OCTOBER 19, 2006


OCCC: coming to a town near you

Oklahoma City Community College is moving its classrooms beyond the campus in southwest Oklahoma City. Soon Moore, Norman, northwest Oklahoma City and Wayne, Okla., will have OCCC classrooms in area neighborhoods.

Thanks to a partnership with several area technology centers, OCCC will be offering general education courses such as English, history and math at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Moore Norman Technology Center and Mid America Technology Center.

OCCC will be providing on-site general education courses at each participating technology center. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of course offerings.

Dr. Molly Henderson, director of Cooperative Alliances, said OCCC has always had an outstanding partnership with area technology centers.

"This is just another way the College can offer classes at convenient times and locations,” said Henderson. “We strive to ensure that opportunities are there for anyone who wants a college education.”

Classes begin this spring and enrollment is open. Prospective students will need to be admitted through OCCC and must be eligible for regular college level admission and course registration. Tuition costs will remain the same as those classes offered on the main campus and there will be no additional fees.

For more information about course offerings, call (405) 682-7822 or visit www.occc.edu.