 19, 2005


RCC prepares high school students for careers in health care with Club Scrub

Redlands Community College believes in and is dedicated to preparing students for the future. It is this dedication that led to the development of RCC’s Club Scrub three years ago.

Club Scrub is an organization designed for El Reno High School and Union City High School students who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in the health care arena. Approximately 40 students are selected for membership each year through an application process.

Members of Club Scrub participate in monthly activities and field trips designed to explore a variety of careers in the health care field. Past activities have included field trips to and experiences at Park View Hospital, the Baptist Burn Center, the Oklahoma Blood Institute, the Oklahoma City Zoo and more.

According to Jackie Bilyeu, RCC’s cooperative and off-campus programs coordinator, Club Scrub’s trip to the Oklahoma Blood Institute was an eye-opening experience for the students.

“When we visited the Oklahoma Blood Institute last year, it was for our students to learn about the importance of blood donation and the careers that can be found within blood banks,” Bilyeu said. “By the end of the tour, several students asked about the feasibility of donating blood before we left. Before we left for the day, each student who was eligible to donate blood made a donation.”

Bilyeu believes that the monthly Club Scrub activities give students an up-close and personal view of medical careers.

“Each year, students are able to participate in an interactive knee replacement surgery through a satellite feed from a hospital in Ohio,” Bilyeu said. “During the surgery, not only are students able to see the actual knee replacement, but they also are able to ask the doctor and other medical professionals questions about the surgery. Observing this surgery gives our students the opportunity to see many of the different jobs that are available during surgery.”

In addition to exploring health care career options, members of RCC’s Club Scrub also learn team-building and leadership skills.

“We promote the development of team-building and leadership skills among the members of Club Scrub. Since club participants may not know each other at the beginning of the year, we take the time for team-building activities, such as participating in the Ropes Course at the Canadian Valley Technology Center,” Bilyeu said. “During the year, we also elect Club Scrub officers for leadership positions.”

At the conclusion of each Club Scrub year, Bilyeu surveys the participants to determine if they still are considering a health care career.

“At the end of the year when we ask students if they still are considering a career in health care, the majority of them still are interested in health care. In fact, most of the students seem even more determined to pursue a future in health care than they were before their participation in Club Scrub,” Bilyeu said.

For more information about RCC’s Club Scrub or other cooperative or off-campus programs, contact Bilyeu at 405.422.1287.