NOVEMBER 17, 2004


EOSC receives $200,000 grant for crime prevention project

Officials at Eastern Oklahoma State College have been notified the Wilburton college has received a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice for a new Campus Violence Prevention Project.

The two-year program involves not only Eastern but partners with agencies including Latimer County Sheriff’s Department, Wilburton Police Department, Kibois Women’s Shelter and the Campus Police Department.

The grant program is coordinated through Eastern’s Student Services Office with Becky Bryant serving as the full-time counselor for the project.

Bryant says the grant will provide the opportunity for Eastern to develop and strengthen effective responses to violence against women not only on the college campus but also within the community.

To enhance prevention, provisions within the grant allow additional lighting on campus and an emergency telephone system to further enhance safety to students.

Her grant responsibilities include development, coordinating and implementing programs to raise awareness possibilities of violence on campus and provide training sessions for college personnel and students, the community and partnering agencies.

"This grant allows us to develop victim follow-up and prevention systems,” she said. “The project provides an opportunity for Eastern to establish a multidisciplinary consortium to reduce violent crimes against women on campus and within the community.

"The efforts are designed to enhance victim services, implement prevention and educational programs and develop and strengthen security and investigation strategies to prevent and respond to violence,” she said.

Bryant said areas of training will include sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking and other issues to improve victim prevention and safety on campus and in the community.

She will also develop follow-up systems and provide counseling to students and community members as needed. Eastern faculty, staff and students will be provided with policies and procedures for dealing with students who may be victims of violence to ensure success of the program.

For additional program information, contact Becky Bryant at 918-465-2361, ext. 309.