OCTOBER 19, 2005


RSC partners with Langston grad students for GEAR UP program

The Rose State College GEAR UP Program has initiated an agreement with Langston University graduate students to participate in an internship program that provides college preparatory services to Oklahoma City Public School System high school seniors.

Interns are contracted for the fall 2005 and spring 2006 semesters and are required to work approximately 13 hours per week as private guidance counselors to high school seniors and their parents.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Oklahoma City high school seniors and for Rose State College,” said Dr. Shenethia Manuel, RSC presidential advisor on intercultural communications and education and director of grants. “Terrance Grayson, our GEAR UP coordinator, has really been instrumental in all stages of development for this program and will oversee the day-to-day operations of our interns.

“Our interns will be responsible for conducting individual assessments to determine whether or not the student actually needs the type of service our program offers. After the initial assessment, if the student is in need of our services, our interns will begin working individually with the high school student and his or her parents to help them with the process of applying to college and for scholarships and financial aid,” Manuel said. “If the student is interested in attending Rose State or another local college or university, we will make arrangements to take them for a site visit to that school.”

In addition, the RSC GEAR UP Program has negotiated an agreement with the RSC Social Sciences and Business and Information Technology divisions to allow RSC professors to teach college-level courses during the spring and fall semesters at Northeast Academy and Douglas High School.

The RSC GEAR UP Program is a federal program designed to better prepare high school students and their parents for college through mentoring programs, scholarship opportunities and new academic preparation and awareness programs.

For more information, call the RSC GEAR UP Office at 405.736.0234 or the RSC Office of Intercultural Education and Communication at 405.736.0393.