october 11, 2002


TCC Among Top Associate Degree Producers

For the fifth consecutive year, Tulsa Community College (TCC) is the only community college in Oklahoma ranked among the top 100 two-year colleges nationally in the overall number of associate degrees granted.

Having granted 1,399 associate degrees in 2000-2001 (the academic year upon which the study is based), TCC ranks 33rd overall in the Community College Week study of more than 1,150 two-year institutions in the United States. These institutions granted approximately 560,000 associate degrees in 2000-2001.

TCC ranked sixth in granting associate degrees to Native American students, one of eleven Oklahoma colleges ranked in this category.

TCC was also ranked among the top 50 community colleges in the number of associate degrees granted in two individual academic disciplines: business management and administrative services (8th) and education (32nd).

This is the tenth year that Community College Week, a national bi-weekly publication, has conducted the study. It is based upon data collected from the Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System program completers survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics in the Department of Education.

Community colleges report their associate degree data using a common set of categories developed by Department of Education, to allow valid comparisons of institutions across the United States.

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